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Namco, Capcom and SEGA Secret Countdown Starts

Posted by James Newton

It's on

That mysterious SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai 3DS game just advanced to the next stage of teasing: the dreaded countdown site.

After weeks of colour coded hints that seem to nudge towards characters ranging from Ken Masters to Bahn from long-dormant SEGA scrapper Fighting Vipers, the site's updated to include a new countdown will end at 00:01 on 12th April.

Will we see what the project's actually about next week or will there just be a new teaser? At least we know exactly how long we have to wait to find out, so that's a blessing.

Continue the speculation on what the three companies might be working in the comments below.


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I still have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA! what the heck the 3 of these companies can be making. All I know is that is has to be BIG if they kept it secret for quite some time now.



AbuJaffer said:

Man, it could be anything... imagine the possibilities.

It could be a completely 3rd-party fighting game in the vein of Marvel vs. Capcom but with Smash Bros.-esque gameplay.

A rhythm game like Theathrhythm, but obviously with these guys' massive track background.

An RPG blending their game characters; a mix between Pokemon Countdown and Sonic Chronicles (and all those other guys).

A platformer, a sports game, a puzzler (not my favorite choice), an RTS, an action-adventure game... the possibilities are endless! A new IP, a mix of current IP's... Mind explosion



Lalivero said:

A new IP sounds very interesting, even Steeldiver was interesting....but something these 3 are working on? Just over a week away seems like years...



Incognito_D said:

sounds like a crossover fighter to me, although I'm disappointed to hear it's a 3DS game - I don't really like handheld gaming



Capt_N said:

In this order of highest to lowest possibilities:
1. Fighter
2. Sports
2a. specifically a racer
3. Platformer
4. RPG (doubt it, though still possible)



shinobi88 said:

90% probability it's a fighting game. A couple reasons for that:

1.) Of all the characters who were represented by the chromosomes in the teaser, none looked to represent Sonic or Mega Man. Which all but eliminates the possibility of the absolute best way these 3 could collaborate, aka, a 2D or 3D action-adventure game where you could play as characters from each studio.

2.) That seems to be all Japanese companies think about. Between 3DS & Vita, we've already seen Street Fighter 4, Tekken, Street Fighter X Tekken, Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, and Super Smash Bros.

But...there's always that 10% chance it could be something unique and awesome



pastasauce said:

If it's a fighting game... why would someone make a fighting game exclusively on 3DS?



mamp said:

It has a good chance of being an RPG I would have moved that up to number 2 since Namco and Capcom have done an RPG crossover before (which only came out in Japan).



shinobi88 said:

@kurtbro900, Because they live in Japan. And 3DS is by far the highest selling system in Japan currently. Next question

There's also the possibility that it doesn't come to the West. So there's really not a lot to get xcited about until they make they give actual details.



mamp said:

Sign me up, but I don't get how that would work, don't they use weapons to fight on soul calibur (IDK I haven't played a SC game since the GC BTW link in a fighting game=awesome) which they don't on Street Fighter and VF.



RR529 said:

Good chance it's a fighter. I'd also welcome a crossover RPG, though.



Chrono_Cross said:

Cross Fighter.

Namco = Soul Calibur
Sega = Virtua Fighter
Capcom = Vs. series and Street Fighter

Or a new IP wouldn't hurt.



SBOY said:

It will probably be a picross game like Mario Picross...

No matter what it will be I wish that if it's good it will be out in Europe and America...



Megumi said:

It'll be funny if it turned out to be something stupid or whatever. xD



misswliu81 said:

@booker_steve streetfighter x tekken x virtua fighter sounds more plausible. whereas soulcalibur as @mamp said is more of a weapons- style fighting game.

my guess is it is a fighting game, which i'd be up for.



Yrreiht said:

oh please, not another fighter
we keep getting fighters and fps games... how 'bout something different for a change :I



Kyloctopus said:

I think these X stuff are just things to throw us off. I think SEGA, Capcom, and Namco are teaming up to destroy today's 3 current first parties, thus making the biggest revelation in video game history.



CrazyOtto said:

It's the announced Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing sequel, they're just naming it "Sonic & Sega & Bandai Namco & Capcom All-Stars Racing". Watch your back Mario Kart 7!



Kaeobais said:

They're going to release an army of mutant soldiers made up of parts from their most popular series to take over the world.



Kaeobais said:

For the record, everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that Banpresto is involved, and they are best known for an RPG series called Super Robot Wars.



WolfWoods said:

@Shadx Yeah,and Namco X Capcom was already a lot like Super Robot Wars games(both tactical rpgs with similarities in battles). So I think it could easily be a Namco X Capcom X Sega sequel to the original Namco X Capcom or something like that .

I just hope it's released over here this time around.



BenAV said:

If it turns out to be just another fighting game like all the others I'll be pretty disappointed.



mushroomer said:

@JarvanZheitk im with you, games they have made that fit into this building up category are
Jump Ultimate Stars (released only in japan but importable and well worth it)
and the older one .. dont remember the name.. Jump Super Stars
which allow you to fight with all the bandai owned franchise against each other.
think naruto vs dragonball vs one piece.

now Capcom owns the rights for Marvel vs Capcom and even Tatsunoko vs Capsom. Plus many others

Namco is known for Tekken as well as owning the characters like Pacman and tons of other stuff.. just wikipedia it

Adding Sega to the picture makes this game potentially the biggest merge of characters ever possible..


Universal Tournament : Utimate Fighters



Phle said:

After viewing the webpage I would guess it's some kind of horror game. The person is opening a lab, a secured one. Knows how to access it, probably not breaking in. And he / she is wearing gloves for protection, against what? Research lab perhaps? Medical experiment lab? Then something goes wrong and he / she gets a blurry vision and someone screams. A person (might be the same person who opened it or maybe another emloyee at the lab?) hits the emergency alarm. Looks like it's very cold inside the lab. The background sound is a bit creepy, classic horror background sound. How do you see fighter game from that?



OdnetninAges said:

Glass breaking...
Man screaming for help...
lol jk jk...



BenAV said:

The countdown ended and it changed to "404 not found ("...
Well that was anti-climactic.

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