Project X Zone Details Sure to Push Buttons

More characters and attack styles

As Project X Zone gets closer to its Japanese release, the hype-machine is building up nicely with regular reveals and teasers. First up are combat details: Support Attacks will allow fellow team members within roughly eight spaces to perform a one time follow-up attack to inflict extra damage. Meanwhile, if the main unit and the support unit strike at the same time a Cross Hit will be enabled, freezing the enemy and making combos easier to perform.

While the combat is taking shape, more characters have also been revealed; check out the list below.

Sakura Wars: Erica and Gemini
Mugen Frontier Super Robot Wars: Nanbu Kaguya and Haken
Dynamite Deka: Bruno
Darkstalkers: Morrigan
Street Fighter: Chun-Li
Valkyrie no Bouken: Valkyrie

As a final teaser for you, we discovered this trailer when checking the title's website: crazy moves and combos come as standard.

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Are these details and footage getting you excited about this game?


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