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Remixed Pilotwings Soundtrack Takes Flight

Posted by James Newton

Music to your ears?

SNES classic Pilotwings had a pretty good soundtrack, and it sounds better now it's been remixed.

Pilotwings: Take Flight is a seven track project from OCRemix-ers halc and group Insert Rupee, available for free download now.

We'd recommend it on the strength of its track names alone — You Don't Talk About Flight Club and The Birdman Cometh, for instance — but halc's "9-bit" audio stylings are worth the price of admission. Which is, of course, free.

You can download Pilotwings: Take Flight now. It's free.


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komicturtle said:

You know, I loved Pilotwings Resort. It's a great game. Also enjoyed PW64. Never played the original. I hope a sequel to PWR comes along with online play- flying around the island with friends and taken on challenges would be sooo fun...



HaNks said:

awesome remixes. i also loved PW Resort, got it for 6.99 and easily one of my top 3DS titles, very fun



mario300 said:

i have pilot wings resort and its awesome.Pilot wings take flight looks 3d in these images.



onlyaman said:

@ mario300: Your comments made me smile. This is remix of the soundtrack to the original pilotwings for the SNES. Those "3D looking" images are pictures of the old SNES game. Although, come to think of it, this does seem like a no-brainier candidate for a "3D Classics" remake. I think the effect would work really well.



Capt_N said:

OCRemix has, & does a lot of really good remixes of game themes. I've been meaning to check up on any new remixes there I might want.

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