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Let the Pokémon Conquest Trailers Begin

Posted by James Newton

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Yesterday's announcement of Pokémon Conquest — that's the English name for Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition — for North America now brings with it a brace of trailers.

The first is the opening movie you can expect to watch on your DS come 18th June, while the other is an introduction to the gameplay mash-up of grid-based strategy, Japanese feudal warlords and forging links with Pikachu.

Will you be picking this up to tide you over until Pokémon Black & White 2?

Opening movie

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Announcement trailer

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JayceJa said:

will probably get this, but knowing from the start that not all the pokemon, and NONE of my favourites(seriously, none of them) are in it isnt heartwarming

hopefully if its a fun game it'll get a sequel with all the pokemon in it



Pokefanmum82 said:

I think it looks good but I wait for reviews. Although I probably will end up getting this just because I love pokemon.



Late said:

@JayceJa: None of your favorites? What about Magikarp?

I'm definitely getting this. I like these kind of games. And I think it has a good selection of Pokémon. It includes some of my favorites like Quagsire, Bisharp, Chandelure, Gardevoir and Charizard. Unfortunately there's no Typhlosion which is my absolute favorite Pokémon.



mamp said:

WHY DO TRAINERS ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THEIR POKEMON!!!! It bothers me so much. Also the fact that Mewtwo is there, other than that it looks like it could be fun.



Kitsune_Rei said:

I think I need this game. It looks awesome. Glad to see Pokemon continuing to break away and do non-typical games I imagine this may be a hard sell in NA, but glad to see its still coming here.



OdnetninAges said:

Cool. Might hold me over until Black/White 2 comes out. I would have never though they would bring this to the good ol' US though...A surprise, really.

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