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UK Chart Results Are Less Than Golden for Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not flying off the shelves

Each week we have two sets of charts to bring you. On the one hand Nintendo's Japanese hardware and software sales are always through the roof and dominating its competitors, while the UK software charts often give a very different impression. Regular hardware sales for the UK aren't provided, but this week's software top 40 includes just five titles exclusive to Nintendo platforms.

Many of the cross-platform big-hitters aren't on Nintendo platforms at all, or the Wii/3DS market share is minimal, so it's not a great set of results. Wii and 3DS title Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games seizes a top ten place in ninth, with DS and Wii represented by Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo and Mario Party 9 in 15th and 23rd respectively. 3DS mainstays Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are still selling in decent numbers, rounding out Nintendo's presence in 27th and 31st.

Unfortunately for the Operation Rainfall campaign, Pandora's Tower has slipped out of the charts having only scraped into 38th in its debut week. Here's hoping that sales elsewhere in Europe will pick up the slack.


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HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Meh. I bet there's gonna be a small dry season for Nintendo - someone tell me if I'm wrong, but I believe the only big title they're releasing in the next 3 months is Mario Tennis Open. Once NSMB2 comes out, there's gonna be a huge burst, though, as well as people getting hyped for Wii U.
I have no idea what I'm talking about



fchinaski said:

As much as I love RPGs, it's not at all surprising that Pandora's Tower is doing so bad. Let's face it: it is a niche game for a near dead platform...



SkywardLink98 said:

What about Kid Icarus: Uprising? Did it have good enough launch sales that everyone has a copy, or something?



XCWarrior said:

What you Europeans start buying Pandora's Tower and stop saving your money for COD 47!



KrazyBean said:

What I don't get is why everyone thinks that only Europeans play CoD, don't Americans (not all) buy and play the damn games as much? I live in London I haven't purchased a single CoD game.

The games aren't selling here and I guess that's because people are spending their money on the bigger triple A titles, maybe the games are just plain unappealing to people. I don't like minigame compilations, so why should I buy Mario Party 9 and Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics? I'm not a huge fan of JRPG's so why should I buy Pandora's Tower?

Don't come and categorize ALL of Europe and say that ALL Europeans only play CoD. I've seen that statement like 6 times on this site and to be honest, it's ticking me off.



madgear said:

I'm buying it as soon as I have the spare cash. It's not a cheap game and I'm going to have to wait until next week at least (speaking as if my purchase would put it up a place in the charts).



dizzy_boy said:

tbh, the sales of nintendo games are still being affected by the fact that shops like GAME and hmv aren`t stocking new games as they get released. with that in mind, i`m not suprised nintendo games aren`t selling well.;tbh, if wasn`t for online shops like amazon, those games just wouldn`t sell.



RR529 said:

@Jumbif, there's also going to be Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance in July. It's third party, true, but it does have a huge fanbase, and is likely to sell systems like a big Nintendo release. I actually know quite a few people who got/are getting a 3DS for this game. Other than that though, I don't see any high profile releases between Mario Tennis Open and NSMB2.

Of course, that's not saying it'll have much impact on the UK market, as even top notch Nintendo stuff seems to be oft' forgotten



Victoria said:

What doesn't help is not really having a shop that stocks the games! I would have bought Mario Party 9 when I had money to burn, but Game didn't stock it. So instead I ended up buying an old DS game and a few computer games. When I finish playing those I'll get Mario Party though Amazon, and maybe by then there'll be a price drop.



fredtoy said:

I do not live in UK and went there only once in my lifetime. When I was there, I got the impression that Sony and PlayStation as brands are very strong in UK. I think this and the whole GAME bankruptcy thing an it not carrying or giving enough shelf space for Nintendo systems games are affecting the sales.



C-195 said:

Well it's only the UK, if this was the global results I would be worried.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Jumbif Project zero II: Wii edition and Rayman origins are out for 3DS respectively in June and like RR529 said there's KH3D in July. Although, only the first of those three is first party but the other two are still big releases.



FluttershyGuy said:

United Kingdom, why u no like Nintendo games? Is GAME's troubles somehow affecting sales; or is the economy bad there, so less game-buying? I've seen where there are several titles it didn't carry. Especially disappointed to see Kid Icarus: Uprising with no presence on the charts.



dizzy_boy said:

@fluttershyguy and @bahooney, it`s not a case of us not liking the games, it`s the fact that the shops just aren`t stocking them in.
most nintendo fans are screaming out for the new titles, but we just aren`t able to get them.
TBH, where my local GAME is concerned, i haven`t seen any new games on the shelves for nintendo in months. and i`d bet that they`re having trouble with the other platforms too.
HMV, which is my second go to place are hit and miss at the best of times with new games, simply because they have other stuff to sell too. CD`s, DVD`s and so on. even then, i haven`t seen many new titles on their shelves latley either.
the supermarkets tend to get looked over alot of the time, basicly because nobody really thinks to go into a supermarket to buy video games. even then, they can be hit and miss too because of the limited floor space given to games.
so, it`s not really that good to be a UK gamer at the moment unless your willing to buy online. and as we all know, having a new game has to be an instant fix, who really wants to wait for games to be sent in the post.



Raptor78 said:

With the state of the economy in the UK most big shops are taking less risks and not giving us enough choice from them and when they do stock the games you want they are over priced and as a result you end up buying them elsewhere like Zavvi (bluh!) etc... which get sent from the channel islands thus saving you money in the fact they dont pay tax on the goods but I also dont think they count towards the charts.

The odd thing is that PS3 games seem to be so cheap in the UK at the moment compared to other systems. I think its bad when I can buy a second hand Xbox game (not 360 either) and it can be more expensive than a 2nd hand PS3 game and I can pick up two PS3 games for the price of a new wii/3DS game.



Enzo_V said:

still nintendo is persistent to be liked by europeans. like awesome games are coming to europe compared to north america.



chiptoon said:

I'm looking froward to Pandora's Tower, but I'm still not quite doen with Last Story, and then want to take a little break from anything JRPG, having finished Xenoblade at 93 hours and then immediately started Last Story, and play Resident evil: Revelations and Kid Icarus.

Nintendo's gone from drought to downpour and I can't keep up.



zool said:

Here in the UK our two biggest game stores, Gamestation and Game are no longer selling new games.

Gamestation and Game have the same owner; because of financial problems Nintendo and others refused to supply new games to them, they went into administration last month. A few hundred of the stores closed and the rest have been bought by a new company. They remain open but are only selling pre-owned games. Once Nintendo and others come to an agreement with the new owners and start suppling new games again, sales may pick up.

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