Kickstarter campaigns are certainly in fashion right now, with everyone and their auntie turning up cap in hand to plead for your support and cash. However, while we're not massively keen on seeing developers we respect begging for financial aid, there are more than a few campaigns out there that are legitimately worth throwing your coins at.

Redux: Dark Matters is a forthcoming 2D shooter for the Sega Dreamcast produced by René Hellwig - one of the founder members of Germany's NG:DEV.TEAM (the guys behind the excellent Gunlord). It boasts old-school blasting action, HD visuals and a soundtrack which features contributions from Chris Huelsbeck - famous for composing the tunes behind the C64 classic Turrican. It's all looking rather spiffing if we're honest, and the developer's track record in this field is exemplary - NG:DEV.TEAM's previous shooters have been particularly well-received by the Neo Geo community.

Speaking exclusively to Nintendo Life, spokesperson Christopher Taber had this to say:

The Kickstarter is exclusively for Dreamcast to aid in the development for iOS, STEAM, XBLA, PSN and more. We're hoping not only for those, but actively working towards VITA and 3DS as well. We don't know for certain on these last two, but its looking good!

So there you have it. If Redux: Dark Matters tickles your fancy, then you need to pony up some dough to ensure the Dreamcast version gets made. If it's a success, you could be playing this eye-popping 2D shooter on your beloved 3DS in the not-too-distant future.