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Order Up!! Demo On the Back Burner Until Next Week

Posted by James Newton

Well done

This week's Nintendo Download was supposed to come with a demo of Order Up!!, but it didn't.

Developer SuperVillain Studios has told Nintendo World Report the demo is still on the way, and should arrive in next week's batch of digital delights.

The full game is on the way to the eShop in North America early next month, too.


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Tate24 said:

i seen this in game once for 15 pound wish i had bought it. It looks really fun! reminds me yum yum cooking jam on dsiware:D



Firejonie said:

I like games like this ( ex diner dash), so I am getting the demo when it comes out next week. When the full game comes out I will get it, but only for a cheap price. If it was released in retail for about $30 I would have waited for a price drop.



CureM said:

@Firejonie the game will be released on the eshop so I don't think it will be priced over $8 which is good, I've been waiting for this game!



CommanderAudio said:

You lucky things! Europe got Order Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3DS as a retail game, so I'm annoyed that it's only now they do the best thing and release it for eShop now. If you really want this, get it on Wii.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

I remember when this came out for the Wii. It looked fun and was planning on buying it but then i didn't so im going to get the demo version and maybe the full game.



workerbot said:

The 3DS cartridge is supposed to come out this summer in North America. Now you say that the full game will be available as a download game? That'd be great if I could download it instead of buying the 3DS retail game.

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