Video games celebration GameCity returns to Nottingham, UK this year on 20th October with a host of big names and ambitious initiatives.

GameCity director Iain Simons, councillor Nick McDonald and Eidos life president Ian Livingstone OBE all took to the stage to explain their vision for this year's festival, which for the first time will run for seven days.

With the UK games industry high on the agenda, the festival will host a week-long STEAM school to teach core skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, aiming to engage and inform anyone interested in developing games. The school will run in partnership with Crytek, TT Games, the Mozilla Foundation, the British Library and more, with teachers including Martin Hollis — director on GoldenEye 007 and WiiWare's Bonsai Barber — TT Games director Jonathan Smith, respected writer Kieron Gillon and Anna Marsh, former Tomb Raider executive designer and founder of new studio Lady Shotgun Games. The school is free and open to anyone.

If school's not your thing there's plenty more on offer. Renowned developer Peter Molyneux will curate a day of events reflecting on his career and inspiring attendees, while Broadway Cinema will host a series of panel debates, Q&As, films and interactive events. There's also a celebration of the Commodore 64's 30 year anniversary, the return of the GameCityPrize and more details yet to be announced, all wrapped up in a charming Kirby's Epic Yarn-style aesthetic from Philippa Rice.

If you're at all interested in the significance of video games, learning more about how they're made or exploring what they could become, mark 20th to 27th October in your calendar for GameCity 7. You can find more details at