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Dress Up and Win at Kid Icarus Event

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Even if you don't go you can still dress up

Nintendo UK is currently in the middle of a Kid Icarus: Uprising event tour, giving plucky gamers a chance to take on a 'battle squad' of professional gamers in multiplayer. Participants at the first event at HMV Oxford Circus in London received limited edition posters, while those who triumphed over the pros also won AR cards and eShop vouchers.

The next event takes place at HMV Reading Oracle this Saturday (5th May) between 12-4pm, and Nintendo has added an extra incentive. If you attend in Kid Icarus cosplay you'll automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a 3DS: while Pit will likely be popular, you could get creative with some paper-mache and attend as Medusa, if you really want to show off. If you fancy attending check out the press release below for full details on this and a Twitter competition.

Following the success of the first Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer event in London last Saturday, the Kid Icarus: Uprising Battle Squad returns this Saturday 5th May to HMV Reading Oracle, 12.00-16.00, giving fans the chance to battle it out against the experts.

Fans can take along their own Nintendo 3DS console or borrow one from the Squad, and should bring plenty of competitive spirit ready to choose their favourite weapon and get battling. The Squad is made up of different skill levels to allow for fair competition and includes a pro gamer to challenge even the most experienced Kid Icarus: Uprising players.

With £10 eShop vouchers up for grabs for anyone who successfully defeats the Battle Squad’s pro gamer, the challenge has officially been set!

Those who love to get in costume are also in for a treat with brand new exclusive prizes for fans who greet the Kid Icarus: Uprising Battle Squad dressed as Pit, Palutena, Medusa or any of the other characters in the game. Everyone who arrives in Kid Icarus: Uprising Cosplay will be entered into a special prize draw for a chance to win their very own Nintendo 3DS.

Everyone who takes part will earn a limited edition Kid Icarus: Uprising poster. If a player defeats the Squad and wins a battle, they will be able to take home an exclusive set of AR Cards to boost their collection. The Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards are highly sought after and only available at special Nintendo events – so get practising!

Nintendo is also launching a free prize draw via Twitter: all fans need to do is have their photo taken with the Squad in HMV and tweet it on the same day to @KidIcarusUK using the hashtag #KidIcarusBattleSquad to be in with a chance of winning* one of six £50 HMV vouchers. All Nintendo 3DS owners are encouraged to head down to the events and take their console to StreetPassTM with other fans.

A selection of all photos from the events will be uploaded onto the Nintendo 3DS Facebook page and for all the latest news about Kid Icarus: Uprising and the Battle Squad follow @KidIcarusUK.

The Kid Icarus: Uprising Battle Squad dates and locations:

hmv Reading Oracle – Saturday 5th May
hmv Birmingham Bullring – Saturday 12th May
hmv Brighton Churchill – Saturday 19th May

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dizzy_boy said:

i went to the one in london and got loads of street pass hits, so if anyone is planning to go to any of the next three, make sure you get there early, and hang around for as long as you can.
i managed to get about 25 of the pink pieces on puzzle swap. the oppertunities to grab that amount in one day are few and far between, so take it while you can.
also, i didn`t even play against the squad and they guys there were just handing out the kid icarus cards, along with the posters. i`m not sure if they`ll just hand the cards out again quite so freely, but you never know.



MentheLapin said:

Doubt I'll dress up, but it'll be nice seeing people dressed up at the event in Birmingham. Might end up taking a few photos.



Onett said:

Time to double my routine at the gym and hit up Foam Mart to get started on the Magnus Club. This is gonna be easy.



NintyMan said:

Last Halloween, I went dressed as a Greek senator with a black toga and golden laurel crown, but if I had black angel wings, black hair, and brown eyes, I would've looked just like Dark Pit. Cosplaying can be fun if you really do look like it.



ogo79 said:

ive got an uncle that looks just like the Eggplant Wizard and were coming home with the prize



New_3DaSh_XL said:

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! SOMETHING COME TO OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL LIKE I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



WingedSnagret said:

Now that I think about it, if I was able to go to this event, I'd dress up like those Chinese dragon parade things only Three-Headed Hewdraw style! Then I'd go around looking at all the Pits and saying "Mmm what a tender little morsel!" Oh what fun that would be...



ogo79 said:

yes he is, and he thinks you folks are strange...
youve hurt his feelings, his one eye shall cry.
dry yer eye uncle, dry yer eye
thanks a lot pal.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Please you guys don't know the meaning of missing out on a event. Hawaii is excluded by all the Nintendo events covered on the mainland and elsewhere.

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