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Nintendo UK Boss David Yarnton Suffers Health Scare

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Retired cricketer "probably saved" his life

Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton required medical treatment after collapsing during a charity bike marathon in Greece. Shortly after starting the first leg from the original Olympic Games site, Yarnton was found unconscious in the middle of the road by former England cricket captain, Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff. The retired sportsman assisted Yarnton until medical help arrived.

The UK boss apparently experienced a heart problem, potentially aggravated by hot weather conditions, but will be flying home in the next couple of days. Nintendo provided the following statement to

David had a bit of a scare but is doing well and is planning on flying home in the next couple of days. He is extremely grateful to Freddie and the rest of the Cycle Slam team for their help and support.

We wish David Yarnton a speedy recovery.


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bezerker99 said:

Heat can be deadly, especially during races. It's easy for your body to "over-heat" as there's no alarm or light that comes on (like in your vehicle) to let you know when you've done too much.

Glad he is doing better.



Ren said:

is there anything Cricket hasn't saved? hope he's better soon.



Mk_II said:

no wonder... the man looks seriously unhealthy and about twice too heavy.



Grackler said:

@BudrSbastig Well, if you don't why bother commenting? In fact, if your being pedantic about news content, when does anything posted on a sodding gaming website constitute SUPAIMPORTENTNEWSS1111!!!!eleventy-one!!!! It's about nintendo, not global politics, get over yourself.

Glad to hear he's ok!



hYdeks said:

never heard of him before but hopefully gets well. Gotta admit though, my first thought of his picture was "he works for nintendo?!? I could believe the mob more so.." cause well, he looks like he's a mob boss lol



cfgk24 said:

Be Nice! Help him to advance Nintendo in the UK and to bring us Monster Hunter asap!



ThomasBW84 said:

As others have already said, anyone without something constructive to say (by which I mean 'who cares' comments, to be clear) should perhaps, in this particular thread, say nothing at all. David Yarnton is the head of Nintendo UK, and as an independent Nintendo-centric website we wanted to report the news.

The important thing is that he's recovering well.



edhe said:

Nintendo's UK bosses have never been that prominent, but I wish him well all the same.



k8sMum said:

he appears, from the pic, to be a wee bit out of shape for something like that. good intentions for charity, but one needs to be in really good condition for the heat, stress of cycling etc.

i hope he continues to get better.



SquirrelNuts said:


This is exactly why I love this website. Nintendo news. Any and all things Nintendo. Thanks for stopping the trolls, and for stopping me when I troll. I heart Nintendo Life.

P.S. I hope this dude gets better. I would have to think he has had some impact on us Americanos getting some shweet games. cough*Xenoblade*cough*LastStory*cough*MH3*cough Right?

(Changed sweet to shweet. Sounded better.)



tat2 said:

I don't want do sound like a jerk, but I hope that he shows better judgement in business than this. In order to participate in a bike marathon in a hot atmosphere, you really should be in top shape. I'm a little surprised that they even allowed him to enter.
Good thing he's recovering, though.

Also, just out of curiosity, what charity was it for?



C-195 said:

That was a close call, he won't be doing that again any time soon.



luminalace said:

David Yarnton was actually the boss of Nintendo Australia some years ago! He ran Nintendo Australia and the company had great success with the Pokemon games holding the Top Selling titles in OZ for 6 years straight! Unfortunately for Nintendo, Nintendo UK hasn't had the same success with Yarnton at the helm!



iroxursox said:

for all the people that say you don't care, would you care if this happened to you or a loved one. cause i sure know i would

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