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Support Redux: Dark Matters Kickstarter and it Could Come to 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

Dreamcast version could bankroll a Nintendo release

Kickstarter campaigns are certainly in fashion right now, with everyone and their auntie turning up cap in hand to plead for your support and cash. However, while we're not massively keen on seeing developers we respect begging for financial aid, there are more than a few campaigns out there that are legitimately worth throwing your coins at.

Redux: Dark Matters is a forthcoming 2D shooter for the Sega Dreamcast produced by René Hellwig - one of the founder members of Germany's NG:DEV.TEAM (the guys behind the excellent Gunlord). It boasts old-school blasting action, HD visuals and a soundtrack which features contributions from Chris Huelsbeck - famous for composing the tunes behind the C64 classic Turrican. It's all looking rather spiffing if we're honest, and the developer's track record in this field is exemplary - NG:DEV.TEAM's previous shooters have been particularly well-received by the Neo Geo community.

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Speaking exclusively to Nintendo Life, spokesperson Christopher Taber had this to say:

The Kickstarter is exclusively for Dreamcast to aid in the development for iOS, STEAM, XBLA, PSN and more. We're hoping not only for those, but actively working towards VITA and 3DS as well. We don't know for certain on these last two, but its looking good!

So there you have it. If Redux: Dark Matters tickles your fancy, then you need to pony up some dough to ensure the Dreamcast version gets made. If it's a success, you could be playing this eye-popping 2D shooter on your beloved 3DS in the not-too-distant future.


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Mercury9 said:

This is much better! XD

Still not a fan of KS but this is great news.

Gulp....Am I being won over? I'm scared.....



Shiryu said:

Definitely looking forward to this.Id buy it alone for Chris Huelsbeck* soundtrack! Would be great if both this and "Gunlord" land on Nintendo hardware.

PS: @Damien you misspelled "Huelsbeck". "Hülsbeck" is also valid.



Brando67854321 said:

@anyone I may be the only one thinking this but why not for wii u because this game feels more like a console game & I am not going to buy another portable game. I'm sorry I have nothing against the 3ds it's just the game releases in 2012 & I don't want to play a portable version (again). I know the wii u can't have everything but I just want another option & it just looks really cool & I just don't want the wii u to become the next dreamcast.



DarkLloyd said:

where on this planet is the dreamcast still an active system to make games for?



sykotek said:

I love SHMUPs, but this game doesn't really look all that special to me in my honest opinion.

I mean,
...would I play it? Sure.
...would I buy it? Sure.
...would I pay to fund it? No.

This whole Kickstarter thing is kind of a bust for me.



BattleBorn said:

Always fascinating to see people completely misunderstanding and bashing Kickstarter in general.

I especially marvel at how Commenter #9 confidently extrapolates his/her personal disinterest into a sweeping assumption that no one will ever support this pledge... except I checked it's page and it already surpassed the $25k goal. Because #9 obviously has the authority and wisdom to speak for the 442 (and growing) backers that actually did care about this.

These gaming pledge exist to serve very small, specific and passionate audiences that are overlooked (rightly or wrongly) by the current mainstream trends. It is not meant to be a replacement for larger business models, it is simply an alternative. If someone is passionate enough about their niches to stake money on a pledge (and take the risk of an incompleted or crappy product), then that is their legal right.

Kickstarter is a very innovative and admirable tool and, alas, subject to the same assumptions, misconceptions and troglodyte bashing as any technological innovation in the history of mankind. You'll always distinguish the pioneers from the arrows on their backs. Always.



BattleBorn said:

Also, some words for #8: Dreamcast has been home for niche limited-release shmups for a long while. If only you bothered to visit their Kickstarter and, I dunno, actually read up on it, you'll find that they're manufacturing a grand total of 1000 Dreamcast copies. How is that a wide release?



chiptoon said:

That's not so much like R-type as its like Blazing Star.
Which isn't a bad thong. I'd buy it if it came to a system I own.



James said:

Kickstarter makes Marmite look like our best bet for unifying all the world's people.



CommanderAudio said:

Kickstarters are ruining my wallet. Mostly the 35483503758305803803 of them (That's what it feels like)



MeloMan said:

A part of my creative heart goes out to devs doing KS as it's tough getting good publisher backing and trying to make a profit off games created. I'd love to see this, but I'd more than likely have enough cash "for" the purchase rather than for the "creation and purchase" price... maybe the solution is higher premiums for games rather than a KS approach... then again, maybe it's one in the same? Didn't mean to get philosophical, but I do wonder about the future of devs and game development sometimes...

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