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Sport Clips Set For a Home Run on Nintendo Zone in U.S.

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Yes, that means baseball, amongst others

Nintendo Zone is one service specifically set up to encourage you to take your 3DS on the road, with connection spots in a variety of locations around the U.S. It already offers content such as demos and even discount coupons, and the latest offering from Nintendo of America is streamed sports videos.

Basketball, baseball and football — by which we mean soccer — are all included, which will probably mean lots of camera shots of various balls flying towards your face. If you do have a local haunt with access to Nintendo Zone, these videos — and 3D images that can be saved onto your system — may be worth a look. Details are in the press release below.

Nintendo of America has teamed up with some of the world’s top sports properties to deliver basketball, baseball and soccer videos to Nintendo 3DS owners in the United States. Starting April 14, Nintendo 3DS owners can access free highlight videos from NBA Digital, and the Barclays Premier League from FOX Soccer by connecting to any Nintendo Zone location in the U.S.

The new sports content will be available to stream when fans connect to any of the more than 27,000 Nintendo Zone locations across the United States located in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, airports and malls. Every week fans will find new videos, including highlights, top 10 plays and weekly roundups. Additionally, fans can access select 3D images that capture the most exciting action from the week. These digital collectibles can be viewed and saved in 3D, with new collectibles being delivered every week.

“Nintendo 3DS owners will now get access to their favorite sports content at thousands of Nintendo Zone locations across the country,” said Zach Fountain, Nintendo of America’s director of Strategic Partnerships. “With video highlights, weekly recaps and exclusive 3D collectible images, fans can connect with their sports passion as they carry their Nintendo 3DS.”

Nintendo Zone offers Nintendo 3DS owners a wide variety of free content, including playable demos of Nintendo 3DS games, exclusive coupons from Best Buy, video game trivia, information about current and upcoming Nintendo 3DS games and even a dedicated section for Pokémon fans. To find a Nintendo Zone location or for more information about the service, visit

Remember Nintendo 3DS features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit

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waffles said:

When I first read the title I thought this article was talking about bringing the nintendo zone service to Sports Clips (Which happens to be a haircut place that I sometimes go to)



Kolma said:

Wireless router
SSID = attwifi
with no password

Only 1 video at the moment
Barclays Premier League
Highlights from Newcastle vs Liverpool 4/3/12



paburrows said:

Man when I read those I thought that it meant that we were finally getting those Aardman shorts.



Zach said:

For a minute I thought this was about the sports-themed barber shop Sports Clips



Shworange said:

I fourth the notion of the sport clips barber shop. I immediately thought, "how helpful is that when your hands are covered by the barber's tarp?"



Captain_Hookey said:

" and football — by which we mean soccer " i couldnt have said it better myself. football makes more sense.



TheToader said:

Yeah, very confusing headline for this article. There are many Sport Clips going up around the nation, so I thought this was a promotion between Sport Clips and Nintendo.



ThomasBW84 said:

Well, I had no idea there was a sports-themed barber shop chain in the U.S called 'Sports Clips'. The idea of a themed chain of barbers is rather strange to my 'old-world' British mind.

Apologies for the confusion, and I shall refrain from using that particular phrase in the future



mario300 said:

oh crud! i bet when t go to a hot spot area, the nintendo zone is going to say not connected to hot spot.Then i cant watch some clips of the Lakers or the Miami Heats.



BulbasaurusRex said:

It's something worth checking out, but I'd rather just watch, live, the entirety of the games my favorite sports teams play, or I'll catch highlights on "Sports Center" or "Baseball Tonight" on ESPN.

Go St. Louis Cardinals and Blues!



Detective_TeeJay said:

Never heard of a Sports Clips barber shop, so when I saw the title I thought it was about sports videos in Nintendo Zone, and I was correct.

Anyway, back to my reaction:
Noooooooo! No no no no no! Sports is already all over the place in the US! 3/4 videos on Nintendo Video are sports-related most of the time, and I would have deleted it by now if it weren't for the occassional artistic or game-related gem. Now it's in Nintendo Zone?! Is there no safe haven from the world of sports anymore?

Guess it's one less service to use then.

Deletes Nintendo Zone



TimeGuy said:

I could care less about the Premier League, it's not the domestic league. Until they add highlights for Major League Soccer I will have no interest in this.



Captain_Hookey said:


i completely agree with %100 percent of my brain. personally, i think sports are boring, and have no reason to be thrown all over a VIDEOGAME CONSOLE. shoot, ive never been able to even use nintendozone!

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