It's Wii U speculation day, it seems. Just as we get over the latest anonymous sources telling us that Wii U is less powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360, we hear about the Wii U release dates being leaked. According to a Wii U themed website, and now being circulated around the web, Nintendo's next console will hit North America on 18th November.

We recommend buckets of salt with this one, not just because the cited source is an 'internal email' from Japanese retailer Media Land, but the email is such hot stuff that a copy isn't reproduced for our perusal. If it is a speculative guess then it's a reasonable one, as Wii was released on 19th November 2006: it's a good period to catch Holiday shopping.

We know that Wii U is coming in time for the Holiday season, and leaked dates like this may turn out to be correct. That said, we'd advise that you hold off on days off work/school for playing your new console until Nintendo confirms the official date. If you want to join in the Predict the Wii U Release Date game with us, by all means do so in the comments below.