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Fan Collective Planning Metroid Music Release

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Free two-disc album already available

Last year was packed full of Nintendo anniversaries, including 25 years since the original Metroid arrived on the NES. While Mario and The Legend of Zelda enjoyed celebrations and special anniversary game releases, Metroid was restricted to the appearance of Metroid Fusion on 3DS, and that was only for Ambassadors who were early adopters of the system. A low-key, almost non-existent celebration.

Naturally, fans of the franchise decided that Samus deserved better. Fan site released a free two-disc downloadable album last year, called Harmony of a Hunter, featuring 36 tracks across both downloads. The same site has announced a follow up, Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, which is intended as an expansion to the original album, with some tracks and artists that missed out first time around.

With the existing album and more on the way, that's a lot of free music available for fans of all things Metroid. If you do want to download Harmony of a Hunter, check out the download page, while a preview trailer for the next release is below.

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DeadAntelopesGo said:

Sounds pretty cool. As for a new metroid game, I don't even care what style it long as its metroid.



Lan said:

I've been on a Metroid music kick the past few days so this rocks. And @zerk, shut up

Edit: Sweet, the 101% Run one was last updated on mah berfday!



Ryno said:

Sounds awesome! Thanks for bringing that to my attention.



ThomasBW84 said:

@CapedGodot If you spot something awesome that we haven't found yet (the internet is quite big, after all!) and think it deserves attention on here, you can always use the news tips option on the Contact Us form

If the tip's a good 'un, we may just post an article for it.



sketchturner said:

"Danger in Old Tourian" and "Earthroot" were awesome off of last year's album. The rest I wasn't that impressed with. However, this 101% Run sounds promising.



SuperMinusWorld said:

Sam Dillard's composition of Brinstar Depths and Kraid's Lair is amazing. Check it out on YouTube: "Crimson Depths"



I-U said:

What's ironic is that if this were available for purchase off of Itunes, I would already own the HoH songs. Anyone know if they're giving away a CD with these songs on it for purchase?



misswliu81 said:

metroid's anniversary falls on the 6th of august. i'm not keeping my hopes up but if nintendo has something planned to commemorate the 30th anniversary, that would be great. although new metroid games for the 3DS, wii U announced on E3 by nintendo would make up for that.



RyanE said:


Me too. I've been going through the Prime games, they were/are my gateway to the franchise, and I've just been loving the music for the series.

I do have a question about the download though. How large are the files? And once downloaded can the tracks be transferred to another computer/flash drive/hard drive?



ThomasBW84 said:

@RyanE Disc one is 187MB when it's unzipped, I haven't quite got around to downloading disc two yet. There's no DRM (because it's free), so you can move the files around at your leisure



RyanE said:

Awesome! Thanks; I should have some space free for it then. Sounds like its not much larger (file wise) than a normal CD.

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