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Talking Point: What New Super Mario Bros. 2 Means for 3DS and Nintendo

Posted by Mike Mason

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The biggest news that came out of Nintendo Direct yesterday was the announcement of New Super Mario Bros. 2 for Nintendo 3DS. To say that the revival of 2D Mario has been a gigantic success for Nintendo is somewhat of an understatement; both New Super Mario Bros. on DS and New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold over 25 million copies each worldwide by the end of 2011. Nintendo would be insane to ignore those numbers – but aside the obvious cash injection, what does a new 2D Mario game mean for 3DS and for Nintendo?

We saw how Nintendo reacted to the 3DS slowdown in its first year. Unafraid to pull out the stops, it cut the price and released some key first party titles at a critical time to turn the system's fortunes around. Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 were important in adjusting perception of 3DS – and New Super Mario Bros. 2 is likely to be another pillar in this stratagem, another push to prove the worth of the handheld.

It's a reasonable bet that, when NSMB2 is released in August, there'll be another significant leap in hardware sales. That the Mario franchise sells systems is no new revelation, but the timing of launch could prove to be hugely beneficial – to both third party developers and Nintendo. As well as plugging in part of the traditional annual games drought, a summer release for New Super Mario Bros. 2 ensures plenty of new console purchases in the run up to the lucrative holiday season.

Placed closer to the end of the year itself, New Super Mario Bros. 2 would have the potential to cannibalise sales from other Nintendo titles and, more dangerously for long-term support, chomp away at the chart positions of third party games. Placing it a few months clear, however, is far more advantageous for all involved.

Nintendo gets its sales now and can still release an important, but perhaps not so mammoth, title or two when November and December roll around. Meanwhile, Mario makes the bed for upcoming third party titles even comfier with a larger audience to sell to – an audience that wouldn't necessarily be present if the new hardware purchases were to be made during the holiday period, as extra funds would go towards the system itself rather than additional games.

We recently floated the idea that Nintendo might be over-reliant on Mario, and a good number of you seemed to agree. Many of the responses to the New Super Mario Bros. 2 reveal followed along the same lines. While almost-guaranteed successes and, consequently, a sound business decision, there does seem to be a growing concern that Nintendo is resting on its primary IP a little too much. By the time NSMB2 launches, 3DS will already be home to four Mario-based titles: Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Mario Tennis Open, all having come out in less than a year. Paper Mario 3DS is also lurking on the horizon.

Though these games all offer something different – plus one is a third party title – and are usually of high quality, Nintendo must be careful to avoid the dangers of franchise fatigue. Mario is, of course, one of the most powerful brands in the industry, and also an inventive one despite the familiar outer shells, so it's extremely unlikely to succumb to the same fate that struck Activision's Guitar Hero, but the warning signs have been ignored to disastrous effects by companies before. The last thing Nintendo wants is for Mario to lose his special sheen.

To end on a positive note, however: that Nintendo is willing to reveal a massive title like this so early, mere weeks ahead of E3, speaks volumes about its current attitude. It is confident, strong, determined as we sail towards the fever pitch of the gaming industry's most important yearly event, surely driven by 3DS' twist of fate and unrelenting in its pursuit of further success. To right now show off what would usually be an ace in a strong hand saved for the stage implies that Nintendo knows it has something wicked up its sleeve come E3.

How do you feel about New Super Mario Bros. 2? Are you excited or deflated by the prospect of another Mario game? And what do you think its announcement says about Nintendo's current position? Let us know in the comments below.

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Geonjaha said:

I think it's a strange decision. As I said before though, as long as they keep in lots of the minigames and multiplayer present in the DS version (possibly more) then I'll be happy to get it.



Acebobbyskill said:

So excited. Got New Super Mario Bros on DS and cant wait to play the amazing game again in 3D. And as Geonjaha said it would be awesome if they had the Mini-Games in there too. This is a first day GET for me!!



charliechin said:

I don't like much the style of NSMB. I don't get the vibe with this graphics, i mean, Super Mario World in the time was like Cartoons, and then Super Mario World 2 was more incredible. When i saw NSMB for DS i felt like it was a generic platform game with Mario on it.



Jono97 said:

I agree with Geonjaha. If they keep all the minigames and multiplayer it would be on my no1.



BenAV said:

I'm not overly excited for this as it seems like more of the same.
But I'll definitely pick it up and enjoy it anyway, and the more people that buy a 3DS the better.
Can't wait to see what surprises they have for us at E3 this year.



Corbs said:

I'll bet Nintendo is wanting to focus more on Wii U at E3, so perhaps that plays into revealing this title now. But as you said Tom, they might have a monster 3DS title to reveal and want to give it center stage at the E3 press conference. We'll know soon enough. If you guys hear someone squealing like a little girl during the press conference, there's a good chance you'll know who it is.



ville10 said:

It's not really that odd, no games sell as good as the 2D Mario games. If Nintendo want to go with risky projects (new IPs and even older ones such as Kid Icarus), they need to release games that they are sure to make a good profit from as well. Kid Icarus Uprising likely required a great amount of financial backing, and it was in no way sure to be a success. The existence of other games likely depend a lot on Nintendo making good money of the NSMB games, but none is forced to buy them.



antdickens said:

I think @Corbs makes a good point, by announcing this now it almost states that Nintendo understand its not a huge title for E3, hopefully they'll be something more juicy in LA in a couple of months.



JustAnotherUser said:

In my opinion I think the reason it feels 'more of the same' is because of the art style. Take a look at the previous 2D Super Mario Bros. games, they all had there own art style.
I'm still looking forward to this though.



Olaf-symbiote said:

I don't mind that they kept the same graphical style (though I admit I wanted them to change it), but I'm growing weary of the title "New Super Mario Bros." which doesn't even make any sense anymore. How is it still NEW when this is the third installment? Plus, if they keep it up any longer, soon there will be more games titled "New Super Mario Bros." than just "Super Mario Bros." which would be just like if they had a Donkey Kong Country Returns 6, i.e. awkward.

I'm also hoping this game will have its own unique identity to make it feel like an actual NEW Super Mario Bros. instead of a "new 2D Mario that is a throwback to SMB1/SMB3/SMW. All the games up to SMW (except Lost Levels) tried to feel distinct from each other by having very different worlds and gameplay mechanics, along with having twists on the story. Then come the New Super Mario Bros. games, which seem to be more about forever reliving Mario's past experiences with some new power-ups, have the same story as the first SMB, along with worlds that are themed similarly to SMB3.

Ideally, this should have been a new numbered entry, or a game with a unique title (just like SMW/SML), and have a different story (Peach can still be kidnapped at some point like in SMB3, but the story should have something else too), with a setting just as different as Dinosaur World or Subcon, and new and wacky worlds that aren't similar (or only remotely similar) to any past worlds. Also throw in some new, never before seen gameplay mechanic (like flight in SMB3 and Yoshi in SMW) and possibly something else than a flagpole at the end of the stage. And finally, change the graphical style to something more unique, experimental, like Wind Waker and Skyward Sword did. A title with these elements would feel much fresher than another retro revival.

I'll still buy and enjoy this game, but I can't help but feel a bit bugged that they aren't trying anything totally new and wacky with the 2D Marios like they used to. Ideally, they should take more inspiration from the Super Mario Land games, which took a more far-out approach to the standard Mario formula. But unfortunately, it seems like we're stuck in an endless time loop of Mario's past adventures for now.



Mk_II said:

I think / hope they will reveal a new Zelda for 3DS and Wii U on E3




It'll probably mean a boost in console and software sales. Also, summer release schedule is a bit barren for quality titles so this will help boost sales overall. Reckon Paper Mario, Layton 3D, Luigi's M2, Prof Layton vs Pheonix Wright are Q4 bound in the EU for the Xmas season market



Haywired said:

As someone who complained on the previous article, I should clarify that I absolutely love the New Super Mario Bros. games. NSMB Wii was perhaps the most fun I've had this gen and during a time when I was down on the Wii, almost single-handedly reminded me why I'm a gamer and a Nintendo fan. If it weren't for the unwritten rule that something current can't possibly be better than something from the past, then the NSMB games would rightly be considered among the best games of all-time alongside SMB, SMB3, SMW, etc. So I'm not against another NSMB at all.

However, I don't really get why they'd want to potentially bury 3D Land (which has only just come out) by releasing the next Super Mario so soon afterwards, particularly when it's sold so well and has itself boosted 3DS sales so high (not to mention the fact that there may be a Wii U launch Super Mario immediately afterwards as well). Why not hold NSMB2 back for a little bit (save it for a rainy day) and give 3D Land a bit of breathing space. They risk a) completely cutting off 3D Land's legs in its prime and b) not selling as much NSMB2 because they've released it too quickly and people haven't built up a hunger for another Super Mario yet. Instead of having two huge-selling Marios, you may now have two decent-selling Marios. They don't want to risk cheapening/devaluing the brand in the public's eye by going to Sonic levels of churnage and thus sales.

Note: I used the words "risk" and "potentially", I'm not saying this will happen, before the fanboys jump down my throat.



Terave said:

I have a mixed feeling about this... It looks just like 'yet another Mario platform game' and is probably going to feel that way as well. But hey, it's Mario, and it'll sell, so Nintendo doesn't have to worry about it. Still, I think there are too many Mario games realeased or announced since November. Conclusion: I'm not going to get this right away. Maybe, If I want to play just another simple platform game.



Alienfish said:

@Olaf-symbiote I agree that Nintendo should try a different art style and try to add in some brand new ideas that change the way we play a Mario game, but as the old saying goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Now that doesn't mean we couldn't have a new model that is improved upon. I think Nintendo should go with a more gritty style to make the game feel more real and even scary in some places (like boo houses or Bowser's castle). The fluffy graphics do throw me off now that the 'new' has worn off from the first NSMB. It's almost like a big joke now with most enemies being akin to snuggly teddy bears, especially boos. Bowser is like an old family friend now. It's ridiculous!!!
I think plotwise all they would need to do is have Bowser commit an absolutely atrocious deed; one that would leave him no other choice but to be totally evil from then on and Mario and friends no choice but to want to stop him at all costs. He always captures the Princess. Why not have Bowser destroy a few toad villages and threaten the very existence of the Mushroom Kingdom? He could even go so far as to send toads by the hundreds into boiling lava pits. I'm just saying that Mario 3 scared the crap out of me when I got to Bowser's domain and boo houses were creepy as hell in Super Mario World. In the end, I am excited for this game though.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Good point. It should be a good way keep the momentum of 3DS sales.
Raccoon Mario in 2D has potential. Maybe it will have some coonectivity with the WiiU (launch?) game so that it doesn't feel like the same thing so soon again.
The update and patchability of games seem to show that Ninty cares about us. I hope this impression will also be supported by amazing games at E3.



CowLaunch said:

"To say that the revival of 2D Mario has been a gigantic success for Nintendo is somewhat of an understatement; both New Super Mario Bros. on DS and New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold over 25 million copies each worldwide by the end of 2011. Nintendo would be insane to ignore those numbers."

I find this a very interesting statement, because in years gone by, especially in the N64 and GameCube eras, Nintendo did seem to make creative choices that were insane marketing decisions.

Just off the top of my head, sticking to cartridges rather than switching to CDs seemed insane, and perhaps it was, but I liked cartridges. The decision to make the Wind Waker cel shaded seemed unbalanced, and probably a 'realistic' looking Zelda would have sold better, but I for one liked the style. It is forgotten now, but Mario Kart seemed like an insane idea when it first appeared.

I personally thought that the dual screen of the DS and the waving system of the Wii controller were bizarre and ruinous ideas for Nintendo, but I was happily proved wrong. And that's the thing, not only do fans want Nintendo to make 'insane' choices, to push what they can do and what we expect, but it also makes commercial sense I think in the long run; however recent developments certainly look cynical to me.

Sure, NSMB2 and Pokemon Black & White 2 will probably sell a lot, but I think eventually people will see through it if Nintendo continue in this vein. Hopefully we'll see a Galaxy scale innovation, or even, gasp, an F-Zero game, but I'm a little concerned.

I compared this burgeoning trend at Nintendo to how Disney for a time would just produce endless sequels. Whilst these sold for Disney for a time, people got weary of it, and they've since changed course as a company.

The risk Nintendo have as well is, the possibility that Sony or Microsoft gain dominance of the mainstream market (Nintendo has lost a big market lead before) and find their core dedicated fanbase has diminished by that time due to decisions like this, and even more so Pokemon Black & White 2. The return of the Tanooki suit for a Mario game that merged 2D and 3D styles was worthwhile, but ripping the P Wing and Tanooki tail into this 2D game just looks way too safe to me.

I'll vote in the simplest manner, by not buying it. After all, Nintendo aren't forcing me to buy it, and nor do they have a feudal responsibility to please me. But as a long time Nintendo fan, I'm registering my displeasure, and will do so in any future surveys they conduct.

Admittedly it's very early days yet, but looking at the screenshots, there doesn't appear to be anything, aside from the 3D effect that, that couldn't have been achieved on DS. It's all very well Nintendo saying that hardware power isn't important when they're innovating, but when they're just adding P Wing to this, or Miis to the Wii U version? A little concerned, but hopefully Nintendo will surprise me again.

And as a fan, I hope I'm wrong (as I have been on a few things they've done in the past) on most of the points I have made.



Squirtodile said:

@20 i personally like both, i hope both are in it...

And as for E3, I think Nintendo needs to not oinly focus on Wii U, but also keep us happy with some Animal Crossing Jump Out, Paper mario, luigi's mansion, etc. Should be a great presentation (Not great for my wallet)



bahooney said:

anyone else feeling that the huge reveal they might have planned is Smash Bros related?



pntjr said:

Dont release it too early. Maybe next year or so. But this August? Bad for sales.



Cotton said:

Im not a big mario fan im more of a zelda kinda guy so i may or may not get this



Bass_X0 said:

How is it still NEW when this is the third installment?

Its a brand name now, like Final Fantasy. Not meant to be taken literally.



James said:

@CowLaunch I think there needs to be a balance. Making Skyward Sword MotionPlus-only was a great creative choice, but financially probably not so much. Wii U looks like an awesome creative machine, but isn't a guaranteed moneymaker.

At a stage where 3DS is still growing, Nintendo needs as many bankable hits as possible to grow the machine to a point where it's viable a smaller, more offbeat title could turn a profit. We all moan that Rhythm Thief and Tales of the Abyss don't trouble the charts but that's because the 3DS install base just isn't big enough. More Mario games will help.



Geonjaha said:

@Hyperstar96 Because it's in the screenshot in the article. There is no question to whether or not it is there in the game, especially considering 3D Land was built on the suit, they wouldnt get rid of it completely for their next game.

EDIT: Ok, it's the raccoon suit, but they're pretty much identical



C-Olimar said:

@Geonjaha Which screenshot has Tanooki Mario in it? I'm really confused, all I can see are Gold Mario and Raccoon Mario :S



taffy said:

I think it makes sense to announce it now rather then at E3 cause that will be all about the Wii-U



19Robb92 said:

I already know I'll pick this up. I love Mario platformers, boring visuals or not. The games are always a blast to play.



Prof_Clayton said:

I'll pick this up, but it's not a priority for me. But it does sound like they are focusing on WiiU at e3, and hopefully something huge for it (please be a new Earthbound! )!



hYdeks said:

I think people are missing one HUGE point about Nintendo revealing New Super Mario Bros 2 and the Kirby 20th Ann. Collection: there's gonna be alot BIGGER news at E3!!!!

Think about it, does it not make sense? People just expected this game to happen, so why not mention this and focus more on Wii U and bigger things at E3??? Honestly, I can't wait for E3 2012, it's gonna ROCK!!!!



NintyMan said:

I feel that NSMB2 has the chance to expand on the last two games and add something new to the formula. Of course I'm happy about a new Mario game. Even with Nintendo being reliant on Mario these days, I'm always going to look forward to the next platformer because Nintendo hasn't dumbed down a Mario game yet. I can't state exactly what Nintendo's thinking, but I imagine that they announced this game now in order to solidify the 3DS's growing success. Maybe they'll present NSMB2 in a different way at E3? You can't rule out that Nintendo might leak out a few nuggets of information before the conference too.

While it would be nice if they changed the artstyle a bit, I can't judge a game just by four screenshots. There's things in this game that we can only speculate about and won't know of until E3 time.



King_Boo said:

I've been pulling away from Mario for about 3 years now. I'll still enjoy playing them for awhile, but I don't look forward to them and Mario games normally go down my list of games to buy where things like kid icarus take the higher spots.



nindocrash said:

i only hope they have a wider selection of characters, because that would give a good meaning to the "New" in its title this time.

at least somewhat like smb2 had before, or better.



nindocrash said:

i would actually like it more if they add wario, or even toadette, but im sure thats overestimating the potential characters of this next entry in NSMB.



OdnetninAges said:

Ok. So...
If it has Download Play Multi-Player (main game or mini games) I will buy it.
If it contains the revival of Toad and Peach as playables with special abilitys (something they were unable to do in the wii game) I will buy it on day 1.
If it has all this PLUS Nintendo Network multi-player, I will be outside the gamestop before it opens.
If it has none of this and is only 1-player, I might as well get 3D Land.



Gridatttack said:

Being in part with the ROM hacking (modifying levels from both new super Mario bros.) community, I cant actually wait to edit this game, but it looks more of the same. However, playing other user-made levels would be fun.
Thought, as someone said earlier, the graphics style is too similar to NSMBW, except from the blocks from SMB3. It would be good if they changed them onto a new different style.



Dreadjaws said:

I'm definitely pre-ordering this. I liked NSMB, but more importantly, I loved SMB3, and this game looks more similar to the latter in gameplay.



Crystalking18 said:

I'm indifferent towards this. I've never liked the New Super Mario Bros series, but I don't seen that much harm in a new game being released. However, I am worried about Mario going a bit stale, since in recent years he has been a bit exploited by Nintendo. Plus with Mario almost certainly going to be around the Wii U launch this year (and hopefully Pikmin 3 for that matter), I'm wondering if Nintendo is essentially going to release the same basic game in one year with New Super Mario Bros Mii. I'm hoping it was just a tech demo that was done at E3 last year, but no one can say for sure. E3 is going to be an interesting time for Nintendo. Are they going to show off other franchises and games, or dedicate a large amount of game time towards Mario?



SanderEvers said:

I will get this, because of the following:

"3DS WiiU connectivity." (I hope Nintendo does it)

And because it will be awesome like the previous 2.



Samholy said:

new mario bros on DS was great. of course.
but it didnt have the magic beind it like super mario world or mario 3 had.
it felt more like it has been made for the sake of it. just a bunch of random levels crammed on a cartridge. Quality made of course, but rather dull.i would rather wait for a mario land 3d 2



JoeDiddley said:

I'd rather Nintendo was releasing Animal Crossing in the summer & NSMB2 in time for Christmas.



TKOWL said:

Simple answer:
The NSMB series is cheap and easy to make. No one is buying the 3DS, so they'll put it on there so all the 6-year olds who still aren't toilet trained yet will blindly go and buy a 3DS. Slap in a easily-programmable game-breaking Tanooki Leaf and it makes the kids not whine with anguish and will be "proper marketing" for the older audiences who were smart and stopped following Nintendo religiously when they turned 10. Lazily throw a title on it, don't change any of the level layouts, and there, it's easy money.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Personally, I can't wait for this game. I don't understand why people think Nintendo's milking the franchise (New Super Mario) when it only releases one per system. Wait 'til the 3DS has two, and then talk.

"By the time NSMB2 launches, 3DS will already be home to four Mario-based titles: Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Mario Tennis Open, all having come out in less than a year. Paper Mario 3DS is also lurking on the horizon."
I'd have to disagree on one point. Not all of those games are "Mario-based". Mario's name might be in the titles, but he plays no bigger a part in Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games than in Smash Bros. In each case the famous name is more representative of Nintendo than of the character. Try replacing his name with "Nintendo". The titles would still work and still make sense (though you might also want to replace Sonic with Sega). Discounting those three, NSMB2 will be his third starring role on the 3DS. That's still a lot, but each of those three games is extremely different from the others. One's a side-scrolling platformer, one's a 3D platformer, and one's a turn-based RPG. The only characteristic all three share is the titular character's presence.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I take offense to that. I'm much older than 10 and still follow Nintendo closely. They're one of the only companies worth following.

"No one is buying the 3DS"
Check again. Millions are buying the 3DS.



Link977 said:

I'd rather them focus on the games like Luigi's Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing first, Mario had his spotlight, and also I wanna go ghost hunting again!! It's been too long!



crazyj2312 said:

I still think they're just giving 3DS owners more than one option when they want a Mario game. Several people were complaining about 3D Land's low difficulty (including myself; I was able to get all the star coins within two weeks lol) so maybe this will raise the level of challenge.

But if not, they're still giving a decent list to choose from: a side scrolling game, a 3D game, a kart game, a tennis game, an rpg and luigi's mansion. I don't think they expect people to buy every one, just the ones they find interesting. They aren't marketing to the same exact group of people every time they release a game.



Haywired said:

In the whole spectrum of video game genres is a 2D Mario platformer and Mario 3D Land (which many say is the most "2D" of the 3D Mario platformers) really "extremely different" from each other? That their only shared characteristic is the titular character's presence? I would say platforming is at least one other shared characteristic for a start.



ArmPit said:

Meh. I'll be buying it, but it doesn't excite me. But then, it's not suppose to. Hopefully it achieves 10 million plus sales and then maybe the 3DS will have a similar lifespan to the DS.



y2josh said:

I'll just replay New Super Mario Bros Wii. These games are done too quick for me to justify spending the 40 dollars and it's more of the same thing.



Lyndexer said:

@Scrafty You're making no sense at all. First of all, many have 3DS's. Second, I'm older then six and ten. Have you ever been called a hypocrite? Cause you sure are one.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Though Mario 3D Land has some 2D-ish moments, it's far from a 2D game. Far enough that I would say they are extremely different.

SM3DL and NSMB2 share more than just a main character. They're also both platformers. What I said was that those two and Paper Mario, which were grouped together in the article, share only the main character.



hillbill26 said:

I think this is kind of overkill Nintendo is doing for Mario. Four titles are out already (like it said in one of the paragraphs), and two more titles, Paper Mario 3ds and New Super Mario Bros. Mii, which are the EXACT SAME FREAKIN THING AS THIS GAME, are coming out after NSMB2 (which should be NSMB3) comes out. That's overkill. Nintendo has to slow its roll with Mario.



Lyndexer said:

@hillbill26 I feel the same way. They made to much Mario games. I mean I like to play Mario Bros and such but, they should make another Yoshi island, Wario land/ware, a Donkey kong series, Or a different game plot of Luigi instead of Luigi mansion.
((Luigi Mansion was a great game. Gonna get the second one.))



JettiBlue said:

I dont perceive this as an overkill just jet. Let's wait to see how both sequels, 3DS and WiiU, turn out. Nintendo might just trump all our expectations, remember SMG2's insane creativity progression from the first title (although I do not expect such a big triumph here).

And from a business point of view I think it's a good choice, making sure the 3DS stands on deeper ground, which can only be a good thing for all involved. Also, as the article says, the release timing is very clever in terms of building more base for the holidays.

And as players let's not forget that almost all Mario games (standalone) are usually thought to be excellent. I don't expect major changes to occur in this regard.



FluxOwl said:

And to think, all this backlash could've been avoided if they'd just named the game New Super Luigi Bros

I'm interested (and will probably get it unless Nintendo decides to put SMB3 or SMW on the 3DS virtual console), but I really wish Nintendo would give us some more diverse 3DS games than just every Mario-styled title. Or at least spread them out more; having less than a year between the release of 2 Mario platformers (although they're fundamentally different) is a little irritating.



JettiBlue said:

@Crystalking18: I think it's a bit too harsh to say Nintendo only has exploited Mario in recent years. Mario Galaxy 2 was released only 2 yrs ago, Mario 3D Land just last holiday season. Those were fresh, creative and fun. We gotta remember Nintendo has also a buisness to run and as we saw with the 3DS, it can go really quick with the bad sales/negative press. If the NSMB series outsells most other games by so much, why not use this to create some security for a console? I don't think this is exploiting, but a smart and good move. And let's not forget how far other companies out there go with the real cashing-out of yearly-renewed game series, that are almost identical releases to the previous ones. Nintendo is by no means anywhere close to this yet.



Mok said:

Why is a new Mario game a bad thing?! I'm certainly picking this up knowing it will give me many hours of good fun.



Emaan said:

I guess I'm just going to be more excited for Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, and Luigi's Mansion 2 on 3DS. I'm going to end up getting this I'm sure, but its just not anything new. This will be a good Mario game, no doubt, but probably not an amazing one.



Lyndexer said:

@Emaan1 I would at least get Luigi Mansion 2. I have the first one and it was great from my perspective. Although it is kinda weird how Luigi has ghost in his house again. Maybe it'll give us a reason when you get it or play it.



ianmage1 said:

For nintendo to reveal this before E3, means that they have a/some very significant title(s) to reveal later on. That's all that this means to me. I'm excited.



ChaosTheChao said:

Whait. Is this the 2d sidescrolling mario game everyone was talking about a while back? Mike?

I am REALLY exited for this!



Ren said:

very well said I totally agree. I really hope all these safety games mean there is something really crazy and cool at E3. I love my 3ds but I'm becoming wary about my time with all of Nintendo's stuff.

I expect pretty raw innovation and simplistic creativity from Nintendo, and while the classic Mario material is fantastic as it ever was it's getting a little stale. Without that innovative edge the Nintendo platforms are too stripped down tech-wise and online to be satisfying to anyone who wants deep, diverse, HD gaming as well. The Wii U will address some of that but it's pretty late.

I'm a lifelong, devoted fanboy, but I actually did the unthinkable and bought a "Brand X" console just yesterday, because I reached my limit of demo-less, tiny games in low-def, that are such a gamble if you don't buy 1st party. I just want to turn it on, get online and play something fun for a while, without buying retail Nintendo titles every time.

I'll be there at Launch with the WiiU but theres going to have to be pretty awesome services and 3rd party support to keep me there anymore, I had no idea what I was missing until now. It's time for Nintendo to step it up with something really unique. (The 3ds is giving us that for now but not the N- consoles, even the tablet could be a miss if not played right)



sinalefa said:

I agree that the New Mario games seem to lack a little of the magic of the older 2D games, but still the Wii version has multiplayer, something that gave a whole new dimension to 2D Mario games and that final Bowser battle is IMHO the most epic Bowser battle ever.

Since usually Mario sells millions at launch, and keep selling consistently for years afterward (at the same price), I don't see this hindering 3D Land's further success, and while both games sell this may allow Nintendo to turn their attention to other franchises, as their core Mario series base is covered. The spin off titles are just that, and they are not always even developed by Nintendo.

Finally, as many other people I agree with Corbs. With the Wii U being released this year and a lackluster presentation last year, this E3 should be used as a spotlight for their new home console.



Mulder1617 said:

This looks good and all but like someone else said what about Luigi's Mansion 2, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing? I was excited about those since last year's E3. I dunno Big N, I am kind of disappointed in you.



Chris720 said:

It seems they're really milking Mario at the moment... personally, I don't think this is good for 3rd party developers. Don't get me wrong, Mario is awesome... but with this much Mario in such a short period of time (if you call a year a short period of time) then I think this is going to damage 3rd party games.

I'm interested in this more than SM3DL though... funnily enough.



gyyrro said:

I'll buy it.
SM3DL was some of the most fun I've had in a mario game for years, and people should stop complaining about the amount of Mario games. It's not like they aren't making any other games.



CyberNature said:

Don't know why everyone's acting funny. We knew this was coming. This game was announced a WHILE ago.



Nin-freak said:

@Corbs I agree that revealing it now might mean Nintendo doesn't expect much from it as a big title, but it could also be to get it out of the way before the Mario game for Wii U is announced. Possibly at e3?



CyberNature said:

Don't you guys realise that there are new kids every year, enjoying Mario for the very first time? He may be getting old to you — of course he is, you've been playing him for 30 years — but he's brand-spanking-new to several kids around the world.

So unless he gets some serious competition (which doesn't look like it'll ever happen. I mean if it hasn't happened by now...), gaming somehow dies altogether, or the human race stops making babies, I don't think Mario will ever stop being popular.



flightsaber said:

I feel that Nintendo's E3 will be completely focused on Wii-U, with maybe a single 1st-party title announcement for the 3DS. That said, it frees Nintendo to try alternative marketing strategies, such as Nintendo Direct. And by spreading out their announcements, Nintendo can keep it's name on the front page of the gaming websites virtually year-round.



rosemo said:

A few points:
1.) Nintendo is over-reliant on Mario, just like Disney was very reliant on Mickey Mouse and their franchise characters to drive people to their theme parks. This is empirically proven from both the number of games announced and the sales numbers that back them up. However, it makes good business sense, at least in the short term. We live in a capitalistic society so I don't see this as a problem.
2.) Those who are claiming that this game is "just more of the same" are basing that on exactly four screenshots. Can we wait until we see more of the game before passing judgment? In the meantime, go play some of the other 500 great games Nintendo has released.
3.) Mario is now ubiquitous in the way that Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, et. al became decades ago for past generations. All of my kids recognize Mario and Luigi, even if they are not yet old enough to play their games. Therefore, Nintendo will continue to capitalize on his popularity because they want to make money and introduce Mario games to the upcoming generation. Like the aforementioned characters, Mario will likely decrease in popularity as other iconic characters arise in pop culture. However, he will continue to be popular for a long while.

Those in their 30s (like me) who are complaining about the number of games attached to Mario need to realize that we are no longer the target demographic and that Nintendo is trying to reach the next generation.



I-U said:

While I definitely will pick up NSMB2 and will at the very least have a good experience with the game, they really should step up the creativity with themes and design. Mario is becoming way too safe, and is indicating Nintendo is heading down a road of repeatedly reusing concepts to suck in money rather than being creative by implementing new ideas. I want to see new themes at E3 for the remaining four worlds of the traditional eight.



Doma said:

It's impossible for me to get excited about an expansion pack to a dull, 6 year old game. And yes, those 4 screens are enough to tell me so, it looks exactly the same as the previous two ffs.



Mryokokurama1 said:

We've been playing this same thing for years now its just that this has new powers and stuff...super mario 3d land changed that becuase of the 3d effect and made the game diffrent but this.. has been going on for over 20 years.



eleven59 said:

Kind of glad this will be out. I wasn't looking forward to any of the other titles on the horizon for the 3ds.

Im still waiting for more portable classics to be released on eshop...



Sgt_Garlic said:

$$$ was honestly the first thing I thought of haha, but I'm still excited about another new super mario bros. game. The first two were great. I have a feeling Mario will be taking a break in 2013 because of all the Mario games that have and will be released between last year and this year. Paper Mario looks like it will probably pushed to 2013, though.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Given how the 3DS is supposedly still selling at a loss and the "danger" of the PSV, I believe that this is intentional. (Then again, I also think that all of this is a coincidence; a lot of Mario titles just happened to be released close to each other.)



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

I can soooooo see dlc in this game maybe levels that tribute too the older games?? Or maybe extra playble characters? Also wifi matches? So much potential makeing this game for a next gen system :3 so stop making it seem like there making this for a DS or wii -_-



drumsandperc92 said:

what I want to know is what does this mean for the New Super Mario Bros game coming out on Wii U in November?
Two titles in the same series that will most likely play identically to one another being released only 3-4 months apart?
That doesn't seem to be a smart move, even on different systems.
Not to mention Super Mario 3D Land hasn't even been given a full year to rake in sales.
You know what I hope? Since I don't own a 3DS, but will own a Wii U, I hope this means that the Wii U game will be a departure from what we've seen. It will be old school but truly new. Different physics, worlds themes, gameplay elements, etc. Not just the inclusion of Miis.



Dino said:

i think is awesome that we get new mario games, plus every mario game is original and Different ^^



aaronsullivan said:

What gets me is the previous confirmation that the new Mario for Wii U is going to be in the NSMB vein. So... we are really getting two in one year? It just feels a bit weird unless they are somehow related or work together or something, but the August release seems to say otherwise.

So, is Nintendo keeping some other BIG cards close to its chest? I hope so. Maybe this is just a new strategy of trying to temper expectations. I'd rather hope that it means Nintendo has something bigger to show at E3.

I want a Zelda Four Swords game on the Wii U, personally.

Also, what drumsandperc92 said.



HappyHappy said:

I just want Nintendo to do something new with the Super Mario franchise like they did with Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land. It's games like this that make me think that Nintendo is lazy and should let one of their second-party developers make a Mario game in order to come up with some new ideas.



SuperMinusWorld said:

@rosebud Man, Mario games are for all ages, doesn't matter how old or young you are. They're just plain fun. Honestly, Mario is an enduring icon and I can see him lasting with this kind of popularity (should Nintendo keep innovating with him and keep him from franchise fatigue) for well over another 30 years.



SuperMinusWorld said:

@aaronsullivan The Wii U game is supposed to be based somehow on the New Super demo from E3 '11, but I don't think Nintendo would release two games from the same series in the same year. With recent rumors of Nintendo's purchasing in anticipation of a SMB4 game leaves me hopeful. Also, there are 2 teams that work on the core Mario games, one that works on the 3D ones since Galaxy (which is the Tokyo or Kyoto team I believe), and the 2D team (which I believe is EAD) since New Super DS. The 3D team is very imaginative. The 2D team plays it extremely safe and are the ones responsible for such unoriginal material lately.



nocode said:

I consider the 3d marios (sunshine, galaxy) the true sequels to the Mario games I loved as a kid (nes, snes).

Im not gonna lose sleep over a new 2d Mario not being totally unique and original. They are just fun distractions while I wait for the next "real" sequel. I think its a pretty safe bet nintendo has something special planned for the wii u.



XCWarrior said:

As someone else said, have this have online multiplayer, and the game will selll gangbusters. I mean like epic amounts. Hoping that is revealed at E3.



tertium_quid said:

In regards to the artstyle, I think that if you take good close look at the available screenshots (I say "available" b/c Nintendo will yet blow our minds further), there is a unique feel to some the smaller details. This is especially true of the backgrounds. I believe we are in for a beautiful treat.



Gold_Ranger said:

E3 2012:
3, not 1
not 2,
but 3...
Zelda titles will be announced this June...
1 Stand Alone
and 2 in the same vain as the Oracle series...



Noire said:

I wish they would just make it look like they're trying, for god's sake. How am I supposed to get excited when it looks like a DS game, still?



skywake said:

When I first heard about the 3DS a New SMB that looked as good as New SMB Wii was the first thing that came to mind. I've been looking forward to the idea of a 2D Mario in full stereoscopic 3D for a long while it seems. It's that prospect of that sort of game which got me interested in the idea of the 3DS even if games like Kid Icarus and OoT were what eventually won me over.

Having said that, and maybe this is a double standard, but the idea of New SMB on the Wii U doesn't excite me at all. When I first heard about the Wii U it was HD gaming and the DS style gameplay of having a tablet there that got me interested. RTS games and similar as well as the idea of having your items sitting there ready to use in a Zelda or Metroid. New SMB does nothing exciting on the Wii U.

...... I'll probably get it on both but I'm much, much less likely to get it on the Wii U.



BattleBorn said:

There's a three-year distance between this and NSMBWii, just like there was between the latter and NSMBDS. Add in the 3D Marios between those years,a and it's actually a good timeframe for a pure nostalgia-driven series like this.

The quandary is that Nintendo also recently confirmed that Mario Wii U will be based on the E3 2011 tech demo. Which was — you guessed it — NSMB style. I could be wrong and the NSMB style was only a placeholder for the official art style of the Wii U game so they could effortlessly show off tablet/Mii functionality, but if the Wii U game is indeed also NSMB... Nintendo is going to look very, very, very bad.



BattleBorn said:

P.S. When NSMB's 3DS installment is announced AND confirmed for release in 2012 whereas Paper Mario and Animal Crossing were announced in 2010 and still don't have domestic release dates... then please don't blame fans for thinking the former franchise is cheap and lazy.



nindocrash said:

i have no reasons to dispute a mario game, EVER!! mario is turely the life blood of nintendo.
in all due respect of how i stated this.

consider this... mario... the 3DS, its revival, when they gave the price drop. mario games, above all others on 3DS pulled the cherriot, (clench your 3DS.) from the abyss, of eradication!! XD



CowLaunch said:

Couple of concerns people have made which I share:

That this game is coming out so soon after 3D Land. I can't shake the feeling that after the merging of 2D and 3D, that this game is a step back.

The art style. It's ok, but that's the problem, it just looks perfunctory. The 3DS is far more powerful than the SNES, but I personally find the art styles of Donkey Kong Country 2 and Yoshi's Island far more charming than this.

I liked NSMB when it came out, it was even fresh I'd say, and I enjoyed the Wii version enough, but when the Wii U comes out it's possible we'll have 4 games that don't look all that different. This hasn't happened before, SMB, SMB2 (US), SMB3, and SMW all looked very different from one another.

I agree with a suggestion that someone here made, how about releasing a good Wario or Yoshi's Island game?



nindocrash said:

so if many more mario games are on the rise, let them march on! and defend the fortress, that is the Nintendo console. c:



kdognumba1 said:

Well, I can't say I'm not happy it's coming, however, I'm pretty concerned about Mario getting franchise fatigue. Seems pretty soon for another Mario platformer, especially considering there's already so many other Mario games out and more on the way.



nindocrash said:

its understandable that people want what's different from a towering franchise, like mario (including me,) but thires no stopping a train. im sure their not amid tword a disappointing release that's not entertaining.
we seen afew screen shots of the game sofar, when more is reviled they'll boast with afew new show stopers in game this time around, to make it all mash
and give this title a unique edge.

(well, hopefully...)



zane said:

Have Nintendo even mentioned this will be in retail, or is it supposedly only to be bought in the e-shop? E-shop makes a lot of sense, since this will be released in 4 months while 3d LAND IS STILL SMOKIN FRESH FRoM THE FACTORY. oops caps...



zane said:

NSMBWii is something akin to 200 megs but isn't metalgear and the resident evil demos almost that big to? Only speculating...



RedBlueSpot said:

It seems like "gold" is a frequent theme in NSMB2. In one picture Mario is golden, and in the other all enemies are golden. What do you think?




Great decision to announce it before E3, as it gives the title the limelight before it is stolen by the Wii U!! I don't think that Nintendo are milking Mario any more than they were on the N64 and Gamecube, that's where the milking really started and I've enjoyed every minute of it!



TimboBaggins said:

You can't compare Mario Kart 7, Mario vs Sonic, and Mario Tennis to the main series of platforming games. its unfair. Surely this has happened in Nintendo's past before. Every system nintendo releases has at least 1 platforming mario, and in recent times 1 3d mario and 1 2d mario. NSMBW and NSMBDS are NOT the same game. The Wii game is not the "wii version" of the DS game. They are NOT the same. Different powerups, different levels, different resolution, similar art style. This is crazy. The original NES had 3 main series Mario platforming games, now you think nintendo is crazy for have 2 galaxy games? Or one NSMB per system? This is being blown radically out of proportion. Nintendo is making the right decision, stfu.



Alucard83 said:

enough with the mario games! Nintendo really need to start to create other Nintendo characters!



cyrus_zuo said:

I'm hoping for co-op.
Is that crazy?
I find it really strange that there will be a NSMB for 3DS and one for WiiU apparently months apart? That does seem like overkill to me.

...yet it leaves me to wonder. Will there be some cross-platform coolness that we'll find out about at E3?



Malkeor said:

It's actually a great idea that it wasn't announced at E3, because I want to see more exciting, surprising titles during the show.



Whopper744 said:

Kind of hoped this would be more like Super Mario World, with the cape, and some of the same designs of that game...of course updated though. Seems to be more like the original Super Mario Bros mixed with SMB3 (just like the other two really). I really hope Yoshi makes it into this one like he did the Wii one, and I hope we see a little more of him.



black-kyurem said:

To me nsmb2 means 2 things
1: 3ds is in desperate need of games
2:It seems like nintendo thinks that it can use mario to solve all of their problems.

Reply with comments and concerns



Rm88 said:

^ They kind of can, both NSMB games have sold around 25 million copies. Those numbers speak louder to Nintendo.



NintendoFTW1999 said:

3DS is the 2nd best Nintendo system ever, and the 1st best handheld ever!
1. NES
2. 3DS
1. 3DS
I love Mario and this is gonna be the system to love! E3 and the 3DS gets more exciting and better every day! That's amazing from a buisness standpoint! Now THIS is why I'm a Nintendo fan!!!!!!



Dr_Salvador said:

Can´t wait! Hope the Green Shoe Power-Up is back along with the Hammer Bros. Costume Power-Up!



MeloMan said:

So this is SMB4, lol... Boy did I call this one

Now it's time to see what makes it so "part 2"... flight was one of the things I hoped they'd add.



zane said:

@james does the fact that thiswill be in the e-shop give me everything you own or we're both of us right?



James said:

@zane Thank goodness I said "I bet everything I own this will hit retail" rather than "I bet everything I own this won't hit the eShop"! That was nearly a very expensive trip to the post office!

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