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Frank West and Hsien-Ko Join Project X Zone

Posted by James Newton

Say 'cheese'

Namco Bandai-SEGA-Capcom crossover Project X Zone already has a pretty sturdy line-up of characters, but it just got bigger with new faces coming in from Dead Rising, Darkstalkers, Resonance of Fate and more.

Here's who's who out of the new faces:

Gods Eater Burst: Alisa, Soma
Resonance of Fate: Leanne, Zephyr
Darkstalkers: Hsien-Ko
Dead Rising: Frank West

Hsien-Ko joins fellow Darkstalker Demitri, while the other franchises are new to this strategy-RPG crossover. We'd be surprised if this spelled the end of the new character reveals, so stay tuned.


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misswliu81 said:

the capcom characters i recognise but not the sega and namco ones here. frank west's inclusion is not that much of a surprise as he was in tatsunoko vs capcom and marvel vs capcom 3, so he was bound to be in this.

i still think they should've used slightly more recognisable characters- chun li, batsu of rival schools, bayonetta, ivy of soul calibur to name.



misswliu81 said:

@Bass_X0 that is true. yet i counted the number of characters in total and there appears to be more sega characters in this one, even though it is made by banpresto, who is a parent company of namco bandai.



mamp said:

Love resonance of fate but they shoulda also put Vashyron in there (there's only 3 characters in the game) and lame Leanne's wearing the clothes she starts off with, I didn't like those clothes. This reminds me I didn't get to finish that game. It just has TOO much grinding for a simple level up and you get to level 300 in that game. I have a feeling that Capcom's just gonna stick the usual capcom roster in this game.



CronoX76 said:

This game is very reminiscent of a previous game in Capcom's cross-over series called "Namco X Capcom" on the PS2 which I had to import because it never came state side. They share similar gameplay mechanics from the looks of it and the 2 character team system seems to have returned. "Project X Zone" is also a strategy-rpg in the same vein as "Namco X Capcom". In "Namco X Capcom", characters moves were set up as commands in battle that you input to execute attacks in real-time. The commands were simple like holding a button on the directional pad and pressing one of the other buttons like triangle or square to perform attacks or by just pressing one of the shape buttons alone. These commands varied among characters based upon the type of moves they had. Not saying this game won't come out in the US but if it didn't I wouldn't be surprised. Usually when these types of games don't come here it's because of licensing issues with the Intellectual Properties within the game. There are so many characters that come from so many different series that have either never been released in the US or there are no existing branches of the company they come from present in our country. This is the same reason why great games like "Jump Ultimate Stars" on the DS never showed up here. The US version of "Tatsunoko vs. Capcom" for the Wii was cut one character short, Hakushon Daimaō, probably due to some licensing issue even though the cartoon this character came from did make an American appearance under a different name, "Bob in a Bottle". Not trying to be pessimistic, just hate seeing people get their hopes up only to be disappointed. The internet makes everything so wide spread. Something announced for "Japan" by "Japan" suddenly goes viral and everyone thinks were all getting it. I'm sure they are just focused on a japanese release for now but they may already be considering other regions. There is hope. These 3 companies have a very big presence in the US and all of the characters I have seen so far have been in games released in the US so let's hope for the best. Continue to show interest in the game through your comments! Companies come to sites like this and read your comments to see your thoughts regarding their products. I sure hope this makes it state-side for sure. Probably gonna import it anyway when comes out.



Legodavid18 said:

So, is Hsien-Ko is now teamed up with Demitri? If so, does that mean that we'll get another Devil May Cry character? Also, Frank West is awesome! Now let us pray that this game will cross the Japanese border...



Shadowflash said:

@misswliu81 News flash, they haven't revealed all of the characters yet. As seen in the trailer when they show the characters, you can see the words "and more" on each companies list of characters.



shonenjump86 said:

Frank has covered wars you know. So it's not surprising that he's in the game . Its also nice to have another Darkstalker character. Now this game just needs to be released outside of Japan.



Millenia said:

If it's got Demitri and Hsien-Ko it should mostly likely have Morrigan as well!



misswliu81 said:

@Ulala i think beat and ulala would make a good team for the game, don't you think?

but yes, him and bayonetta too. omg, that would be brilliant!



Knux said:

I'm not even going to get excited for this game until they announce it for a Western release.



Noirpool said:

I'm still going for Wesker, Akuma, Nemesis, Heihachi,PAC-Man, and Captain Commando.

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