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Gear Up for 99Seconds on 31st May

Posted by James Newton

Release date revealed

EnjoyUp Games' next DSiWare game, 99Seconds, will hit North America on 31st May for 200 Nintendo Points.

The retro-styled avoid-everything game comes just over a year after 99Bullets, a similarly old-school title about shooting. Now you have no bullets, just 99 seconds to survive, unless you pick up the extra time capsules that is.

Here's a trailer you can get through in under 99 seconds.

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Chris720 said:

Love 99 Bullets and still play it when I get some time, it's really addictive. So no, your not alone @BalrogtheMaster

I might pick it up but I'll keep my eye out for a review first in think.



JulioMoruno said:

Hi SepticLemon, the gameplay of 99Seconds is based on Slowdown, but if the player uses the slowdown much time, the Real Time continues and the player can´t complete the game. When the Real Time is on Zero, with one more hit, you loses, GAME OVER.



rayword45 said:

Goddamn I can't wait for this! 99Bullets was fantastic to the point that if I don't like this I won't care.

Will this be a level-based game or mainly endless mode based?

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