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Doubts About Monster Hunter 3 G Worldwide Release

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We're still hoping

Monster Hunter 3 G has been, as expected, a success since its Japanese release in late 2011, surpassing 1.5 million sales. We've been waiting for news of a confirmed worldwide release, but have only had rumours and speculation in place of formal announcements. Some on the ground in Japan seem to doubt that the release will come at all.

David Gibson, Head of Software & Services for Macquarie Capital Securities Japan, has shared an opinion, supposedly based on word from Capcom, that we may miss out on the title: he tweeted that "capcom keep saying its unlikely as audience not there based on the wii game".

In our experience Monster Hunter Tri on Wii had a loyal online group of gamers for a fairly long period, with respectable sales by most standards. Perhaps Capcom will hold off and release Monster Hunter 4 worldwide, or Gibson may be entirely wrong. Time will tell, but hopefully we won't completely miss out on some handheld hunting.


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Undead_terror said:

i never played a game in this series before but this is probaubly what the fans are thinking




I really hope this does come outside of Japan. Hoping more for Monster Hunter 4 though.
Also @Thomas did you mean "late 2011" up in the article?



JustAnotherUser said:

Why do we need Monster Hunter in the west?
We already have a monster to hunt...

But seriously Capcom... get you act together.



fchinaski said:

I know Japan has to compensate for all that censorship in their porn movies, but that monster's head is just obscene!



mattatron said:

I personally wouldn't buy it for two reasons: I have the wii version and no onlineplay. That being said tri was my first mh game and I crave more, it is an absolute day one buy if 4 comes over online play or not. As a side note the online community for the wii is still fairly strong so I think a mh on a nintendo console would be welcomed with open arms



mattatron said:

I love capcom they can do no wrong I havent played a game made by anyone else in months



CerberusAzdin said:

Capcom sort your SH!T out and release the game already!!!!

They better unveil a western release at E3 this year man, I'm getting sick and tired of petitions, votes and cries for this game or any other to be released here.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Tri STILL have a huge following not only in the UK, but around Europe, not to mention the US.

Monster Hunter is one of the best franchises in the gaming industry. It is a shame that we were given a taste of it and we have to wait for Capcom to actually release it.

To make things even more complicated the 3DS is region locked.....who was the genius to come up with that idea??

-_-' I really do hope they release it here and I'm crossing my fingers for E3.



Tsuchinoko said:

@Fchinaski Umm...what? anyway...

Honestly I am really expecting this release to be skipped for non-Japanese regions. I think that Monster Hunter 4 will be released though. Here in Japan is it not necessary to have online, as I have met with friends before and have played face-to-face. I know many people that make friends either through online or have friends already that have 3DS and the game, so its not a big loss here to not have online. I think maybe you need in other countries though.

Really, this though be seen as just a special edition of Tri, and not its own full game.



Uncle_Optimus said:

Tri sold about a half million in then states according to Vgchartz (not the best I know). The marketing expense was tremendous, though Nintendo likely helped in that department.
Meanwhile the server cost to provide the online experience (considered required as a free service in the west) is a further drain on the game's profitability, as is a continuing expense as Capcom must pay the upkeep costs as long as they keep the game live.
I am guessing Capcom therefore doesn't consider it worth localizing especially when they may be prepping localization and marketing for the higher profile MH4 (and if they did they would also be paying upkeep costs for 3 MH games in the west, Tri included).
Unfortunate for fans who want their fix now, but this seems realistic as long as MH4 is indeed in the cards for an early-ish 2013 release.



mattatron said:

@Tsuchinoko exactly a special edition to a somewhat niche game that only dedicated players play. I can understand its lack of localisation. You are a mythical snake my friend if I could capture you twice I would be invisible



Tsuchinoko said:

@mattaron Haha. You know very well. Yes honestly, I feel bad for non-Japanese players that want this game, but I was expecting this to not go outside of Japan. Sometimes we don't get games too though. I have to buy the North American version of Famicom DS Wars (Advance Wars) since we didn't get it. Please wait for Monster Hunter 4. I know we all are wanting to play it!



XCWarrior said:

I'm not buying a Capcom game again until this is released in the West, or they tell us MH4 is coming out in USA at the end of the year. Either way, Bad form Capcom, bad form.



Tsuchinoko said:

@XCWarrior You know this article is not actually based on an official announcement from Capcom right? Also, MH4 is nowhere near being announced yet, there is not even a release schedule for the Japanese release. If you are expecting a release date soon, you might be disappointed. The only information was a tech demo.



Megumi said:

I'm still thinking its coming...Capcom would hae to be....stupid, or drunk or SOMETHING to not release this game. If they really mean it by not giving up on the series in the West, then prove it!
(or we could get Nintendo to bug them about localizing it, lol)



ThomasBW84 said:

I do remember speculation that online would be introduced for a Western release of 3 G, but that obviously wasn't confirmed. I'd be surprised if MH4 wasn't a worldwide release, but it may be a lengthy wait before that arrives.



Volmun said:

dame.. i wanted this bean a fan of MH games sins the 1st one on PS2 lol i own evry MH game released in the UK - seams odd CAPCOM have ditched Sony in favour of Nintendo as Portable 3rd and 3rd HD (dunno if that was ever made or not ) are still un-released hear 8( i rely wanted a MH on my PS3... oh well hope theirs a Wii U MH 8D



YorkshireNed said:

sigh. To be honest, I did expect this...but it still stings. I think MH3 is probably my favourite Wii game of all time but I know no-one else who has heard of it. Huff! Maybe we should copy that American Operation Thunderbolt or whatever it was called thingamajig?



komicturtle said:

I still think it's coming. They've been keeping silent on it for such a long time- if there are no plans at all, we would have known by now. MML3 anyone? Then again, that was a cancellation..

I stick by "If TvC was localized with all the hurdles Capcom had to jump over, MHTriG should be released world wide".

I don't want to hear the "business and market" excuse, either.



CrankyStorming said:

So we're getting angry at Capcom for NOT subjecting us to the same game but with even worse controls and the only hypothetical draw removed?



retro_player_22 said:

Capcom had been douche-bags lately when it comes to releasing games fans love, after the Mega Man and DLC issues I doubt Capcom would release Monster Hunter G or even Monster Hunter 4 worldwide at all. This gen it looks like the only thing Capcom is good at is pissing their fans.



Mandoble said:

Games like that demand larger screens and dual stick, it relies a lot on visuals and game immersion as well as quick and agile camera control, and none of these can be achieved with 3DS. Having Capcom choosing 3DS for this game is already a mistake, missing western release once they have the game ready is the second.



SkywardLink98 said:

I don't care. I LOVE MHtri but I'm not buying a remake of it 1 generation later. I DO plan on buying MH4 though



pixelman said:

ffs they can at least distribute it digitally. Just translate the damn thing and put it on the eShop. >:[



mamp said:

Just bring 4 people still have their Wii version not to mention no online play which makes the game even more fun.



shonenjump86 said:

Never really looked forward to 3G. I just want MH4, but I know how it is when a game you want does not get released outside of Japan. Capcom still won't give us Miles Edgeworth 2



TrueWiiMaster said:

From the moment I heard this game had no online multiplayer (correct me if I'm wrong) I doubted it would come West. The online was perhaps the biggest seller for Monster Hunter Tri, so a game that was basically a port of the Wii game to the 3DS, minus the online and plus a few new monsters, would probably get more complaints in America than compliments. I remember when it was first confirmed to have no online, and so many people, fans included, said they would skip the game even if it was brought Westward. Personally, I think that this game would be met with disappointing sales if it was brought over, and I'd rather Capcom wait for Monster Hunter 4 (which hopefully will have online) to bring hunting to the West again rather than use 3G's poor sales as an excuse to stop further imports of this great series.



Supremeist said:

Capcom has been the biggest disappointment to everyone lately (Especially us following the 3DS market). First Mega-Man, now our Monster Hunter? I've never played a game in the series but the graphics look beautiful and the gameplay seems holy.



DoodleJohn said:

C[r]apcom has been stupid lately, with Megaman and too much DLC and all.
2nd post here, I suppose. Yay.



AVahne said:

I'm pretty sure MH3 on Wii sold more in the west than any of the PSP games, so what's this about not being an audience?

Guess I'll have to play Dragon's Dogma until we find out if we get MH4 or not. Still really want MH3G though, really sucks that we'll be missing out.



shonenjump86 said:

Yeah, The Miles Edgeworth game is not the best in the series but I still enjoyed it and I really want the sequel. I know a lot of people are bummed out about Megaman and Capcom DLC stuff but that did not really bug me too much. I'm a big Ace Attorney fan and the fact that I can't have Miles Edegworth 2 kinda sucks.



Supereor said:

You gu-uys!
DON'T x999,999,999.
Wait, there's a Monster Hunter on Nintendo 3DS?



CaPPa said:

Although I would really like 3G to come out (even without online) I can live without it as long as MH4 is definitely coming.

I guess they expected more from Tri, although as the series goes I thought the sales were actually pretty good for the west. I was never sure about the TV ads though, as it seemed like they were trying to attract too wide an audience rather they just wow the core gamers.



BenAV said:

Although I'd love it to come here, I'm not expecting it too and I'm not going to get all worked up about it.
It makes perfect sense for it to not be released here.
A lot of people wouldn't buy it due to already owning Tri, and at this stage the 3DS has a much smaller audience than the Wii does.
Add in the fact that it appears to be pretty local multiplayer focused.
That's fine for Japan, but here nearly everyone will just have to play solo.
Monster Hunter 4 is the big one that we should hope makes here, this one just seems unlikely as it wouldn't appear to benefit Capcom.

@Mandoble Yep, releasing the on the 3DS was totally a mistake.
It's only selling really well in Japan which benefits Capcom and selling systems which benefits Nintendo.
And personally, I'm quite satisfied what the 3DS can provide as far as visuals and I definitely get immersed in 3DS games.
I also don't think that the controls would be a problem either, as long as you use the Circle Pad Pro.



Raptor78 said:

I never expected this version to make it out of Japan in the first place, it would have been a nice suprise had it it but the same thing happened with the wii when Japan got the Monster Hunter G game but the rest of the world had to wait until Tri came out.
I think 4 will be a worldwide release and will no doubt include wifi multiplayer which in the western world is pretty much a must like everyone else who has mentioned, in Japan you can pretty much get a local Monster Hunter game going in no time whereas in the West if it wasnt for online multiplayer we would all be playing the game solo. Im willing to wait until the better version of the game comes out with more functions available because in the meantime I will still be working my way through my other 3DS games... and Heroes of Ruin comes out in a couple of weeks and I have that on pre-order.



Fuzzy said:

Doubt they would release it over here without putting in the effort to have an online mode, so doubt it will happen.

3DS or Vita, first one to get one will win my money.



SyFyTy said:

by thier logic, everyone that bought a Wii also bought a 3ds and also likes all the same games? That is fail logic in the extreme or just a lie to the public for what-ever reason.



Not-Another-Ad said:

Capcom I love you,I love you so much,so please release this game worldwide.
And then I'll love you forever.
But if you don't release,I will cry.
And you don't want me to cry,now do you?

Please,pretty please with bells on,or in this case.
Pretty please with monster bells on.



ejamer said:

Still keeping my fingers crossed about this one. Hope that Monster Hunter would be released on 3DS in the West was one of the big selling points of the system for me. (Oddly, Resident Evil: Revelations was the other big selling point...)




All these complaints of it having no online multiplayer and it being an expansion only makes them think we don't want their games. Tri G has way more stuff than MHT anyways. Still waiting for Capcom's excuse for not releasing either versions of Portable 3rd...



theperson said:

This looks like a great game, I'd definatley buy it, I would want it so that I could just play MH whenever without needing to go on the wii, also I don't mind the lack of online



Skeletor84 said:

@Mandoble I disagree. If you've never played the game (which achieved it's popularity over here on PSP, a single stick handheld), then you've obviously only played Tri anyway. PS2 got the original, but it wasn't nearly as popular. Second, we're used to not getting these on-time, if you've played any good games you would know this by now.

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