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Felt Sew Good Sells Cushions of Your Favourite Consoles

Posted by James Newton

Soft sell

An NES controller coffee table is all well and good, but we'd rather have something softer in our living room, wouldn't you?

Online store Felt Sew Good just opened up and sells a range of cute cushions based on retro gaming consoles and controllers. NES, SNES, Game Boy and more are all represented in adorable form; there's even a Speak & Spell cushion in case you grew up with non-Nintendo hardware. Hey, you never know.

The gaming cushions are available to buy now, with more designs — like a Game Boy Color — due in the future.

Update: Get 10% off with the code FSGTEN.


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metafaniel said:

@Marakuto yep those preices I also wanted to buy the Pit (Kid Icarus) plushie but it's quite expensive u.u If only we were rich xD



KoiTenchi said:

@Marakuto Your avatar fits your comment so perfectly that I not only laughed out loud but subsequently felt like a horrible person for doing so.



Mercury9 said:

Um. Why exactly would you want a plush Gameboy?
I'd sooner load up the cost of all that feltage into my 3DS and go a on a virtual bender.

They look good granted but what a waste of money :/

And what an interesting range of keyrings



hYdeks said:

I'm sorry but I seen better work than these cushions, especially for the price. I think they sell to NA cause I added something in the cart and put my country as Canada and it gave me a international shipping price so...I guess yes? But still, the prices...ughhh...



CommanderAudio said:

I NEE-'looks at prices'




Wintendo said:

I had to read the title of this article about 7 times before I could understand it xD

And they look cool... but I won't be getting any.



ATDI said:

50 US dollars for this isn't that expensive. It's because of you people complaining that everything else in this world is made in a sweatshop by underpaid, overworked young people. =(



Ren said:

agree with ATDI, these prices aren't that bad, you guys are just cheap. These things are obviously hand made to order and a lot larger than I expected.
unfortunate that the site has bad pictures of some of them. Why only close ups of some things that you're going to spend some money on?
I may get one of the Super Nintendo ones, I wish they had the purple NA version. Gameboy one is awesome, too.



Lobster said:

I agree, I wish they had bigger/clearer pictures. If they had the NA SNES controller I would have already bought one for my game room.

The price isn't terrible, the lack of pictures is.



James said:

You can have 10% off if you enter the code FSGTEN at the check out.

You're welcome.

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