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Heroes of Ruin is GAME-Exclusive in UK

Posted by James Newton


It looks like the days of "GAME isn't stocking title X" are long behind us, as the retailer's announced Heroes of Ruin will be exclusively available through GAME and Gamestation in the UK.

You can pre-order the game for £34.99 through GAME or Gamestation ahead of its release on 12th June.

Yesterday we posted a Heroes of Ruin multiplayer video that looked quite nice.

Update: Nintendo has signed a distribution deal for Heroes of Ruin and says it is "in discussion" with other UK retailers, so don't count on full exclusivity to GAME.


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BenAV said:

That's a bit of a turnaround.
I'd much prefer to just see the game get sold everywhere though.
I'd hate to be forced to shop somewhere I don't like to get a game that I want.



cammy said:

I wonder how that affects us in Ireland. Seeing Game has all but effectively disappeared (I'm unaware if any Game shops reopened here).



Geonjaha said:

Having one company being the only one in the country stocking a certain game...oh yeah, isn't that great?
35 pounds huh? :/



Linkstrikesback said:

Well, thats a significant drop in interest from me. I hate GAMEs price gouging on titles at the best of times. Them having an exclusive = £35 for all time, and I wouldn't even pay that much for the very best nintendo 1st party games, so Heroes of Ruin is probably going to get a miss from me now.



Grackler said:

Does this mean Amazon UK won't have it, or is this high street only? Because GAME and GameStation are hollow ghost-shops round these 'ere parts.



daznsaz said:

cant see the game on amazon.dont want to get it from the high street rip off merchants that nigh on went bust.will have to by looks of it.



JohnG said:

I have most RPG's for DS and was quite looking forward to this as it looks pretty good from the trailer. I'll be giving it a miss though. I am not buying from GAME.
I cannot see this policy working for either Square or Nintendo.



Gavin_Rozee said:

The game looks extremely generic, but if it turns out to be fun, I'll get it from ShopTo. If its GAME and Ganestation only for online as well, I'll leave it.



Doma said:

Poor decision there Squeenix, don't expect to sell more than a few retail copies.



Chris720 said:

It's not even on Amazon... this is a poor decision by Squeenix... having it exclusive to two companies that almost went bust sounds like a ridiculous idea. Thankfully we still have a GAME shop down here... I hope. Still not thrilled having to pay £35...



rjejr said:

Yeah, this is pretty much how I feel about Gamestop having exclusive rights to Xenoblade chronicles, which is why I still don't own it yet. (Yes I could buy it online from Nintendo, but having to pay tax and shipping hurts my brain, especially as Nintendo ships all my Club Nintendo stuff for free, and that 3DS AR card was HUGE.)



tat2 said:

I don't believe that for a second. They're lying, just like they call a normal edition special and sell it for a higher price than the actual special edition would cost you elsewhere. Or they mean that you can buy it from them before it's released elsewhere. has the game available for pre-order, but they haven't listed a release date, so I don't know what that means.



JustAnotherUser said:

If this is the case then I will not be buying this anytime soon... or ever since the price will never drop...



gazamataz said:

good. i can't wait to play online without penny pinchers spoiling my fun.the game looks like a lot of fun and without tight people bringing the experience down i'm going to have a ball.great news.



Aviator said:

Hmm. Buy it for £35 in the UK or buy it for £44 in Australia. I know what I would rather do.
for australians that is $54.75 and $68 respectively



Geonjaha said:

No one here is being cheap. 35 pounds is a Lot for a 3DS title, and some people realize that buying the game only aids GAME in doing this in the future. We also know Australia has higher prices, but why would we let that influence where we're spending our money? Not everyone just throws money away without thought.



McHaggis said:

What gives? The announcement on Twitter has been removed, did GAME jump the gun?



Henmii said:

"Heroes of Ruin is GAME-Exclusive in UK"

Hoorah!! Now, if they do mess up there are no other options! You are pretty screwed then!

This is certainly not a thing to be happy about. More a thing to worry about!

Well, I live in Holland and don't plan to buy this game so it won't affect me!

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