Just yesterday we told you about a Lost Planet spin off called EX Troopers that was confirmed for 3DS. We're already learning more about the game, including the fact that it's actually called E.X. Troopers, and that when Capcom teased an anime style, it wasn't kidding.

The E.X. Troopers official web site has been launched which includes information, in Japanese of course, on characters and items, as well as a trailer. The trailer shows off the graphics style and also the 'school' setting which your character occupies. There's a jet-pack, of sorts, various weapons and some snazzy mech-robots involved; while this is probably PS3 footage, we'd suggest that 3DS is capable of these kind of visuals, though we shouldn't assume anything.

The trailer is below and gives a good flavour of what this title is all about: would you be interested in a Western release?

[via capcom.co.jp, andriasang.com]