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Pit and Pokémon Share Strong March Sales in Japan

Posted by James Newton

Not in the top spot though

Pokémon Conquest — aka Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition in Japan — was the best-selling Nintendo title in the Land of the Rising Sun last month.

The strategy crossover was released on 17th March, meaning it shifted 242,192 units in two weeks. In third place was Kid Icarus: Uprising, with 144,468 sales in the ten days following its 22nd March release.

Top dog was PS3's One Piece and Dynasty Warriors mash-up One Piece Pirate Musou, which racked up an impressive 770,873 sales after its release on 1st March.

Here's Japan's top ten best-selling games for March 2012:

[PS3] 01. One Piece Pirate Musou (Namco Bandai, 03.01.2012): 770,873
[NDS] 02. Pokémon Conquest (Pokémon, 03.17.2012): 242,912
[3DS] 03. Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo, 03.22.2012): 144,468
[PSP] 04. Shining Blade (Sega, 03.15.2012): 138,959
[3DS] 05. Hatsune Miku And Future Stars Project Mirai (Sega, 03.08.2012): 111,465
[3DS] 06. Mario & Sonic at London Olympics (Sega, 03.01.2012): 105,454
[PSP] 07. Yakuza Black Panther 2 (Sega, 03.22.2012): 94,833
[PSP] 08. Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica Portable (Namco Bandai, 03.15.2012): 78,575
[3DS] 09. Monster Hunter 3 G (Capcom, 12.10.2011): 76,850 (total 1,289,794)
[PS3] 10. Street Fighter X Tekken (Capcom, 03.08.2012): 72,079


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XCWarrior said:

Not a Vita game in sight. Is that doing well? I know only 1 person who owns one.



RevolverLink said:

It was always going to be a race for second in Japan with One Piece in the mix.

Not that they're wrong for loving it over there; OP has become an obsession of mine over the past month.



NintyMan said:

I hope Kid Icarus Uprising keeps it up over there. It's a very amusing game, and I don't mean that in a belittling way.



misswliu81 said:

that pic says it all really. but again, good to see the 3DS doing well over there. hope that Hatsune Miku And Future Stars Project Mirai gets localised in the west later this year.



TingLz said:

@XCWarrior: Reports show that the Vita is getting its *ss kicked around by the 3DS in the land of the rising sun. Seems like Sony was focusing too much on the Western audience and lost Japan because of it



nfzeta007 said:

@pastasauce Agreed, it took people long to get into it, (it took me a while too just not as long) but One Piece is a masterpiece, in my opinion its better than Bleach by a good bit and better than Naruto as well, plus its been running longer.



Objection said:

thats why i cant get into any of those series, they are way too damn long. ive read the first hundred or so of One Piece and Naruto and watched a dozen of each of the three, but i dont think anything should be 600 chapters or episodes long. thats just ridiculous. (imo)

kudos to the ps3 game though, hope its actually a decent one this time. also, i hope kid ick does better. it really deserves good sales, Ninty and Sora put a lot of work into it and it shows.



Bankai said:

Yeah, no one should be surprised to see a Musou game selling well in Japan.

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