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Marth's Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Debut Confirmed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Ready to join your party

Fire Emblem: Awakening arrives in Japan on 19th April, and as expected it will be the first Nintendo published retail title on 3DS to feature DLC (downloadable content). It's a game with plenty of potential for additional add-on content, such as maps and additional characters, and the debut DLC appears to feature both.

As reported by Andriasang, the first available download will be Fire Emblem series veteran Marth: once downloaded you simply clear a map to have the option to add him as a party member. This DLC will be free until 31st May — no doubt to encourage early buyers — and after that point it will cost ¥300, which at the time of writing converts to about £2.30.

Marth will no doubt be useful on the battlefield, but what do you make of this as the first round of DLC for this title?


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Aviator said:

in before why isn't it on the cartridge already

Thank you Nintendo. Finally a step in the right direction.



XCWarrior said:

Glad it's free for early adopters. But paid DLC is a big no no Nintendo. You are turning to the dark side. Please turn back before it's too late!



SuperNictendo said:

@XCWarrior how could you expect to get great additions to great games for free? lol. It cost money to make. Although of course there are done additions that should be free if they're miniscule enough but as long as its not already on disc or cartridge I dont mind spending money here and there for some dlc.



BJQ1972 said:

In the Nintendo Direct presentation, Satoru Iwata said that the DLC was quite substantial, and would significantly increase the lifespan of the game - so it might be a bit early to dismiss it as overpriced etc.

Edit : Just had a look back at what was actually said and it was that each item of DLC would be 'a new map, with a new adventure where you are joined by a character from a previous game in the series' - so in this case Marth joins the party for the new adventure.



Denkou said:

This I can actually understand. Traditionally, fire emblem games have one "lord" unit per party, which is the main protagonist. The most noteworthy exception is sacred stones, when you have both Eirika and Ephraim. In this fire emblem, the player will not only have the main lord, but their own "my unit" character. Having Marth in the game from the get-go would just be overpowering in favor of the character. This way, a player can choose to make themselves insanely powerful or not. Of course, there's always the option to have a character and just not use them but.... I'm just going to ignore that flaw in my argument.



SkywardLink98 said:

One character? I haven't played a Fire Emblem game, but (In a conversion from yen) it's about 3.633333 US dollars which seems kinda steep for the one character.



Spoony_Tech said:

^^Thats what I was thinking. Just download him and not use him if it gives you a Hugh advantage.

My question is when is the Nintendo network coming out over here already. Some third party companies want to make some extra money already. Talking about Zen Studios!



DrKarl said:

I give a big thumbs down to Nintendo DLC.

Turn back to the light Nintendo, before it is too late.



Haywired said:

I know some people here love the idea of DLC (though strangely were dead against it before Nintendo said they were going to do it...) but I must say I'm not keen on the concept, even if I choose to ignore it. I am perhaps way too much of a purist, longing for simpler times, but I like to see Nintendo games as a complete, finished piece of work, rather than just a load of vaguely connected bits that some people have and some people don't. I also can't understand how anyone could not be satisfied with the amount of content that's in games these days.

I can't imagine Nintendo will make much revenue from DLC. I would imagine the percentage of the Nintendo audience that would buy DLC (itself a percentage of the Nintendo audience that actually uses the online features of Nintendo consoles) will be tiny.



ThomasBW84 said:

I've updated the wording in the article, as it does seem to be the case that it'll feature a map and, once completed, the option to add Marth to your battle party.

As for the merits of DLC, I don't mind it as long as the primary content is still significant and value for money. The slippery slope is deliberately slicing core content away and cynically selling it as DLC, but considering how long and hard Nintendo have thought about it, I'm confident (at the moment) that the main game content will be as full-on as expected.



Geonjaha said:

@Aviator - Whatever, it's your money. If you're fine with stuff being cut out of a game to be sold as DLC later then enjoy that.



Alienfish said:

That's not too bad of a deal as long as he has some dialogue with other characters here and there and actually fits in somehow.



koops330 said:

I like the idea of offering DLC free at first then charging for it later. It doesn't punish anyone really if you take in price drops or used prices and add the dlc you get the original price of the game. Hopefully nintendo sticks with this plan



Sam_Loser2 said:

DLC sounds like an excuse to hold content from the game. Marth DLC Marth is out so quickly looks as if they could have just put him in the main game. When I heard he was going to be in this Fire Emblem I was hoping he would be an antagonist, not a DLC. How are DLC character going to interact with the others and overall story?



komicturtle said:

Weird.. The masked man already in the game IS Marth.. So, it's going to be Marth vs Marth o_O



bassem182 said:

Well this is an example of a DLC done right. DLC is supposed to be extra content, not really part of the main game you paid for, just an extra thing if you like it such as costumes, characters, side-missions etc. it's nice as long as it does not add a great value to the actual storyline or gameplay. But yeah the problem is that if those few DLC attempts go well, there's always a fear of companies producing games in which you have to pay to battle the last boss or pay to have access to the map etc. Time will tell...



AVahne said:

Except Nintendo doesn't do incomplete games. This is DLC done right, with the game fully completed with all the content you would expect from a Nintendo game. DLC Nintendo style is completely optional and doesn't intrude on the main game experience.



theblackdragon said:

so long as it's a genuine download and not just an unlock key for something already included on the cartridge, bring it on. :3



RR529 said:

Why are people complaining about DLC? I know we all like our games to be complete packages, so I see where the detractors are coming from, but can they prove that the cartridge has spare space that wasn't filled just so they could release him as DLC?

Just because DLC is announced before (or at) a game's release, doesn't mean it could have fit on disc (cartridge). Many ideas, concepts, characters, ect are always dropped before a game's release due to lack of space or development time. Does it make Brawl or Galaxy incomplete games just because everything couldn't be included? The answer to that is simply no.

Now they have the ability to bring those extra ideas, that normally would be dropped, to you through DLC. Let me put it this way, Fire Emblem Awakening is a full game. There are many maps and characters that can't fit onto the cartridge because the content that is on it, is so substantial that none of these other characters/maps could possibly fit. Instead of dropping these ideas (which is what we would have done a generation prior), were going to distribute them through DLC, once the game is out.



WingedSnagret said:

Instead of arguing about the whole DLC fiasco, I'm just gonna say welcome back Marth! Nice to see a familiar face!



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

-____- really guys all these "nintendo finally joins in making incomplete games attitude" is ticking me off the reason square enix is adding dlc is cause they couldent fit the dlc in the game maybe this is nintendos Case as well just don't make assumptions -_____-



Retro_on_theGo said:

Why is everyone assuming Nintendo with withhold content from the catridge to sell as DLC? You know that isn't the definition of DLC. This isn't Capcom or EA guys. Nintendo has been very stubborn about even getting into DLC. Do you really think they are going to try to scam you right away? It's free for a limit time for crying out loud!
I for one am looking forward to see what Nintendo decides to do with this new feature. This is a decent start.



Shotgunryugan said:

I like this direction Nintendo is heading,it really does add replay value,kinda like the 3 song packs for Samba de Amigo(Wii),it added replay value and that's something i like,but i hope they don't become greedy and rush games to release and then add DLC that could have been on the game in the first place >.>



DogNut327 said:

Day one dlc means it probably could've been on the cartridge. I don't think Activision does day one dlc. However, it being free for a limited does kinda even out.



Aviator said:

One day DLC is usually the stuff that was made after the game had been finished. Also, you are not bound by law to buy this!

@Geonjaha I will enjoy the DLC that was produced following the games completion. Thank you for your concern.



RR529 said:

@Dognut64, how does day one mean they could have fit it on the cartridge? Even though they knew they wanted to add Marth, all 2 gigs (or 4, depending on what size they're using for this game) on the cart were probably already filled up with more important content, so even though they wanted him in the game, the only way they could include him in the game is through DLC.

I suppose they could have added him on the cartridge, but then they probably would have had to remove other things to make room. I believe day one DLC (in Nintendo's case) is all that stuff that would normally have been left out of the game (like the skateboarding segments that didn't make it into 3D Land, or Pit unable to be included in the original Smash Bros), because it doesn't serve a meaningful purpose overall, and is shelved due to better use of the limited memory.



GuardianKing said:

Am I the only one who realized Nintendo actually INVENTED and ALREADY INCLUDED DLC in previous games? Don't know what I'm talking about? Alight then, I'll just remind you that Mystery Gifts were first introduced in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. Think about it.



Knuckles said:

@GuardianKing Im not sure but was DLC included for computer games before 2000? That just doesn't seem logical to me, it just might be however...



BJQ1972 said:

As I said above Nintendo have said that it will be a new adventure with a character from a previous game - it will amost certainly not be on the Cartridge as an unlockable - I look forward to hearing complaints about the file size when the DLC does arrive.

Think about mastering time for cartridges etc - they don't finish coding the game the day before the cartridges hits the shops - it takes a while. While the cartridge is in production they will still be working on the DLC - it wouldn't surprise me if it was even delayed a little knowing Nintendo's track record.



SyFyTy said:

Hey if Nintendo wants to make and sell me a new map/challenge/scenario for FE or even Advance Wars each week/month I'll buy it. Your damd right I would. without a second thought...In my head it's the same as me buying the next game piece-meal. If it's one of my favs why not? I say Bring it onnnnnn N.

If they really wanted to get this rolling, they would drop the price one some of these games offer just a small amount fewer maps lets say, and let people buy thier way past the amount they normally would have originally spent. I believe most would keep buying long past that original content if they liked it and if they don't they would not have played that new content anyway, so no loss for them I have always said even before the DLC discussion that I would gladly pay for monthly episodes of my fav strategy game; like a game-of-the-month concept. IN this way they could sell say 30 % more content per game. per person..



TheRegginator said:

Marth seems to have lost some weight and become younger since his days fighting in SSBM and SSBB.



TheN64Dude said:

This is actually pretty cool. Perhaps They may even do Waluigi & Hammer Bro for MK7...



SkywardLink98 said:

DLC is fine as long as Nintendo sticks to the way they put it before. A way for people who liked the game to extend it's value beyond that of what it was before.

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