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Heroes of Ruin Pushed to 17th July in North America

Posted by James Newton

Still on course for Europe

Promising 3DS action adventure Heroes of Ruin's North American release date just took heavy damage, skulking off to 17th July.

Developer n-Space didn't give any reason for the delay — which only affects North America — simply saying on its Facebook page:

A note to our valued Heroes of Ruin fans and supporters...

We share your excitement as we build toward the release of Heroes of Ruin, one of the most ambitious titles yet developed for the Nintendo 3DS! The game's multiplayer experiences, voice chat, daily challenges and other features will provide an unprecedented Nintendo 3DS experience.

Because there are so many features within Heroes of Ruin that are new to Nintendo 3DS games, we've worked closely with Square Enix and Nintendo to deliver the highest quality experience. These collaborative efforts have ensured you'll play a uniquely enjoyable and well supported game.

With development now completed, we look forward to Heroes of Ruin debuting in Europe on June 15 and North America on July 17. While the game's rollout will take slightly longer than previously announced, we know your time in the World of Veil will be all the better for it.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to crossing paths with you soon in Nexus!

Hopefully the game will be worth all this waiting.


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Raptor78 said:

Yeah!!! Still getting it on the 15th in good ol' Blighty ...
im sorry for our American friends... but Yeah!!! No delay in the UK!!!



Kinioka said:

Probably the biggest online community will come from US, so I think I'll wait...



BenAV said:

Great news!
Looks like I'll have it before my mid-year break after all.

...Oh, and too bad for North America I guess.



MAB said:

Definitely grabbing this as soon as it touches the shelf as it will be similar to my pirate adventure online dream game. At least the developer didn't leave US fans in the dark and actually said it's delayed and dated otherwise operation dumbo drop would of occurred



Samholy said:

a month later ?
geez, i was waiting June like a kid waiting for his xmas present



hYdeks said:

I'll be still getting this, it looks pretty interesting if you like Diablo



Corvid said:

Oh I didn't realise this was out so soon here! Saw a video a while back and it looked interesting, but didn't seem to look as nice in videos as it does in these screenshots. Hoping it turns out to have plenty of content.



Nintenbro said:

I've been following this game from the very beginning, and it's slightly humorous to notice how so many opinions have changed.

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