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Kid Icarus: Uprising Development Landed on Wii, Briefly

Posted by James Newton

Took in PC too

Masahiro Sakurai started work on Kid Icarus: Uprising so long ago there weren't even 3DS development kits, according to a new Iwata Asks.

Sakurai told Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that his Project Sora team made do with the other hardware available, including Wii:

At first we didn’t have the Nintendo 3DS development kit, so we started making it on a PC. Oh, and for a while we were using a Wii to make it! (laughs)

The combination of Nunchuk and Wii Remote seems like a natural match for 3DS's Circle Pad and touch screen. Sakurai also revealed that before the Project Sora team was fully together some staff members had created prototype videos of Uprising's air and land battles, which they used to share their vision with new staff.

You can catch the videos along with the rest of the Iwata Asks interview with Masahiro Sakurai, but be warned: may contain spoilers.


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AbuJaffer said:

Them telling us they were developing it on the Wii in no way means the controls were Wii Remote and Nunchuk... they were simply using its hardware to gauge the 3DS's power. It's not like they were using mouse + WASD when working with PC's...



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'd love to see a game in the vein of Uprising with Remote and Nunchuk controls. To sidefly with a slight flick of the Nunuck would take away my only real issue with its controls.



Whopper744 said:

I bet this would have been real nice on the Wii. Great game for the 3DS too!! I just think the Wii, may have made it a little better...the big screen alone is an improvement, and I'd rather move the Wii remote then use the touch screen.



Onett said:

I believe the ability to customize the controls saved this game though I can't deny that using the wii remote and nunchuck attachment would have been far better. I've mannaged to find a control scheme that works for me where I use my right thumb to aim my reticle and the R trigger to fire.



PixelatedPixie said:

Makes sense. I've always said that this game would have benefitted greatly from an analogue stick/IR pointer control scheme ala Sin & Punishment 2.

What doesn't make sense is why this game was shifted over to the 3DS. You know, besides the fact that Nintendo needed to have some games for the new hardware they were planning to release. No thought seems to have been given to whether or not this type of game made sense for the platform.

Other than the addition of 3D, I can honestly say that there's not one substantive thing that Uprising gains by being on the 3DS, and in fact I would go so far as to say that the game is hampered by being on the platform. They made a friggin' plastic stand so people could play what is supposed to be a portable system for crying out loud. This fact alone demonstrates that there is a fundamental mismatch between the game and the platform.

Rant over.



Shiryu said:

I would really love to have the game on the Wii. It would solve all the control issues with the current 3DS version.Missed opportunity there, Ninty.



BenAV said:

It probably would have scored better on the Wii as every review I've read has seemed to complain about the controls at least a bit.
From the moment I started playing it until now, I honestly haven't been able to see why everyone's complaining so much.
I find it very comfortable to hold, the controls are very quick, responsive and accurate once you give it a couple of hours to get used to it and I often play for hours on end and I'm yet to experience any hand cramps or anything like that.
I feel more sore after playing a lot of Mario Kart 7 than I do Kid Icarus: Uprising (because I push the A button too hard for a long period of time).
Despite the mixed reviews, good decision to make it for the 3DS though.
It's a brilliant game that I love having with me everywhere I go, and it really showcases what the 3DS is capable of.



Nintenbro said:

Yeah, I've known about this for awhile now. I find it most disappointing that KI:U wasn't also developed for the Wii.



WingedSnagret said:

It was probably in the best interest of the 3DS for this game to be on here and not the Wii. After all, the Wii U is just around the corner to take over the it's predecessors' throne. And besides, I'd rather wait for (hopefully) a squeal on the Wii U. Imagine how a game like that would look in HD!



SkywardLink98 said:

I read this when the Iwata asks came out, (Awhile ago) and I think they meant Nintendo told them about the 3DS and were using different machines to try to make a working 3DS title, without using a 3DS developer kit.



misswliu81 said:

had kid icarus: uprising been released on the wii, it would've been one of the greatest wii games. i agree with the sin and punishment comparison- the game was reminiscent to K.I: uprising in many respects.

let's hope a new kid icarus game comes out on the wii U. i could definitely see the controller being utilised to its fullest, but also add a custom control scheme as well, so players can alter the controls to suit their playing needs.



accc said:

The game would've been a lot better on the Wii, the land sections would've controlled a lot better and the extra power would've enabled them to get it running at a constant 60 fps rather than the shaky 30 of the 3DS version.



Ryno said:

To bad it didn't end up on the Wii. I would have actually got it then.



CosmoXY said:

@Mardt KIU wasn't "shifted over to the 3DS." This game was made from the ground up for 3DS at the request of Iwata. If you read the entire interview, they talk about the origin of the development of the game. Iwata wanted Sakurai to create a non-Smash Bros. game for 3DS and this is what he came up with.

Might it have been better on Wii, perhaps, but they never intended it to be on that system. I love it on 3DS and once I got used to the controls it plays quite well for me. I say it's one of th best on the system so far.



AbuJaffer said:

I can't believe these comments. Do you seriously think this game would have worked at all on the land sections with pointer controls? Let's think about this for a second; you've got dozens of enemies, all requiring expert precision, and you want motion controls?

Every time I've played an FPS with motion controls, I've felt like something was off. Like I'm doing something wrong. They're a definite improvement over dual-analog (where the controls are a mess), but compared to PC it's clunky. Kid Icarus Uprising is the first game where I've felt like the controls work (never owned MPH). I wish Nintendo would show off how the game would play on the Wii just to prove how much crappier the controls get. And dual-analog, just to shut all the "CPP"-whiners up.

@Mardt To add to what Duney said, I haven't touched the stand since I got it. I've already finished half the levels on 9.0 and I can't imagine how the controls could be any better. I played Sin and Punishment, and it plays exactly like this (air sections). That's the only place Wii controls would make sense, and frankly, there's no difference between the two in term of how good the controls are. Heck, Nintendo would be smart to release a cross-platform Sin and Punishment game; launch title, anyone?



LztheQuack said:

Touch screen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pointer controls.

End of story

Oh, and btw, I never use the stand



rjejr said:

I'ld like to think this holds out hope for a WiiU sequel but they were just using the Wii hardware to make it, they never intended for it to be on that system. Though I hope the WiiU has at least something that looks this nice and plays with this much action, there's only so much 2D - 2 Kirbys, Mario, and Donkey Kong - I can take. My 52" tv needs some fast and furious HD Nintendo love.



Onett said:


Easy. It won't get pirated nearly as much as it would as a Wii title and it gives gamers more of a reason to purchase a 3DS. I know of four people in my circle of friends who download their games illegaly for their Wii console. I realize that piracy on the 3DS is a issue as well but it appears that it isn't as common and widespread as piracy on the Wii (mostly because it hasn't been cracked nearly as much.) The controls are a small sacrifice for players in order for Nintendo to make a well deserved profit on a fantastic game. Wise decision Nintendo. Cheers.

Honestly, I got more of a cramp in my hand from playing Mario Kart 7 from drifting and clentching my 3DS tightly during the extremely close races. I've never once had any discomfort from playing Kid Icarus other than my feet falling asleep when I prop them up on my coffee table and that has nothing to do with the plastic standee that came with it.



PixelatedPixie said:

@Duney - Fair enough, it wasn't 'shifted' over from Wii. If anything, however, the fact that this game was designed from the ground up for 3DS makes their control scheme transgressions all the more unbelievable.

I should say that I also really enjoyed the game, and it is one of the best on the 3DS. However, that does not excuse the fact that (in my opinion, and that's all it is) the game itself is ill-suited to the platform. Having Uprising be released as a 3DS game was certainly beneficial for the system, as it's yet another good game for the growing catalogue, but I don't think it was beneficial for the game.

@AbuJaffer - "Let's think about this for a second; you've got dozens of enemies, all requiring expert precision, and you want motion controls?".

Well, to be fair most people seem to be suggesting that IR pointer controls might be the best control scheme. I don't think anyone would argue that Uprising would be a better game had accelerometers and waggle been the primary control input.

I agree that using the stylus, in theory, is just as intuitive as using the IR pointer in Sin & Punishment 2. That's only in theory though. In reality, bearing the full weight of the 3DS with the left hand, while using the left index finger to compess the trigger is incredibly uncomfortable. You can of course work around this by contorting your hands in to various poses, propping the right side of the system up with a knee, using the plastic stand etc. but surely the fact that people are having to do these sorts of gymnastics just to play a game is proof that there are serious problems with the controls.

As I see it, Nintendo could have resolved this problem in one of two ways (both of which I'm sure would have been time consuming and expensive). A) they could have switched the game's development over to the Wii when they realised that the 3DS in it's current form would be unable to provide a comfortable experience for users. B) they could have pulled the whole thing apart and designed a game around controls which the system was capable of supporting. In the end Nintendo opted to do neither of these things, and even when a potential solution presented itself in the form of the Circle Pad Pro they ignored it. From the outside looking in, I have to say, it just looks like arrogance.



hYdeks said:

just bought it today, can't wait to play it, guy at ebgames seemed excited over this game lol

N3DS, Wii..don't matter, would have bought it no matter what



NintyMan said:

I originally wanted this for the Wii, but now I'm satisfied and actually glad it's on the 3DS. While the controls might've worked with the remote and nunchuck, the focus on precision with all the enemies flying at you seem better for a handheld to me. Plus, the 3D adds a nice layer. The 3DS needed a major title to not only create anticipation when it was revealed, but also to help with sales too.



grumblebuzzz said:

I wish it had ended up on Wii so I could play it. My copy sits in its case gathering dust due to the fact that my hands simply don't work the way the developers want them to.



RevolverLink said:

I do think Uprising would've played a little better as a Wii title than a 3DS one (what with the often long, portable un-friendly single-player levels and not having the camera & aiming frankensteined to the same place and all) but it's still a fine game nonetheless.



gyyrro said:

I thought it was rather obvious that it was first developed for Wii..
When it was first revealed at E3 it said it for the Wii
Rail-shooter, pointer controls..



Heatran5400 said:

you know how there is the udraw tablet? if you use that and a nunchuk, it will be like a 3DS but with out the 3D. Only if they can change the stuff in the U-Draw tablet...



CosmoXY said:

@gyyrro Wrong. It was never developed for Wii. Never, never, never intended for Wii. Read the Iwata Asks in the link or at least the comments.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I read about this quite a while ago, but yeah it would explain all those old IGN-fueled rumours of a Kid Icarus revival for Wii.

Maybe they'll do a Sony and eventually port it to Wii, like how Sony ported some PSP games to PS2, such as WipEout.



Gamer83 said:

I had wanted to see a Kid Icarus game on the Wii but frankly the game turned out fine on the 3DS. The controls took a little getting used to but they're not that bad and I really don't think the remote and nunchuk would've been much better but we'll never know. In the end I'm just happy the series is back and hope they continue with it whether it be on the 3DS or Wii U.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I do get cramps when trying to play the game unsupported, but the plastic stand works magnificently, and it's usually not very hard to find a flat surface on which to place it.



gyyrro said:

@Duney At E3 it said under what system it was on "Wii"
That was what I was refering to.
Saying developed was my mistake.

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