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3DS Nears 1 Million Units Sold in UK

Posted by James Newton

But slower than DS

According to Pocket Gamer, 3DS is on the cusp of hitting the 1 million sales mark in the United Kingdom.

The site claims the console sits just below 950k units after 61 weeks on shelves. By comparison, the original DS sold its first million after 51 weeks, so 3DS clearly still has some ground to make up.

Last year Nintendo of America revealed 3DS had beaten the DS's first year sales in just eight months, but that success hasn't been replicated in the UK. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also said in April that Mario's UK presence is the smallest in the world.


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Marios-love-child said:

I'm in the uk, i've had mine since launch but I dont actually know anyone else other than my girlfriend who has one which speaks for itself really.



Djrr-ific said:

Still, US is alot bigger than the UK, you can't really compare them.

What I WOULD like to know is how Europe as a whole compares to the US in terms of sales..



James said:

@Djrr-ific We're not comparing sales figures, but sales trends — 3DS has outsold DS in America, but not in the UK. Those comparisons are fair.

Nintendo breaks sales down into three territories: Japan, The Americas and Others, so it's hard to get precise sales figures for Europe. Will investigate though.



kyuubikid213 said:

3DS is has sold 15 million worldwide, right? So, is that 9 million from Japan, 1 million from UK, and 4 million from US?



James said:

Life to date 3DS sales up until 31st March:

Japan: 5,850,000
The Americas: 5,990,000
Rest of World: 5,290,000
Total: 17,130,000




I think those figures are great, especially after the well documented shortage of killer software for a few months. I really believe that the 3DS will be a massive success.



rjejr said:

Are there still people saying the 3DS isn't doing well w/ 17 million sold in just over a year, or are we finally past that now? I think it would almost take a miracle for the Vita to get there it's first year, though I know Sony still has a lot of calendar left to get there.
Are we expecting great as-of-yet unannounced 3DS games this E3 or will it be a WiiU dominated show? Pikmin 3 on BOTH systems would be nice. Actually w/ the WiiU pad anything that works on the 3DS should work on the WiU and vice versa.



James said:

@rjejr There are certainly big 3DS games to be announced at E3, both from Nintendo and third parties.



Kinioka said:

It's actually quite surprising to see that 3DS sales in Germany( (750k as of march)and France (761K as of december) are "almost" the same in the UK. I thought things would be different, the way Nintendo treats UK as their "favourite" EU market...ignoring the rest of us.



Kinioka said:

We still don't have 3DS prepaid cards in my country . Players choice line only came to the stores this year. When i tried to buy Dkcr for the first time, our stores didn't had any, because first it was solding out in the uk, and the guy from game directly said "That's their priority"...Let's not start about the contests and activities they do to promote their games and embrace some community of gamers. And you know, we still need to play the majority of our games in english.



Mercury9 said:

Then why have I only had 10 Streetpass hits!? I'm out every day!

More likely to find contact on the moon



HaNks said:

1 of those million here. a lot of my streetpass hits in london do seem to come from tourists though.



Slapshot said:

Sales trends are just fun to watch. PS Vita is selling very well in the UK, but slower in Japan and the Americas, while the 3DS is selling like crazy in Japan and the Americas, but still a bit slow in the UK. Crazy thing these sales trends are.



Urbanhispanic said:

@Mercury Actually I thought the same thing was going to happen to me. I take it with me to work everyday and I get at least one hit per day. It depends on where you go and if people remember to turn it on and then close it so it goes into sleep mode.



James said:

@Slapshot Vita isn't doing that well in the UK — it's at around 100,000 sales, about one-third of PSP's sales at this point in its lifespan. Of course the two launched at totally different times — PSP landed in September, Vita in February — but still, there it is.

@Mercury9 Depends where you go. I went to Manchester at the weekend during the Bupa Great Manchester Run and got two StreetPass hits — one of whom was @Mason when we met for Mario Tennis! — but can get half a dozen at Gamestation.



Justaguest said:

@Victoria I dont even live in UK and I got one! I know its ridiculous but it made me really happy^^ there are literally no 3ds owners here so i was very surprised.



Lyndexer said:

I street passed a lot, here in the US. But, if you go to a Nintendo convention you'll get some luck there.



Lyndexer said:

@slapshots seems like UK doesn't really. Bother with Nintendo. Most of the time, UK is talking smack about America on CoD saying we suck. Although, I quick scope them with an intervention on mw2 like their noobs.

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