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Titanic Mystery Sails Onto Wii and DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

What else?

Just recently, as some of you may be aware, the 100 year anniversary has passed for the maiden voyage and sinking of the RMS Titanic, a tragedy that has been re-told in television documentaries, a number of books and most notably in one of the most successful Hollywood movies of all time. The centenary hasn't completely passed gaming by, however, as we've picked up on a title that's recently been released for Wii and DS.

Titanic Mystery, a title that appears to have been released in Europe way back in May 2010, has just been published in North America by O-Games. The title is set on a fictional Titanic II, with the threat — according to the press release below — being a hidden bomb. It seems like one way to remember the centenary of a major disaster is to release a hidden-object puzzle game.

As the culmination of Titanic's 100th anniversary approaches, experience the rich history of that fateful voyage with Titanic Mystery, now available for Wii™ and Nintendo DS™. With hidden historical treasures and mysterious secrets waiting to be uncovered, players can commemorate the ship's maiden voyage in 1912 with the entertaining and informative adventure-based game, Titanic Mystery.

Players will find themselves at a pivotal moment in history as they search for a hidden bomb on-board the new ocean liner, Titanic II. Conduct an investigation and uncover clues to save the ship and all its passengers. Learn fascinating secrets of the original Titanic, interact with the crew and explore 30 intricate levels to discover elaborate twists and turns around every corner and solve challenging mini-games.

Titanic Mystery Game Features:

  • Investigate and interrogate passengers and crew members to solve the mystery
  • Find hidden objects in the many rooms of Titanic II
  • Discover hundreds of items and reveal timeless secrets about the original Titanic
  • 30 intricate levels and challenging mini-games

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Shiryu said:

Oh no, I hope the admins don't "sink" me. :> My next spoiler will be about "The Hindenburg Mystery" spoiler Unlike Helium, Hydrogen is highly combustible.



Reala said:

I hope in a 100 years after I slaughter you all at nl towers they mark the occasion by cashing in on the tragedy with tacky merchandise and nonsensical media related insanity too.



Samholy said:

seriously, someone somewhere really thought this would be a great idea to sell.
must be a lot of work to put on a game, but again, it probably wont sell much. lets see how reviews will destroy it ... or not ?

i remember an old pc game about solving a mystery on the titanic. played it 10 minutes, then moved on to another thing was boring. go play miyst or something. or even uncharted if you seek an interactive movie with puzzles



Rocketship said:

To those of you sick of hearing about the Titanic, consider this, I live in Belfast, everything you hear these days is Titanic related! (Although I'd just like to point out, it was alright when it left Belfast.)



Tasuki said:

I am a total Titanic fanatic, (I was that way long before the James Cameron movie came out) but even I wont touch this game. To be honest this is just a shameful of trying to get money out of tragedy. Whats next for this company a find the object game based in a couple of building called the Twin Towers II?

So when is Chicken Brutus going to review this game?



Sneaker13 said:

I am a huge Titanic buff. I advise everyone to play Titanic: Adventure Out of Time on the PC. Fantastic adventure game.



Morpheel said:

It seems a lot of people haven't read the article. It's not set on the actual Titanic. It's set on the ship named "Titanic II" (lol), and there's a bomb on board [that's the mystery].



Tasuki said:

@DogNuts64: Well excpet for Olympic's collision with the HMS Hawke, The Olympic had pretty much a normal ships life really it was only because it was Titanic's sister ship is why it was popular. And as for the HMHS Britannic I dont know how would you do a game about a hospital boat? For some reason I picture a Dinner Dash type game for that.

@Sneaker13: I will have to look that up.



DogNut327 said:

You could take control of the Olympic and and earn money by crashing into other ships. You'd have to replace the ship's crew if they die and pay to repair damage to your boat. It could be a 99 cent game for phones. I'd buy that
I have no idea for a Britannic game though.



workerbot said:

I admit I bought the game. Actually pre-ordered it back in April 2011, which was good because I locked it in at $20. When it was released this month the cost was $30, so I did like the savings. The game's actually not bad. The hidden object scenes were rather easy but after so many games that required you to randomly tap in dark murky spots in order to find something you just can't see, it was a welcome change. The puzzle games in between levels were mostly pretty challenging but if there was one that you just couldn't figure out, you were able to skip it. The story line was pretty goofy although it did have a good plot twist, but I enjoyed the back story given in hidden diary pages.

I like hidden object games and this one wasn't too bad at all.



JayArr said:

When I watched Titanic 3D I held out my hand and tried to catch Jack. ;___;

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