We know that Assassin's Creed III is coming to Wii U, one of a promising selection of cross-platform titles on the way to Nintendo's new console. It's also one of the most highly anticipated releases, with some of those familiar with the series encouraged by the new setting and confident that this is more than another minor variation of what came before.

Ubisoft has now released the first official in-game footage, rather than flashy CGI, to show off the concept. It's pre-alpha build, as the video clearly states, and there's also no clarification of what platform this footage represents. This isn't necessarily Wii U footage, and we shouldn't assume it is, but it's an early look at the game.

We may see some actual Wii U footage at E3, in fact we'd be surprised if Nintendo doesn't show off as many third-party offerings as possible, so treat this as a teaser until then.

[via youtube.com]