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Nigoro Receives Offers to Publish La-Mulana in the West

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Keen to show strengths of Japanese indie scene

The recent news that Nicalis had cancelled its release of La-Mulana, from Japanese developer Nigoro, was disappointing for fans of retro-styled platformers and WiiWare. We had the opportunity to interview Takumi Naramura, director of the project, who confirmed that despite the setback the company was still hopeful of finding a publisher to take on the project for a worldwide release.

In its most recent blog post, Nigoro has confirmed that since conducting two interviews on the subject, one of which was our own, they've been approached by prospective publishers.

We decided that we will release remaked LA-MULANA for PC. However, we also hope WiiWare version is released overseas.Our intention may have gotten across. Some publishers have offered just after the interview was posted on the websites.

It goes on to say that despite a lack of support within Japan, the developer wants La Mulana to show that Japanese indie games can be published in the West, describing the country's smaller projects as an 'untouched vein of gold'. It seems that all hope is not lost for La Mulana arriving on WiiWare, though time will tell whether any formal agreements are reached.

Thanks to Lz for the tip.


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rayword45 said:

Hopefully this publisher won't rerelease their games several times over and over again.



Sean_Aaron said:

I could buy this on my Japanese Wii, but I know I'd be missing information on the inventory management screen. Besides I like to support Western releases of games like this.

I know people are keen, but I think timing this for release on the new Wii-U shop is probably a good idea at this point (hopefully we'll see a shop revamp for the Wii as well).



accc said:

I want this on my Wii so friggin bad, hopefully it gets picked up.



MeloMan said:

WiiU is a nice ripe place to land this game... as far as I'm concerned, WiiWare is dead (the d/l service on Wii i.e.).



MeloMan said:

WiiU is a nice ripe place to land this game... as far as I'm concerned, WiiWare is dead (the d/l service on Wii i.e.).



Henmii said:

I hope it happens! But lets face it: Wiiware is dead! I think there is not much reason in releasing it on Wiiware anymore. Maybe they should bring it to Wii uware!



ogo79 said:

i agree about this for the WiiU. i seen some gameplay of this and i have to say this game looks/sounds awesome. i hear the game is real hard as well. hmmm



Nintenbro said:

I'd rather this was released on the WiiWare service, because I know I won't be able to purchase a WiiU at launch. Unless I pass on the 3DS, but I don't really want to do that. I just might, though.



sinalefa said:

Wiiware, eShop or WiiUware, I just want to see this published. It would be a damn shame since I have heard the game is great and it is finished already.



GeminiSaint said:

Here's hoping for an eventual WiiWare release. I know I will buy it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.



WolfRamHeart said:

Great to hear that there is still some hope of this game possibly coming to WiiWare. I know that there are quite a few Wii owners out there who have been waiting to play this game. Hopefully Nintendo will make the WiiWare service compatible with the Wii U so that this game will get more of a chance to be successful.



RR529 said:

I'm actually hoping for a 3DS eShop release! It already has a solid upcoming list of games, and this could only add to the quality.



odd69 said:

If and when this comes out on wiiware or wii u, i will get it. Im not keeping my hopes up.

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