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The U.S. Sales Results are in for Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not bad, not brilliant

While Nintendo, or to be precise 3DS, continues to dominate in Japan, it's always interesting to see how the company is performing outside its homeland. In the UK our only regular insight is the weekly software chart, and courtesy of the NPD Group we now have our monthly insight into how the big N is performing in the U.S.

In the recently published report for March, it's been a reasonable month for Wii, 3DS and its software. In terms of hardware neither is top of the class — that prize goes to Xbox 360 — but 225,000 3DS systems and nearly 175,000 Wii units is a reasonable month of sales. The performance of the direct handheld competition from the Vita isn't clear, as Sony didn't release any figures for comparison.

In the software chart Mario Party 9 was the seventh best seller overall, with over 230,000 sales. Kid Icarus: Uprising was only released on 23rd March, but was still the top selling 3DS title for the month with more than 135,000 sales: Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land sold 118,000 and 100,000 units respectively.

While these aren't spectacular figures, they're reasonably solid, especially considering the wider trends that show gaming revenues falling compared to last year. With a full month of Kid Icarus: Uprising sales and some big 3DS titles on the horizon, it'll be interesting to see how the handheld and Wii perform in the coming months.


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Spoony_Tech said:

That's better then Europe but no where near as good as Japan. Still if the trend keeps up it should be over 10 million here by Christmas. Japan might be over 20 million if monster hunter 4 hits before the end of the year!



FluttershyGuy said:

I know the sales figures around the world have been a mixed for Kid Icarus: Uprising. That said, do those of you who follow the business-end of gaming think it's doing well enough overall that Nintendo might see fit to continue the series? Usually, I pay no attention to these numbers, but I'm pulling for KI: U to be considered a smash hit, and ensure we don't wait another 20 years for a sequel!



grimbldoo said:

I think that it wasn't advertised right. Because with what I saw (if I exclude what I know from here) didn't really make me want to buy the game.



Whopper744 said:

If people would realize that Nintendo knows what they are doing when it comes to games, Kid Icarus Uprising would be number 1!



Alienfish said:

I've shown Kid Icarus to basically everyone I know. The sad part is that I only know two other people with 3DS's and trying to convince people in my town to buy one is like trying to sell steak to a vegetarian. A few friends have expressed an interest, but it's really sad how they ignore Nintendo now because all the 'people they play games with are into Xbox 360 and make rude comments at the sight or sound of a Nintendo console or game. It's a bad case of blindness and I hope it goes away soon.



hYdeks said:

The Wii is a dead system, especially over in North America. I suggest u don't bother getting the stats for it lol




Heh. I figured Kid Icarus Uprising would be the front runner for Nintendo 3DS at the end of March. Heck, maybe even all year. Seeing as how it's doing so well as of late I've been predicting it to be the stand alone "2012 3DS Game Of The Year!" And I still am. It's only a matter of time before, and I mean TIME, before any other game steals Pit's thunder.


Why am I not surprised man. I see people just disrespect Nintendo nowadays for the hell of it at times. IMO, some don't consider them the powerhouse they were when they first started out and then carried over into the SNES / GENESIS era back then. Consoles and portables. Next time they do this again, just let them know that we wouldn't be around playing 360 or PS3 or anything nowadays had it not been for Nintendo reviving the game industry not too long after the INFAMOUS "Video Game Crash of 1983" That should shut them up.



Objection said:

I hope Kid Ick enjoys good sales in the months to come because it really deserves it.

Also nice to see Mario Party 9 doing so well, considering I've seen next to no advertising and it's a Wii title coming out at this time, going up against ME3 and the like.



Spoony_Tech said:

@FluttershyGuy The thing about Nintendo games is that most sell well 5 years down the road. I think by then it wouldn't have sold hopefully around 5 million worldwide and thats a very good number. I also think nintndo did a wonderful job of promoting kid Icarus. Commercials tournaments ar cards. What more could they have done really. The only other thing would be a demo in the eshop. If they were smart only the first level flying mission only! Suck people in for sure.



TingLz said:

Wait, Vita is having "good" sales and Sony hasn't released them? Sounds pretty fishy



TysonOfTime said:

Well considering that KI got quite a bit of negativity, I'm not suprised. A shame. How people can give KI lower than a 8 and call themselves reviewers I'll never know, as that is the MINIMAL score for quality that it deserves.



Mandoble said:

KI is lucky I'm not a reviewer, got patience just to finish up to chapter 4 and so far my score for that game would be lower than for monkey ball.



Myx said:

with their more than whacky approach to the 3d-genre they maneuvered themselves into a lose-lose-situation. they had two options: being way too early on the market resulting in the lack of quality games or waiting for another year, come up with at least SOME quality stuff and they would have lost to the power of the vita. if they delivered highclass 3d-stuff from the beginning instead of offering only abandonware rehashed and tons of shovelware, their 3d-gizmo would have been the next big thing. but instead, the 3ds is only a "mee-too"-gadget. no real effort equals no domination. they wanted too much and did way too little to achieve that goal. this doesn't exactly shine a very bright light on the wii u.. if they keep on pissing their potential away for the quick buck.. well.. do the math.



CosmoXY said:

@Myx You and I must read different gaming websites. I'm not at all aware that the 3DS is a lose-lose for Nintendo. From what I've seen (since the price drop, I'll give you that) 3DS has been doing quite well for Nintendo.



cyrus_zuo said:

I've so far passed on Kid Icarus myself b/c of the control schemes. I've played it at shows, and while it looks great, the controls are a struggle for me (notably I also gave up on MP:Hunters before getting through the first stage and I've not completed either of the Zelda's on the DS).

I do plan on getting KI, but I think the price will drop quickly and by Christmas I'll be able to get it for $15-20. I don't expect I'll love it then, it will still have control issues, but it will not cost as much so in the end I'll probably be satisfied. Controls are a big deal! I think it was a misstep in KI not to fix them (and addressing them with a stand only shows Nintendo knew there was a problem, but didn't know how to fix it).

I love my 3DS, but I think the stumble on Kid Icarus puts Nintendo in a really bad place with the 3DS for the next 4-6 months unless E3 really surprises. Mario Tennis is looking like it might be a surprise winner, but it is still a smaller franchise. There isn't another 'big' title (like Mario 3D Land, Zelda, or Mario Kart) on the schedule at present. The eShop has had great stuff, but again, I don't know of anything coming over the next few months. It's looking like we're stepping into a bit of a dry spell.
Still, I just got Xenoblade, and I'm looking forward to Heroes of Ruin (come on June 26th!), so I'll be busy playing, I just think Nintendo is going to struggle here for a bit.



NintyMan said:

That's a solid number for Kid Icarus, especially better than in the UK. While Kid Icarus has been gone for so long, I didn't expect for it to fly off the shelves like Mario does. Mario Party 9 didn't get that much publicity besides a commercial and yet it's selling well. Considering the quality of Kid Icarus Uprising, though, it really should do better than it is.



FluttershyGuy said:

You're right, a demo is the one thing that Nintendo hasn't done yet, which it should. I think the entire first chapter is long enough to give people a taste of its greatness and make them want more! The only thing wrong with it is that the great, hilarious dialogue doesn't really start until a little later (then again, there is the Twinbellows dialogue about Nintendog, LOL). What Nintendo should also do to promote the game (and make some money) is offer the AR Cards like baseball cards, and even offer them at grocery store check out aisles! In North America, releasing KI: Of Myths and Monsters couldn't hurt keep the Kid Icarus name on people's minds. I guess the only other thing is word of mouth. I do hope it has legs, though (and I'm not talking about Mimicutie, LOL). To me, it truly is a landmark, great achievement in gaming, from top to bottom. You can tell people put their hearts into it, from the people behind the scenes to the voice actors (who really sound like they were enjoying themselves ). They deserve for it to be a multi-million seller, and I've grown so attached to the characters that I don't want this to be the last I see of them!

I've seen a lot far less-worthy games succeed, for example the now-commonplace first-person shooter, and fitness games. Maybe it would've sold 2 million by now if the cover showed Pit on the cover holding an assault rifle, or Lady Palutena doing pilates (shrugs shoulders). Great quality isn't always an indicator of success. My favorite (and most painful) recent example is "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World". An incredibly imaginative, beautiful movie with great performances. But, it was up against "The Expendables" at the box office (what I consider a pretty average shoot-em-up with lots of big stars), and it bombed. It's become a cult hit, but it deserved better and I doubt a sequel will ever be made. I don't want to see a repeat of that with Uprising.

I found that in a short time, 2-3 days, you get used to it WITHOUT the stand (as a matter of fact I find it takes away precision). Kind of having your left hand fingers spread out, and the pinky finger bracing the front a little helps. I have relatively small hands and was able to adjust to it. What took the most getting used to for me was using the stylus to turn around in land battles, but you also get a feel for how fast you can turn, and it's adjustable. Actually, I don't think you'd have near the precision for firing with any other control scheme excluding the stylus. Sora knew what they were doing, but also knew people might need an adjustment period, hence the stand.

Finally, especially as word spreads that this is one of the best games available for any system right now, I think Uprising will be the perfect standard bearer for Nintendo in the months to come and beyond! I'm afraid Nintendo is going to struggle, but so is everybody else. What I understand from other articles is that game sales are down 25% from this time last year. Just about everything and everybody (except the rich) are struggling right now. I guess Patcher will use today's figures to try to tell the world traditional gaming is doomed, that you all may as well be getting used to playing Angry Birds on your iPad, or Farmvile on Mugbook (even after HUNDREDS of ignored requests, a FB friend won't stop sending FV requests).



Raghav said:

Hey can someone please add me as their 3ds buddy my friend code is 0989-1894-3669 and my name is Raghav



Retro_on_theGo said:

Cme on Pit! We need more sales! Make'em soar!
This is a decent number for an obscure series that was revived though.



kyuubikid213 said:

Decent sales. Decent sales...
@Myx Releasing the 3DS before any "quality" games were released, thus putting it out BEFORE the Vita led the system to get a 15 million headstart on the Vita in system sales. As for the launch titles not being quality, I quite think Super Street Fighter IV, Dead or Alive, and Nintendogs are great titles to launch a handheld on. As opposed to shrunken versions of what you could already get on the handheld's home console counterpart.



Popyman said:

Kid Icarus just needs to be packed in with the 3DS from now on--if you don't have Uprising you shouldn't own a 3DS. =P



BenAV said:

Anyone who doesn't own Uprising is truly missing out.
That game deserves nothing less than a 10/10 and to be played by everyone.

And as far as the controls go, I think they work absolutely perfectly.
It's comfortable for me to hold and controlling the camera in the land battles only took about 1-2 hours to adjust to.
If anyone thinks they're bad controls, then please feel free to suggest an alternative that would work better.
Something like dual circle pads would just be way too slow and inacurate for a game like this.



Luffymcduck said:

Things are better in my town it seems. In the local Pokémon TCG league, almost all the players (maybe 8/11) have a 3DS. Majority of them have Mario Kart 7 and 5 have Kid Icarus Uprising.

But I just can´t understand one thing: why haven´t they still released a demo of Kid Icarus Uprising demo? That should have been done just before launch or little after that. Do they fear that players won´t buy it if they´ve tried it out? Do they think that sales are higher if people are buying games they haven´t tried at all, just seen some trailers in the internet?



Dodger said:

Glad KI:U is selling well despite completely undeserved complaints about controls in reviews. I find the controls better then fully functional and better then a lot of FPS games. Hope it continues to sell because it is a fantastic game.



LittleIrves said:

The one number no one is talking about on here is, to me, the most surprising: 175,000 Wiis sold in March 2012? That's astounding to me. Tells you just how far away the mainstream consumer is from the gamer that "follows" the industry. The Wii might be dead to your 360-loving pal at school, but to Nintendo, it's still very much alive. I'm playing Rhythm Heaven Fever and LOVING it and still have a number of older games to play. Will be playing my Wii up until the WiiU launches this holiday, for sure. Long may you run...



supermonkey117 said:

not bad im using my 3ds now to browse realy routing for this console it deserves to do well with games like resident evil revelations and mario kart 7 i can see sales flying high coming summer everywhere.



Joco84 said:

I cannot get used to any of the control schemes in Kid Icarus: Uprising.
I have tried right-handed, left-handed, but still find the whole "move with the stylus" clunky and inaccurate - despite getting to chapter 10.
Once I complete the single player, I cannot see me playing it much more and will look at selling it on.

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