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New Mega Man Book Arrives in Thailand

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Or Rockman, to be precise

About a month ago we told you about the Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide from UDON Entertainment, which is packed with facts about the series and its characters. The blue bomber is famous in a lot of places, with a new book just released in Thailand to give fans in the region their own comprehensive tome on all things Mega Man.

The Legends of Rockman, as he's known in that part of the world, seems to have all the series information that a fan could need. Published by Thai Gaming Network, it's very unlikely that this book will ever make it to the West, but it's good to see that the Capcom icon is being shown love worldwide.

It's a big anniversary year for the franchise: Capcom won't leave us without something new to play, will they?


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bezerker99 said:

Mega Man is dead - these illustrated books are all we have left to remember him by.



hYdeks said:

yup, I agree, Mega Man is dead....and Capcom killed him. Very sad, maybe if they stop focusing on crap like lost planet and such and made a Mega Man game, maybe I would care about Capcom again...only good capcom series is street fighter now...



Knuckles said:

Wait it's Mega Man's Anniversary? Maybe Capcom cancelled MML3 so the could release it this year? Just throwing that thought out there...



Henmii said:

"Capcom won't leave us without something new to play, will they?"

I fear they will! Hopefully I am wrong!



Nintenbro said:

Damn you Capcom! Give us more Megaman! If not, keep those independent fan made games coming. The level designs are superb.

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