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Pandora's Tower Inspired By Lunch on a Train

Posted by James Newton

Don't eat the sandwiches

The final part of Nintendo's RPG trio, Pandora's Tower, reaches Europe this Friday. Developer Ganbarion recently spoke to Official Nintendo Magazine about the game's creation and revealed the inspiration for its disgusting monster meat system.

Director Toru Haga revealed the idea came to him while eating his lunch on the train. Haga wanted to make players empathise with Elena's ordeal at fending off the monster's curse:

We adopted the idea of eating monster meat as well as an element to give the players a better understand her agony. Actually I came up with this idea while eating my lunch on a Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train). Eating is an ordinary action for everybody, so I thought that it would have been an element that the players could identify with.

Our Pandora's Tower review will be up soon to let you know how successfully Ganbarion achieved its mission. Here's the launch trailer, too.

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BenAV said:

I see...
Well, I'm pretty excited to give this a go.
I'll be picking up my copy this morning as it comes out here today.
Won't get the chance to play until I get home from Uni though. D:



CanisWolfred said:

I know I've heard this before somewhere...

Anyways, odd choice, but if gamers can put up with eating live snakes in Metal Gear Solid, I guess it's worth a shot.



FonistofCruxis said:

That was a fantastic launch trailer but as awesome as this game looks, I won't be getting it anytime soon as I just got The last story.



KaiserGX said:

This game has Dating Sim aspects in it. I think for that I will try it out.



WingedSnagret said:

"In case you haven't noticed, THIS ISN'T THE ASK AUNTIE PANDORA HOUR!"
But anyway, she has to eat raw monster meat to fend off a monster disease? Gross...



MarkyVigoroth said:

I still refuse game that require you to actually kill (instead of just knock-out or "disappear" enemies). However, ever since I played that "Hunt Tomatoes" quest (in Final Fantasy Tactics A2) while eating burgers, I allow "purposeful hunting" games. This game is permitted.



Mattiator said:

Have fun with this, Europe. We'll surely be getting it about 6-9 months from now. -sigh-



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

From what I heard Train food is suppose to be good in Japan....but that's just a strange idea to occur while traveling and grabbing a quick lunch.



WiiLovePeace said:

Yeah I don't think I'll be getting this game despite it being a really good looking Wii game. The subject matter is just too gross for my liking, the video trailer on the side of the NL pages put me off getting the game by showing me how gross the game gets - thanks for the warning NL!



Chris720 said:

This game just gets weirder and weirder... I don't think I'd be able to play a game where you have to kill monsters and then feed it to a girl and pretty much watch her eat it. And eventually see her turn into some sort of creepy... thing.

Ewww... I'm outta here.



kurtasbestos said:

My experience with riding the shinkansen is that all the window seats get taken by businessmen who decide to close the shade and sleep, probably specifically so that no one can enjoy the experience.

Also, I wasn't all that interested in this game before, but after finally getting around to watching the trailer for the first time just now I've changed my mind and am kinda excited for it.



Nintenbro said:

Hey! You gamers in the PAL territories better purchase a copy, and just play this game on an empty stomach, damn it! I seriously want this extremely original and abstract JRPG to be localized in North America as well.

Come on now! Can you really pass up that totally awesome cover art on an all-black game case? Plus, you lucky Europeans have the option to purchase the Limited Collector's Edition, once again. Which comes with an artistic steelbook case and a beautifully illustrated 32 page artbook as well. I want another artbook, damn it!



SuperUberBear said:

This looks like a game I'd rather watch than play. All cut scenes from start to finish as a short movie.

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