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UK Charts Bring More of the Same for Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not better, not worse

In the coming weeks and months, it's safe to say that Satoru Iwata and the managerial team at Nintendo HQ will be monitoring the progress of UK sales, after telling investors that, for one, Mario's presence in the country is the 'smallest in the world'. It's too early for that to have changed, and the latest top 40 software charts show little movement.

The best performance from a Nintendo exclusive title is Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games, the Wii and 3DS title coming in at ninth, the same position as last week. Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo on DS drops one place to 16th, while Mario Party 9 goes one in the other direction to rise to 22nd: Super Mario 3D Land climbs two places to 25th, with Mario Kart 7 falling one place to 32nd.

A notable absentee, once again, is Kid Icarus: Uprising, while we've practically given up on Pandora's Tower establishing itself in the top 40. The results aren't any worse, but there's still plenty of work for Nintendo to do to improve its UK fortunes.


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GamerDude said:

come one ninty you can pull it back...even if the entire country thinks nintendo is 'rubbish'!



Djrr-ific said:

Come on guys, it's only one country.. I bet there are more countries in the world where Nintendo performs badly..



ThumperUK said:

Nintendo has performed badly ever since Nintendo UK was effectively abolished and moved to Nintendo Europe. More advertising of Mario games would result in big increases in games - Wii dance games are very popular because of one thing....TV advertising.
Hopefully Nintendo is starting to give the UK proper advertising - last night I saw the ad showing off Zelda/Xenoblade/Last Story/Pandora as a set of Wii games.

If Nintendo scrapped paying millions for silly celebritiess and just ploughed that into a higher number of adverts for different games then the UK charts would look very different very quickly. Making an ad just showing game footage is very cheap to produce!



lord_hades said:

@Djrr-ific it may only be one country but one of the biggest gaming ones, the reason nintendo doesnt sell aswell is because most of the UK's teenagers play the hardcore games like COD the reason because around 60% of the uks teenagers are chavs



Mandoble said:

So if UK doesnt like Nintendo it is a problem of UK or a problem of Nintendo? And while UK might be the most revelant case, you may extrapolate this to most countries in Europe.

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