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10 Minutes of English Kingdom Hearts 3D Footage

Posted by James Newton

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Three months ago we brought you a Japanese trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and now we bring you the same video in English.

You've only got a few more months to wait until Sora and friends land in the West in 3D. Make the wait go quicker by watching the video repeatedly.

And no, sadly that isn't Jeff Bridges' real voice.

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TinyMario said:

can someone add me my friend code is 0989-2434-6025 tell me if u added me i be on this all day so plllllllzzzzzzzzz



Nintendawg said:

Voice acting in English is always so much better.
The trailer is full of spoilers so I didn't watch it in its entirety.



hYdeks said:

ohh man! Now I need this game, and I'm already falling behind with all these awesome 3DS releases. I still haven't even touched mario kart 7 yet!!!

sigh my stupid complaining aside, I'll get this game....and eventually get to playing it :s



Denkou said:

Needs moar TWEWY. Josh got more lines then Neku did. Although I love the kingdom hearts series, the fact that TWEWY is involved in the game at all completely overshadows the fact that kingdom hearts in general is my 3rd favorite game/series. 1st being TWEWY and 2nd being Pokemon.



Not-Another-Ad said:

I only watch half of it,as I didn't want to spoil anything.
But I have the feeling this'll be the Best 3DS game yet.



Shotgunryugan said:

Yes everyone sounds really different,almost like they have forgotten how to do proper voices,i blame Birth By Sleep for this!

Anyway,what i really care about are the last few lines in the game,especially Lea's speech.

Edit-i like the name of the person who uploaded the video XD



irken004 said:

The trailer sounds super cheesy without the in-game sound effects and music. That fake Jeff Bridges sounds ok, can't say the same about quasimodo though D:



Popyman said:

@zenarium: Stop doing that, it's really irritating. :/

Would someone mind posting the exact time the TWEWY characters pop up? I want to hear their voices but I don't want to spoil anything else. :3



FriedSquid said:

Blegh, what happened to Sora's voice? And Quorra sounds awful, as well as Sam Flynn, and everyone else. Eh, whatever. If Phoebus is in there I'll be happy.



Millenia said:

I've done some reading and figured out why he sounds different. They have a new VA for young Sora, since the original (Haley Joel Osment) grew up. He continues to voice the older Sora though. It is kind of disheartening that the original young Sora voice is gone forever, but hopefully we'll get used to this new one.



Cloud-San-VII said:

Did you notice that the battle screens are still in Japanese? Also, Sora and Riku sound different,... too different.. oh, and Nomura probably confirmed a TWENTY sequel, I hope.



Emaan said:

Sora's voice seemed different to me at first but after the 9 minutes was up I got used to it. That last minute really gets me hyped up for this game, can't wait!



Reenie said:

I want this game. BAAAAAADLY.

But I wish it used the command board system; I loooooooved it in Birth By Sleep.

  • I mean command board, not command deck. I love the command board game.


Expa0 said:

Why do the developers insist on using the damn Sanctuary song at every effin trailer and opening? I didn't like it the first time I heard it and now that I've had to hear it about nine million more times, it has become quite simply unbearable.



Shotgunryugan said:

@smashbrawler331 He can wash cars or work at a grocery store helping people with their food/items,obviously you have never done that.

@Gamesake if you didn't like the other games you'll not enjoy this,even though the gameplay is more similar to the playstation games,you will probably not understand the story which is pretty confusing(and i'm saying that after watching the entire game too),although there are story summaries for the other games,but i don't think it'll tell you absolutely everything.

@expa0 The song is good,i am surprised you don't like it,i mean it's probably the best song in the series and has not been used as much as "Simple and Clean",



Randomname19 said:

Why won't they bring it to other consoles?!I want to play it for Wii,I don't care for motion controls and graphics.And the same goes for the previos games.I would buy all of them.



Gullwing said:

I have to admit that I'm disappointed by the series (I mean 7 games and only 3 tell a decent story) but I'm pretty excited for Dream Drop Distance. Can't wait to play it!

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