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No, There Is Not a Star Fox & Metroid Crossover Game

Posted by James Newton

Told you so

In our big Wii U E3 rumour round-up yesterday we gave our reasons why the rumoured Metroid and Star Fox crossover game wasn't going to happen. And guess what? It isn't happening.

Originator of the rumour Paul Gale Network has revealed the game is not in development at Retro Studios and therefore will not be shown off at E3 next week. Apparently the idea was proposed some time ago but was shot down like so many Arwings before it.

So, no Samus vs. Fox team-up next week — not unless Smash Bros. turns up, which is even more unlikely than Reggie sprouting wings and flying around the Nokia Theatre — but that does mean Retro Studios should have something else to show us for Wii U. That ought to put a smile on your face.


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WiiLovePeace said:

Yeah I'm glad to hear the crossover turned out to be lies. I really just couldn't wrap my head around how the game would work, trying to tie in two totally different games & characters into one just never made sense imo. Glad they'll be kept seperate, now to await the awesome news of a new Metroid Prime game by Retro & a new F-Zero



NintyMan said:

As if I expected it anyway. Such a game wouldn't happen beyond the boundless imaginations of fans, so there's no surprise here. A new Metroid or Star Fox by itself would be enough, preferrably the latter.



Hejiru said:

Good... they're both good series but they're far too different to mix them together successfully.



TheDreamingHawk said:

The idea of a crossover would be a little strange... Glad that was put to rest. Here's hoping they reveal a standalone Starfox game at E3. (Or a 2D metroid)



Emaan said:

Oh well, as crazy as it sounded, I was actually excited to see what it would've been like.



SuperAdamGalaxy said:

SO glad it was not true, I think it would be weird to mix the two stories together. Hopefully Retro has something unexpected and good for us.



aaronsullivan said:

Wow, missed that rumor the other day. I suppose it was in the realm of possibility because Nintendo does some crazy left field stuff sometimes, but ... SO glad this isn't happening! What is similar between these two properties? sci-fi. That is ALL. The tone is COMPLETELY different. It's like Flash Gordon mixed with the movie Alien or Aliens. Makes no sense. Weird rumor. Weird that people are disappointed it isn't happening. Did anyone really want a scene where Samus is talking to Slippy?

Only way I could see it happen is if Star Fox went through a complete and total TONAL SHIFT. Even so, you'd have to do that in a standalone game FIRST. I can envision a more plausible approach to the Star Fox characters where they look like foxes, rabbits, birds, and frogs, but in a more alien "realistic" way. Something less cartoon-talking-animals. Guess I'd even like to see that, though it could go horribly wrong.



Megumi said:

Meh, ah well...I can't see the two universes together like that....but then again if Retro did something like that, it'll be awesome regardless.



Raylax said:

"not unless Smash Bros. turns up, which is even more unlikely than Reggie sprouting wings and flying around the Nokia Theatre"

Cue Smash Bros being shown off, and Reggie sprouting wings to promote Kid Icarus for Wii U



New_3DaSh_XL said:

It would've been ok...
Y'know, with KIU and all, Reggie could sprout wings and fly around Nokia Theatre... there's actually a decent chance there.

Don't we remember his burnt clothes in 2010?



citizenerased said:

Can we all stop posting rumours by Paul Gale now, please? Just cause he was right ONCE (about Sony's fighter) doesn't make him a credible source. I find it a little embarrassing that every game site posted this.



Henmii said:

"Reggie sprouting wings and flying around the Nokia Theatre"

I believe it will happen!

As for Retro: I still think the next Retro game could be DKC returns 2 or a new Starfox or a new Metroid. Other possibilities are a Zelda related game or a new F-zero.



ianmage1 said:

Thank God. That idea sounded terrible to me. I'm really hoping for a Star Fox on Wii U or a Metroid on 3DS.



Shock_Tart said:

glad this didnt happen honestly, both are space based games but on two entirely different ends of the spectrum, it would be RIDICULOUS for these two to have a crossover.



Gameday said:

2 bounty hunters working together would make sense but the characters themselves lol no no no

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