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Nintendo Japan Discontinues Aqua Blue 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Cobalt from the blue

Nintendo of Japan will soon end production of the Aqua Blue 3DS console.

The company's 3DS page lists the currently available colours, with Aqua Blue bearing the note "scheduled to end production shortly" (近日生産終了予定).

In March, Nintendo released the Cobalt Blue 3DS for Japan, so it makes sense to stick with one shade of blue for the territory.

Whether this means Nintendo will stop producing the Aqua Blue console altogether or simply stop distributing it in Japan is something we're investigating now.


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BenAV said:

I don't really care if they stop selling it here too, as I already have my Aqua Blue 3DS.



Expa0 said:

Not surprised, my 3ds is that colour and it really is just ugly tbqh. It looks decent in the pictures, but irl not so much.



RedYoshi999 said:

I much prefer Cobalt Blue over Aqua Blue. I don't care though I sold my Aqua Blue for a Flame Red months ago!



Mercury9 said:

Um. 3DS is 3DS. What its colour is, is irrelevant. Only thing I hate about my Aqua Blue is the huge dint I've put in it by putting it in my jeans pocket.

Stupid useless stud button things...

If I were to be fussy, I'd love a clear 3DS just like the good ol clear Gameboy.



Pokefanmum82 said:

If they stop production of it here in NA maybe that might mean that we will get the cobalt Blue one too



Not-Another-Ad said:

I have that colour and I love it.
Shame they're not making any more.

I know what I'm going to do if the stop making them here.
Buy one then sell it in years to come and make a bucket load of money.



NintyMan said:

They must think they have too many colors. I already have an Aqua Blue 3DS, so if they stop production over here in the states too, then my 3DS will feel extra special. I'm satisfied with my Aqua Blue 3DS regardless.



rjejr said:

We have three 3DS - red, pink and aqua blue - and the aqua blue looks really good in the green Zelda hard case. Better than the red in the blue Mario cover. Why doesn't anybody make a red cover? The pink is in a free reversible bag from Club Nintendo - my wife doesn't use it much so no cover.



hYdeks said:

they should do the same thing for North America Aqua Blue systems. I already have my red 3DS so I don't really care, but I still say cobalt looks better



StephenYap3 said:

Aqua Blue's my favorite launch color, but I'm still waiting to get the Ice White for NA. If they discontinue Aqua Blue in NA too, they better release the Ice White to make up for that.



Morpheel said:

Oh my. Don't worry, 3DS of mine, you will always be my shinny new console, even after your kind gets discontinued.



WaveBoy said:

Aqua Blue >>>>>>>>>>> All other 3DS colors. That is 'until' Midnight Purple is released.



Cipher said:

I imagine this is purely a combination of Aqua Blue being the worst-selling colour for the system (an assumption only, mind) and Nintendo seeing Cobalt Blue as something of a replacement in light of this. It's a sensible decision to make, if so.



coolvw93 said:

oh well, wasnt my favorite color anyway, thats why i waited for the red 3DS to come out



Flowerlark said:

While I think the aqua blue was the nicest colour I don't care, I'm perfectly happy with my black Zelda 3DS.



SamsonCat said:

I still have my Aqua blue 3DS, which I got 2 days after the price drop. Though the purple one looks much nicer :/



Bliquid said:

The Aqua Blue is the most recognizable 3DS color. With the others you never quite understand what another is playing with, a Ds or a 3DS.
I think it hurts the brand a little, to not be instantly identified as "oh, yeah, THAT device".



Lobster said:

If they stop making them altogether, my launch day 3DS will be a collector's item!

... Or it would, if I could ever seem to stop dropping it!



cecesigue said:

since day one, at least here in Mexico, the Cosmo black was the one that they run out of it first, and you could tell Nintendo effort to show more the Aqua Blue in advertising and pictures. I got the black one and im pretty sure i would regret it if id got the aqua one



TheN64Dude said:

I always thought it was kinda weird they had two slightly different shades of blue. This makes lots of sense.



1takauchiha said:

Cool, once they retire the North American version I'll have a retired 3DS and it's box and everything in perfect condition...>8D



kyuubikid213 said:

PFFFT! I have an Aqua Blue and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Go ahead, Nintendo! Make my system RARE.



Henmii said:

First the tv service gets canceled...and now this?! Is 3DS really on the way out, or will they release a updated 3DS soon (with integrated second circle-pad)?



lanabanana said:

Why?I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, it's better than the Cobalt Blue one. And plus, wasn't it the color that was sold the most or at least the most popular 3DS color? :/



Knuckles said:

Honestly the Ambassador Aqua Blue 3DS was already worth more than a Launch Day priced 3DS, so now its worth even more!!!
Also, is anyone going to buy a extra Aqua Blue 3DS? I think a new Aqua Blue 3DS packaged, not opened/unsealed will be worth more than any new model 3DS Nintendo makes such as the 3DS XL* or the 3DS Lite*
[* stands for figurative title]



Gretski said:

That's a shame really. Does this mean my aqua blue console will be labeled as rare? In Japan at least?

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