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Mighty Switch Force Update to Remaster All Levels

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Free is the magic word

We already know that WayForward Technologies is entering into the world of eShop DLC with five additional levels in Europe this week, available for free if you already own the game or included with new purchases. The developer has now posted a new entry on its website blog stating that the updated version will have more to offer on top of extra content.

It's been confirmed that the all 21 levels, including the originals, will feature enhanced and improved stereoscopic 3D effects. On top of that, speed runners who are striving for the best times will now have a quick-access 'retry' button, saving a few all important button presses and seconds in the process. The blog, based in North America, also gives 24th May as the release date, suggesting that gamers on both sides of the Atlantic will get the update at the same time.

It seems like WayForward are keen to reward fans through DLC, and we'll be more than happy to enjoy the upgrades. Are you looking forward to the update, or does it tempt you to buy the game?


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ChosenOne25 said:

Great stuff, love how they provide their fanbase free services! That's how it should be done Capcom.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I wonder why they didn't include online leaderboards while they were at it.
But this sounds really great, can't wait. My most loved eShop game along with Pushmo so far.
And a good reason to finally back up my SD card data since i guess it will always have a place in my heart in its original form.



metafaniel said:

What's going on in the artwork??? Seems to be the sisters have destroyed his exit/sidekick robot!! But apparently Patricia has an idea reusing his parts hehe. Awesome game but TOOOOO SHORT! I beat it at 100% with time trials in just 1 day haha. This new levels are appreciated



Kinioka said:

Yes, I'll buy the game on Thursday. I think it will be better to start this adventure with all the improvements they are offering.



BenAV said:

Sounds like they made some nice changes.
Can't wait to give it a go on Thursday.
Awesome game already.



Vallu said:

I bought the game yesterday when I heard of the DLC. It was very short game. I hope that those 5 levels are going to be good.



motang said:

Wayforward is awesome, I have pretty much all their 2D games, just shy of a couple which I will buy soon.



CBattles6 said:

It's worth buying the game just on principle. I wish more companies took this much pride in their downloadable games.



Undead_terror said:

got the game last night,so later im testing the game out,and now im glad that it gets DLC for free,it felt like getting more for your money.
ps:is this the best of the series



photofool83 said:

I've been waiting for the update. I will be purchasing it the moment it's released. Yay!!



Shotgunryugan said:

I'll be buying this soon along with other Wayforward games,i was really impressed with Shantae and Wayforward has become one of my favorite companies,hopefully they'll keep up with the quality games in the future.

Other companies should really take a hint from Wayforward,free dlc=more support especially from me.



WaveGhoul said:

Looking forward to the upgraded stereoscopic 3D effects! and of course the 5 additional levels.



Luigi_is_better said:

Yes! WayForward is one of my favorite companies! New levels and upgrades, for free! True, the game is a bit short, but it's downloadable, not retail. Plus, the love they put into it is worth the price. I got all the star times(that last level was brutal) and can't wait for these challenges. Thanks WayForward! You keep making great games and showing support for them and I'll keep buying them!



Squiggle55 said:

I hope Capcom is taking notes. Making people happy, loyal customers who proclaim that Wayforward is one of their favorite companies is obviously a good way to go about things. While on the other hand there are lots of people who aren't even going to give Dragon's Dogma a shot because Capcom are boneheads.



CommanderAudio said:

But dosen't this mean, with the new levels, that the critics will have to do a new review? Metacritic's gonna have a heart attack...



Sam_Loser2 said:

The game felt short to me, that was my only complaint. This ought to do a little something about that.



Kyloctopus said:

I still never bought anything in the Mighty series, but it was always on the top of the list.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Dang...I just aced all the levels this past weekend! I should have waited so I could enjoy the better 3D.

But dosen't this mean, with the new levels, that the critics will have to do a new review?

No. No it doesn't.



WaveGhoul said:

I'd love to see them do Contra 5. Contra 4 was all sorts of Old School Contra awesomeness!..Aside from the 2 screen based gameplay where bullets would zip right into the other screen...Would of worked perfectly had their not been a bloody gap between the they were basically 'suprise bullets'



TrueWiiMaster said:

Sounds great! I bought the game a few months ago, and the only problem with it was the length. Since I'm not much of a high score gamer there was little reason to replay anything, and the whole game only took a few hours. These extra levels could beef it up a little, making it a must-buy for anyone who hasn't bought it yet.



Bensei said:

Wasn't this known already a month ago? By remastering I thought something like new Backgrounds or something like that...



Guhin13 said:

Loved this game, even though it was short. I'm glad to see Wayforward knows how to do DLC. Now if only Nintendo would follow suit and make free DLC courses for Mario Kart, I'd be satisfied.



iPruch said:

I can't believe I haven't bought it yet. But I have not enough time to play D:



cheapogamer4life said:

This has been on my 3DS wishlist for a while so i think Thursday would be the best time for me to download it.



MagicEmperor said:

Excellent! I had such fun with the original version that I forgave its short length. As long as they keep making more levels, I'll keep playing 'em. Can't wait for Thursday!

Edit: The "retry" button that will be added is also a serious plus, because it was tedious to have to exit the level and reselect it every time you flubbed and wanted to take another shot at the 'par' time.



Nintenbro said:

@Chicken_Brutus, well the enhanced 3-D effect and the five extra levels will give more reason to eventually revisit Mighty Switch Force in the future.

I would just wait until your second playthrough to complete the additional levels. It'll feel like your experiencing a totally revamped game. Actually, you would be experiencing a totally revamped game.



rayword45 said:

Assuming the levels are of similar length/difficulty to the end ones, then this should increase the game time by half an hour to an hour (depending on your skills). That DEFINITELY increases the game's value.

Also, I'm excited as hell for the new 3D, since the regular 3D is already pretty great.



Henmii said:

So the 3D effect (wich already looked very nice) will look even better! But I guess I need to download the whole game again, otherwise I won't notice it? Or am I wrong?



Tare said:

This is what most DLC should be.

I'm glad more Ninten-velopers are getting on the right track.



sinalefa said:

If this increases the game's sales significantly, it would be well deserved for Wayforward, and it could pose an interesting situation:

Give free DLC and you will get more money (and a lot better rep) than if you make paid DLC.

It is great that they are not only adding more levels, but actually listening to feedback and improving all of the game itself. It pains me to admit I don't have this one yet. Or Pushmo.



Nintenbro said:

@Henmii, I believe there will be a 3-D enhancement update included with the DLC, for those who have already downloaded Mighty Switch Force. At least that's how this article seems to read, anyways. To tell you the truth though, I would still erase the game and download it over again. After the update and DLC is already included. I have OCD, so you shouldn't just do that on account of me. I have some strange tendencies.



cc-plus said:

I've already spent 11 hours on this game trying to beat my times. Really happy about the retry button!



Mollutje said:

This game has recently piqued my interest, I still have some of my gba-ambassador's titles to work through, but I'm very eager to pick this one up, maybe alongside VVVVVV.



MegaAdam said:

This doesn't sound like DLC. It sounds like you redownload the game and replace the old version, like the ambassador NES games they've re-released so far.



GeminiSaint said:

Yep. I don't think it's DLC either. It's more like what happened to the WiiWare version of Cave Story.



Volmun said:

cool i got this when it 1st poped up on the E-Shop good to see there adding more 8)



JayEm said:

I've got the game for a while and got really excited when DLC was announced. Really like the updates they've announced, Retry-button will possibly rekindle the ambition to beat the game's times...



Henmii said:


You are probably right! Besides, I just remembered that on the 3DS there are no seperate memory-files for saves. Meaning that if I erase and redownload the game I have to start over from scratch. But to be honest that isn't a big problem, since I am not that far into this game anyway.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@WaveBoy For a while now a contra game has been listed in Nintendo power for the 3DS (Though with no other info besides it's listing.) I hope we see it soon! Can't wait to download the update tonight.

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