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Europe, Your Next Nintendo Direct Show is Tomorrow

Posted by James Newton

Meet Mr Shibata

Nintendo Europe's regular series of Nintendo Direct online broadcasts gets another run out tomorrow afternoon at 1pm Central European Time/12pm midday UK Time.

Whereas February's show was a translated version of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's Japanese presentation, this time around it'll be a unique broadcast hosted by Nintendo Europe president Satoru Shibata.

Expect updates on upcoming 3DS titles Mario Tennis Open and Fire Emblem: Awakening and maybe — just maybePaper Mario, Animal Crossing and Professor Layton 5. We can but hope.

There's a Japanese Nintendo Direct show tonight, scheduled for 11pm Eastern Time, which should give us some heads-up of what to expect for Europe.

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Jamouse said:

You Europeans have such a cool overlord. Much cooler than the other foreign Nintendo president that comes to mind...



James said:

No news on an American one yet, but expect to hear more today.



dynamikas said:

i wish to hear news about new 3ds firmware update, cant wait for new features to arrive



AltDotNerd said:

Dang it, I'm American, so I guess I have to go all the way to the UK just to hear the wonderful news from Nintendo. Unfortunately, I don't speak any British.



dizzy_boy said:

new letter box stationery has been sent out for this, which looks boring compared to the US and japanese ones.
still, i might watch the presentation tommorow, if i remember.



GamerZack87 said:

I'm not from British or England (I'm a quarter Englander and also half-Scotlander, but that's not the point). I am, however, Australianese, so most of the announcements in this Nintendo Direct apply to me. Oh, and also my 3DS!

I hope to see some new, original IP for my favourite Aqua Blue handheld. Hopefully Miyamoto-sama has finished that in-law simulator of his.



matgr said:

Are you looking forward to new info, trailers and other news about the latest Nintendo games - as well as titles coming up on the horizon - for Nintendo 3DS and Wii? Tune in this Saturday night April 21st at 9pm (AEST) for the latest live Nintendo Direct presentation.

Nintendo Direct will bring you all the latest Nintendo info in a live broadcast. The live broadcast will contain European details but head to after the broadcast for the latest Australian and New Zealand news.

Here are all the facts you need to ensure you don't miss out:

You'll be able to watch the presentation on our European Nintendo Direct website.

Click here to visit the Nintendo Direct website...
Afterwards, we'll upload all the trailers shown during the presentation to our European Nintendo Direct website - including some extended versions of the digests presented.

Later you'll also be able to watch the videos on Nintendo eShop.

We hope you look forward to finding out more about the latest Nintendo updates & game news. Enjoy the show!



matgr said:

@James Australian get it to did u know wow Australian going on LIVE nintendo Direct thats so cool hopeful give us release date animal crossing 3DS Australian.



stipey said:

i love these things. They go such a long way to making Nintendo feel like less of a company with steel walls and more like a friend I want to throw money at.



misswliu81 said:

i hope to hear more of paper mario, luigi's mansion 2, animal crossing, as well as the project x zone collaboration.



Enzo_V said:

great japan is having their nintendo direct on the 21st why do good things happen to japan and europe



AVahne said:

So Korea, Japan, Europe, and Australia are getting their Nintendo Directs soon. I hope Reggie is close behind with one for America, too. And please, announce Fire Emblem Awakening for American release! (Hopefully FE12, I don't have to import it for $60+ on ebay...)



NaturalGus said:

what if instead of announcing about things we know are in the works, they actually give us some news instead? like any new ip's being worked on, or anything new we dont yet know about? i dunno like new feature or new game or something? any chances of nintendo bringing back star tropics?



SuperMinusWorld said:

@Jamouse Reggie Fils-Aime a giant slab of meaty goodness, you leave him alone. If we have a Nintendo Direct, I can guarantee his chin will be 10 times shinier than your rough, gruff chins.

But seriously, Reggie's coo'. Want some news on Paper Mario 3DS.



TheBadGuy said:

If NOA doesn't announce by the end of the day that we're getting one too I'll throw a cussing hissy fit. God I hate Fils-Aime and all the other shiftless dopes at NOA.



Geonjaha said:

Please tell me it mentions the virtual console in some way - preferably with new amazing additions.




Hopefully some interesting news. We need release dates for Beat the Beat, Luigi's Mansion 2, Prof Layton Mask of Miracle and Paper Mario 3DS.

Also need a confirmation Prof Layton v Pheonix Wright is actually coming to the EU.



Ras said:

@Jamouse I know you ain't talking about my Reggie!

We need some Paper Mario 3DS news. It's been far too long. Either that, or the surprise announcement of Mario Golf 3DS.

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