Warren Spector joined in the fun of Europe's Nintendo Direct to hype up Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. Developed by DreamRift in collaboration with Junction Point, the 2D platformer is due out on Nintendo 3DS in autumn.

Though it's set in the same Wasteland as the console versions and lets you mess with the environment with the same paint and thinner, Power of Illusion is a completely different game that blends in elements from the Mega Drive / Genesis classic Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. Living up to her name, Castle of Illusion's Mizrabel has swiped up a bunch of Disney characters and trapped them alongside her in Wasteland. It's up to Mickey, Oswald the Rabbit and more to paint the witch out of the picture and free the prisoners.

Spector has also promised that Power of Illusion will take full advantage of 3DS' dual screens and stereoscopic 3D when it arrives later this year. Fingers crossed that it can stand up to the game from which it draws its inspiration.