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Nintendo Gives Mario a New Website to Call Home

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


Mario isn't exactly a little-known figure, with the mustachioed mascot being arguably the biggest icon in the video game industry. That doesn't mean he doesn't need more visibility in the public eye, though, as Nintendo has now given its hero a new website to show off his games.

For gamers interested in what titles feature Mario on Wii, 3DS and DS, has plenty of details. It's based on North American releases, with the various box cover images linking to that region's game pages, though it must be said the list of titles isn't comprehensive: one example is that the Wii Virtual Console entries don't include the original Super Mario Bros.

With a memory game and trivia page also featured, this is certainly a page that seems to be catered to families or children. If ever you want to browse around most of the official Mario web pages, however, then this should be your first port-of-call.


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warioswoods said:

That trivia feature is waaaay too easy on the hardest setting. They need a "Mario Historian" difficulty level for old fans like myself.




This Mario site that was made is OK. But the least someone at Nintendo could do is offer the fans a chance to add Mario games that other gamers nowadays have not gotten the chance to play or don't know about. I mean, what about games like Yoshi's Safari, Mario & Wario or Mario Paint for the SNES. Well, Mario & Wario was for the Super Famicom actually. But how about games from when the plumber first started out like in Wrecking Crew , Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong. Heck, there was even this game I heard of and saw before which had Mario in what looked like an Excitebike look-a-like game. I think it was around during the SNES era but only in Japan did it exist. But ya, nice contribution Nintendo, but the site can use some work. Good start though.



motang said:

Pretty cool, and I like that URL too, makes it easy for people to remember.



SaKo said:

haha! I got all the answers right on the hardest difficulty on the quiz!

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