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Rumour: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Heading to Wii U

Posted by James Newton

A vampire double-whammy

Yesterday we heard there's a Castlevania game coming to 3DS, but that's not all: apparently Wii U owners will get a piece of the action too, as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is in the works for Wii U.

That's according to the Paul Gale Network, who claims the Wii U title will interact with the rumoured 3DS adventure somehow. Yep, it's sketchy, but c'est la vie.

Both games are said to be in development at MercurySteam — the team behind the original Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — and are set for E3 reveals.


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Usagi-san said:

Are we using French in our comments now? in that case:
Mordi! I know some people who won't like this news!



Alexneon said:

Espero y este si le haga honor al nombre que lleva, no como la cosa rara esa que hicieron para el Wii.



hYdeks said:

lords of shadow is a great game, at least i loved it and cant wait for this



WaveBoy said:


A worthy Castlevania? Lord of Shadows was anything but worthy. I don't care about these NextGen 3D God of Warified CastleLAMEia's, what i want is a return to old form and a new traditional tough as nails Sides scroller ala' Castlevania V. Hell, even if a Metroidvania were to be coming out I'd still be on board(even though SOTN and DOS were enough for me....) Consider me not excited, and that goes for all of the announced 3rd party titles paving the wicked way on the Wii U.



Xilef said:

That's nice, i've wanted to try a Castlevania for a while, but i've never had time or money to do it. Maybe this time. Olé! Wait, wrong language...



Cia said:

This was the worst Castlevania ever. Take epic music from Lords of the rings which have nothing to do with the haunting atmosphere of Castlevania series, and let it play nonstop from start to finish. That's distressing as hell, theres no real gaps in that ear rape. If i'm in the peacful enviroment, there shoud be music that pronounces the atmosphere of that place. But no, i constantly have a feeling like there were some uber epic battle going on even when nothing happens. That sucks!! And the fact that there is constant hand holding in this game, so you just basically follow what the game tolds you to do. Even the ledges you jump are flashing, as is everything that you can interact. This game treats it's players like they have no brain. NO REAL EXPLORATION. tHIS IS THE WORST INSULT OF THE SERIES. Here, let me demonstrate how music works in it's context... the final stairway before Dracula in Castlevania 64//



RevolverLink said:

It's not something I'd terribly get excited over, but I'm okay with the console-based Castlevanias following the Lords of Shadow model.

Just don't take away my precious portable Metroidvanias, Konami! Revolver needs his medicine!



Cia said:

Just give it back to Japanese developers. Western dev's can't do anything right.



Shotgunryugan said:

@L4DYK0M1C I hear ya,apparently the rules don't apply to everyone .

I am not terribly excited for this,i normally dislike 3D Castlevanias especially that awful Wii Fighter.



hugopro said:

hey there and good emmmm this game and more
(opa ai e bom emmmm esse jogo e de mais)



thanos316 said:

well e3 is almost here and the rumors and semi comfirmations are coming out steady now. well i can't remember if a castlevania game hit the wii but im glad to see it coming out for wii u. lets see some innovations



CommanderAudio said:

@thanos316 You didn't say any French! RATATATATATATA
Seriously though, I agree with you. I'm just happy they'te making a Castlevania game for Wii U at all. To quote you, let's see some innovations!



Hawker said:

Konami screwed up by making this the "rebooted" Castlevania, They need to reboot the reboot & do it right. The Belmont should NOT be Dracula. The main villain should be Dracula, not Satan.

Lords of Shadow is Castlevania in name only, & only sold because of the name. I tend to notice that the people that liked LoS usually start off saying something like "I've never played a Castlevania game before" while the people that didn't like LoS start off saying "I've been a hardcore fan of the series for years."



kkslider5552000 said:

I personally loved Jontron's description of the game. "Lords of Plagiarism". It's honestly a shame that the closest thing to a good 3D Castlevania has almost nothing to do with Castlevania.



Henmii said:

Could be cool! Lord of shadows, is that one of the better free-roaming Castlevania's or not? Because as far as I know free-roaming Castlevania's aren't that loved. Lord of shadows looks pretty much like God of war though.

Anyway, seems that the 3DS title really has something to do with Lord of shadows. Though I guess it's still sidescrolling.



Hokori said:

I agree with wave boy wii u has no 3rd parties im into so far, not because there on the PS3 but because they aren't worthy titles IMO, I'm looking forward to Nintendos 1st party stuff myself



Urbanhispanic said:

While I've never played Lords of Shadow , I did play Lament of Innocence and it was okay. I'm not thrilled with the 3D Castlevanias and I was hoping for another installment in the Castevania ReBirth series.



TimboBaggins said:

I would prefer a sidescrolling 3D HD castlevania for Wii U with dungeon maps, items, and interactive use with the controller screen.



the_shpydar said:

I played the demo of Lord of Shadows, and it was fine. But i'll agree — after playing it i thought "Well, that was ok. It's not Castlevania, but it's ok."

Of course, i also don't really care for the "Metroidvanias" either. Just give me pure classic 8/16-bit style 'Vanias and i'm happy.

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