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Lost Planet Spin-Off Ex Troopers Confirmed for 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shooting things in 3D

With a solid six months of strong sales, especially in Japan, we may see a gradual increase in 3DS titles in development. The latest to be revealed by Famitsu, as translated by Andriasang, is Ex Troopers from Capcom, an action shooting title.

The title shares some elements with the Lost Planet series from the HD consoles — except with anime-style visuals — which gives hope that a Western release will eventually arrive. Details are scarce, but you apparently play as an academy member on a snow planet, EDN-3rd, and get caught up in a war with Akrid Aliens. By choosing one of three bases of operations, you ultimately have a say in how the game and its story develop.

With Monster Hunter man Shintaro Kojima producing, this may be one to watch. The only other platform announced is PS3, so it'll be interesting to see what direction the title takes on 3DS, though we know from releases such as Resident Evil Revelations that shooters can work and look fantastic on the system. We'll keep you up to date with information as we get it.


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Kyloctopus said:

It's a shame we aren't going to experiance this in E3. Capcom says they don't have any playable games at E3.
I hope they will release Lost Planet 3 for Wii u.



Shiryu said:

Ah, unexpected but quite welcome. I believe I am missing out on something special by not having any of the "Lost Planet" series. I do hope to see it go to Wii U eventually. Hope this turns out good.



Kinioka said:

I'm quite surprised to see this. It's not my kind of game by any means, but the anime style may make a costumer. Anyway, It's great to see more support.



Gustoff said:

Looking forward to this one as more info is released. Shooters are my cup of tea...



Samholy said:

a 3rd per3osn shooter on 3DS ? oh yeaaahh !! or maybe im wrong and its a first person shooter ? then even more yeeaahhh !!



V8_Ninja said:

You know, now that I think about it, the gameplay of Lost Planet would be suited for handheld devices extremely well. I'm eager to see how this game turns out.



Haywired said:

Indeed. I would have loved to have played the two Lost Planet games. It would be awesome if they released Lost Planet 3 on Wii U in a special box-set with 1 and 2 as well for the Wii owners who missed out.



hYdeks said:

I rather the guy bring Monster Hunter to 3DS in NA than bring us a Lost Planet game. Big time pass for me



SyFyTy said:

yes, when are we going to get something besides sport games, shooters, mario's & friends? I know they have more than that. Does N think this is all the West wants? Getting antsie considering selling it...the eshop needs to get real too.



shonenjump86 said:

I thought Capcom was done with the Lost Planet games after the disappointing 2nd game. I was kinda surprised when they announced Lost Planet 3 and now a 3DS game. Looking forward to both games.



Azikira said:

Ive begged for Lost Planet to go portable! By far one of my favorite series



RR529 said:

One of my friends had the first Lost Planet, and it looked fun, so I might keep my eye on this.



ThreadShadow said:

Let me guess, you'll play a generic looking anime hero, and his school chums will be a beautiful girl who is unsure of herself and always clutches her textbooks close to herself, and a senior who wears glasses, and he's always pushing them back up on his nose? The hero will learn to believe in himself and his wacky group of friends while they continually give eachother single-solemn-head-nods?

I like Lost Planet, especially when it's in the snow, and fighting akrid, I don't care much for fighting snow pirates. The premise of this new game sounds a bit silly, but we'll see.



Uncle_Optimus said:

@ThreadShadow Now that I saw the new are not far off.
But you know what, if that mech piloting gameplay is as baddonkey as it looks in the trailer I can power through some ol 'anime tropes.



ThreadShadow said:

From the trailer it looks like you'll never be piloting a "VS" in ground combat. The trailer focuses on infantry combat and a glimpse of some suspect Voltron-like space fight.

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