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Panini to Sell Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards in European Stores

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Start saving those pennies

While fans of Kid Icarus: Uprising in North America have enjoyed a few different ways to acquire some of the title's AR cards, gamers in Europe have had limited opportunity to build a collection. It seems that Nintendo of Europe were on the case however, as Satoru Shibata today announced a partnership with Panini to sell the cards throughout the region.

Panini are well-known in Europe for selling stickers and collectible albums for a number of franchises, and it's been confirmed that the KI:U AR cards will get the same treatment. While no details were given in terms of pricing or which stores will stock them, it was confirmed that there will be over 400 different cards to collect.

If you want them all, we'd suggest that you start saving some change now.

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ThomasBW84 said:

@DeMoN-13ruce Stores and countries are unconfirmed, but I suspect they'll try to accommodate all the countries in Europe, as far as possible.



JustAnotherUser said:

This is great, I was planning on buying a folder for my 200+ AR cards and now I can have an official Kid Icarus: Uprising one.



DeMoN-13ruce said:

cool and no i'm 17 but when i'm older i will still play nintendo games/collect stuff of it i just lovemost of their franchises and that wil stay so for along time so ofcourse it's not weird!



FluttershyGuy said:

Anything announced for America? Sitting here with my pathetic little card collection wondering when there'll be a chance at more.



Heatran5400 said:

Yes!!!! I need 2 mre cards that are unknown to everybody to get all idols!!!!!this is for the in game idol list!!



Mk_II said:

Cool ! I knew they were thinking about this (they asked me about it in a survey) and i was really hoping it would happen. Lots of good Nintendo news today!

BTW: they suggested a retail price of 1 euro for a pack of six random cards. i think that would be excellent value for money. OTOH im (almost) sorry i already "wasted" some Club Nintendo points on extra card packs. Ah well, such is life!



Kitsune_Rei said:

I'd trade our megre opportunity at getting cards for them being sold or in the Nintendo Store here! There's no conventions with them near me.
Ah well I'll keep scanning them online. At least any version of the card works, and with them in stores a lot more new ones will start showing up.



matthep said:

silly question i know but i have six cards but dont have game can i still use them ?



Objection said:

I'd be totally down for this. I have 10 cards so far, and am hungry for more.
Collector in me+stuff for KI+AR stuff=sweet



SkywardLink98 said:

"fans of Kid Icarus: Uprising in North America have enjoyed a few different ways to acquire some of the title's AR cards, gamers in Europe have had limited opportunity to build a collection"

All we've had is magazines, the club nintendo set of 3, and the "Events" where the nintendo reps don't show up to hand out cards. You guys got 12 cards for 250 Club Nintendo Stars. (And the Nintendo reps really didn't show up to the events I've gone to. I went to one earlier today and the Best Buy manager came out and said "I know why you guys are here, but Nintendo didn't tell us about this or send us any cards, but your welcome to stay and wait for a representative with cards." Well, no reps ever showed up. I'm really starting to wonder about Nintendo's quality.



NintendoLee said:

Chances are they will be £1 for 6 cards as that's what was mentioned in the survey for the game.



hYdeks said:

umm I live in Canada and I haven't seen ONE store that offers Kid Icarus Uprising AR cards Anyone from Canada that knows where to get some, would be appreciated ^-^



Samholy said:

same here for canada, quebec more specifically. montreal to be precise.
no sign of cards anywhere.
to be honest, since they dont do much in game anyway... else than collecting, what are they good for ?



8bitforever said:

@TwilightPoint How did you get so many? I am in the US and they are not sold anywhere. The only cards I have received have been through promotions. I have about 20 right now, but no hope of getting any more unless they start selling them.



Raptor78 said:

Seeing as the cards on the Nintendo shop work out less than 50p for two packs, I cant see Panini charging a lot for them. The Doctor Who game cards that they used to sell were about 50p... so I reckon (drum roll) "50p" !!!!



SkywardLink98 said:

@TwilightPoint You lucky Europeans. I only have 13. 3 from the club nintendo offer, 3 from Nintendo power, 6 from my game and 1 I got from a friend. ( He didn't know about the Club Nintendo, but lucky for him I ordered a second pack to sell on eBay, but I traded them with him.)



Objection said:

@8bit- they are from the UK, where you could get KI AR cards via their Club Nintendo system. (we cannot, currently)



Henmii said:

More then 400 cards?! That's a lot!!

Does that mean that every idol in the game has a specific card? I guess so. So far I have only 42 idols unlocked, but that's because I haven't played the game enough.

By the way: I won't collect those cards. To expensive if you want them all!

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