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Nintendo Back in the GAME with Pandora's Tower

Posted by James Newton

Back to business

Pandora's Tower is the first Nintendo-published game to come back to the newly reformed GAME.

The Wii action RPG is available online for £49.99, with GAME claiming it's "very limited and the last print run."

GAME hasn't stocked a Nintendo-published or distributed title since Resident Evil Revelations way back in January, but with the chain now under new management it's seemingly rebuilding its relationship with Nintendo. Everybody's happy.

Don't forget you can claim commemorative coins if you register Pandora's Tower, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story.


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FonistofCruxis said:

You would've thought that GAME would stop trying to rip people off after that crisis. I could understand selling it for £10 extra if it was the limited edition but selling the standard edition for that price is ridiculous.



ThumperUK said:

Amazon are selling the Special Edition Pandora's Tower for £35.99 For GAME to stay 'back in the game' they'll have to do much better than trying to sell the same game for £50 !!



Tasuki said:

This is great news. I am glad that they were able to work things out and not go under.



Henmii said:

Hmm I don't want to put a curse on the new GAME, but maybe it's better to order this game elsewhere. I mean, there won't be many copy's of this game. What if GAME messes up again? That means no game for you!!

If you want to support the new GAME, order something less risky like Mario party 9 or a Pokemon game. If they mess up, you still have plenty of time to get it elsewhere!

They first have to build some trust again!

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