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Worldwide 3DS Sales Reach 17 Million

Posted by James Newton

Nintendo wants that number doubled

Since its Japanese release on 26th February 2011, Nintendo has sold 17.13 million 3DS consoles around the world, a number it wants to beat in the next financial year.

Between 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2012, Nintendo sold 13.52m consoles worldwide, missing its target of 14m. Originally the company set a target of 16m, which it revised down after the system faltered.

Here's a regional breakdown of 3DS hardware sales for the previous financial year:

Japanese FY 2011/2 sales: 4.79m
The Americas: 4.67m
Others: 4.06m
Total FY 2011/2 sales: 13.52m

The machine is off to a good start this year in Japan, but sales in other regions haven't demonstrated quite the same pace:

Japan Q4 FY 2011/2 sales: 1.19m
The Americas: 520,000
Others: 380,000
Total Q4 FY 2011/2 sales: 2.09m

On the software front, Nintendo also missed its targets. Originally the platform-holder predicted 62m worldwide software sales for the machine's first year, but revised that down each quarter, eventually settling on 38m.

Japan FY 2011/2 software sales: 11.13m
The Americas: 12.64m
Others: 12.22m
Total FY 2011/2 software sales: 35.99m

In the past quarter, Nintendo sold 7.95m software units worldwide, its second busiest quarter after the final three months of the 2011 calendar year.

For the upcoming financial year, Nintendo has set a target of 18.5 million 3DS consoles and 73 million software units worldwide. With New Super Mario Bros. 2 out in August, would you bet against them reaching their target this time?


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Myx said:

17 million .. hmm.. but why? .. i am already contemplating selling the 3ds for lack of usage due to no games that are worth playing. all they do is build up their abandonware section. for someone like me who has got no interest in abandonware at all the 3ds is obviously the wrong machine. then the very inconvenient matter that no retails are available for download. the biggest advantage of the vita is that not one single cartridge is needed. everything can be downloaded. this is pure heaven for someone who does not like the concept of switching cartridges in the year 2012 anymore. i see nintendo does a lot of talk about catching up with the current gen but their actions definitely are speaking another language. as i see it they have got no intention to catch up with anything. they are still arrogant as hell when it comes to acknoledging what the times have come to.



cfgk24 said:

I love my cartridges! I can play the games then sell them on Ebay after I've completed them!
plus I like my shelf of collected games - beautifully arranged.
Although I am not a fan of Region lock



NintyMan said:

New Super Bros. 2 ought to get some 3DS systems flying off shelves again. I'm somewhat surprised that Japan is outperforming North America in sales. I guess it must be that they are more excited about getting it biggest games and that they have a lot more variety in picking different system colors and designs.



MAB said:

Digital downloads are good and all but it scares me to think that in 20 years time when servers change and memory cards fail we are left with nada and that popular rare game cannot be sold at a high price on ebay in 30 years time.



Prof_Clayton said:

It seems that Nintendo has realized thry can't rely on something with Nintendo in it for it to sell well. Hopefully the Wii U is cheap(ish) and has an online shop at launch. And good launch games. And hopefully Nintendo will take "Wii" out of the name to pravent a 3"ds" confusion.



C-Olimar said:

@Myx Ocarina of Time, Rayman 3D, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Street Fighter 4, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, Nintendogs + Cats, Pullblox, Rolling Western, Mighty Switch Force, Tetris 3DS, Kid Icarus Uprising, Pilotwings Resort, Ridge Racer 3D, Freakyforms, Every DS game, most DSiWare, Virtual Console, Zen Pinball 3D, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Tekken 3D Prime Edition, Rhythm Thief and 3D Classics all show a complete lack of high quality software available, and also a TINY range of genres.



XCWarrior said:

Japan is selling better because they already have games we still don't. Layton, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, etc etc. We don't even have release dates for some of these games. I'm not worried about the system anymore, but I only own 2 3DS cartridges, but that is also due to not wanting to pay $40 per title, waiting for sales.



Raptor78 said:

With 12 Retail carts and dozens upon dozens of downloable titles (dsi & 3DS) my 3DS gets more attention than my home consoles, now if only I could play Dead island and Saints Row 3rd on my 3DS I wouldnt need any other consoles. So im sick of people talking about lack of quality titles, at least I can understand XCWarrior in that $40 seems a lot to pay, but you should see the prices in the UK where 3DS games retail about £35 - £40 (about $65) with a few exceptions (that I usually pre-order) I tend to have a price in my mind and wait till the prices drops before getting it.
I currently loving tales of abyss which sure was a PS2 title, but was never released this side of the pond.



Alienfish said:

You know, those numbers aren't half bad considering the rocky start. I'll admit that I didn't even buy a 3DS right away. My only wish now is that NOA would get it's head fully out of its a** and give us all the good games that Japan is getting. They're starting to make amends with Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, but my gaming withdrawal is getting worse now that I have to wait for that new Fire Emblem game without so much as confirmation that it's coming to NA!!!! On top of that, I've had a Circle Pad Pro pre-ordered from Gamestop for nearly two months now because there weren't enough produced in the first run. Seriously, there are gamers here in the US that want good games to play and want to play them on the best hardware available (referring to CCP), all Nintendo has to do is bring them on over.



C-Olimar said:

@XCWarrior Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter won't sell the 3DS in the West. Layton maybe, but only to a certain extent. Main series Pokemon, 2D Mario and Brain Training will. 2 out of those 3 titles are on their way - it's gonna be a good year for 3DS sales.



Whopper744 said:

Why are people making a big deal out of not being able to download retail games, and do everything that a PS3 can do? I really miss the days when it the games themselves where what was important. Now, game companies like Nintendo have to fight to keep up with other companies adding a ton of extra junk. I am all for progress, but I was just fine with my SNES and N64. My best gaming memories I'd say are from those games. Downloading a full retail game to a system somehow doesn't feel the same. Just has that, just another game feel, if you know what I mean. Instead of getting something epic, like a gold Zelda cartridge, and not worrying about if my system can play movies, and music, and all this other stuff.
Again, I'm kind of torn. It's cool to see how far technology has come, but I almost think sometimes it's become too big for it's own good. This is going way off topic but, for example, I really don't think gradeschool kids need a stupid iPhone.



zapdinos said:

@C-Olimar Well Fire Emblem will do just fine probably better than what you're expecting it to and Monster Hunter has been picking up great steam in the west maybe not as good as you are thinking but it will do a lot better than you think or so I think.

As for my comment this is great wow just wishes it continues to sell and that they release more games and as well as games that look stunningly beautiful like RE:R or KI:U and as well there is still that rumor that went around a while back remember? A famous JRPG number 7 in the series will come out when the 3ds sells 20 million



theblackdragon said:

@Myx: If you're dissatisfied, vote with your wallet and stop purchasing their products. If you keep giving them money for things (i believe i spotted you looking forward to Heroes of Ruin in a different thread), they've 'won'.



Phle said:

@Myx I don't understand why it's so hard to switch games physically, only takes like 15 seconds maybe?

But I think it's sad that so few stores take in 3DS games and I have to visit multiple stores to find the game I'm looking for. Sometimes I have to order them online because no physical store have them, even great games like Kid Icarus are nowhere to be found in most stores where I live. I like to own the cartridges, and I could never sell them, they are happy together (^_^) so I'm not sure I'll be into digital downloading.

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