We already know that WayForward Technologies is entering into the world of eShop DLC with five additional levels in Europe this week, available for free if you already own the game or included with new purchases. The developer has now posted a new entry on its website blog stating that the updated version will have more to offer on top of extra content.

It's been confirmed that the all 21 levels, including the originals, will feature enhanced and improved stereoscopic 3D effects. On top of that, speed runners who are striving for the best times will now have a quick-access 'retry' button, saving a few all important button presses and seconds in the process. The blog, based in North America, also gives 24th May as the release date, suggesting that gamers on both sides of the Atlantic will get the update at the same time.

It seems like WayForward are keen to reward fans through DLC, and we'll be more than happy to enjoy the upgrades. Are you looking forward to the update, or does it tempt you to buy the game?

[via wayforward.com]