As Nintendo's press conference at E3 gets closer, many will be focusing on what the company has to say about Wii U. News about the console has been slow to come through, and we've had plenty of contradictory comments from developers regarding what the system can do in terms of graphics and performance.

It seems that the drip-feed of information has got well-known developer Peter Molyneux underwhelmed, an industry figure with plenty of HD game experience from his time with Microsoft. In an email exchange with Geoff Keighley and Stephen Totilo, Molyneux highlighted a number of areas of interest at E3, with the following two being most relevant to Wii U and Nintendo as a whole.

  • Nintendo's slightly lack lustre Wii U is going to have to blow us away with better specs and great 1st party line up.
  • The real challenge is how the players are going to adapt to the mounting pressure of Facebook, Apple, Social, Cloud, Multi-Gaming.

There's little doubt that Nintendo will need to show a strong software line-up and highlight Wii U's capabilities, both graphically and otherwise, but the point about dealing with the threat of other platforms and services is also valid. Wii U will the the first 'next-gen' dedicated gaming console to launch with these other parts of the industry in such strong positions, so it faces some challenges that didn't confront Wii. As a highly respected developer, it will be interesting to see what industry figures such as Molyneux have to say after the E3 dust settles.