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Europe, What Do You Make Of Your Beat the Beat Box Art?

Posted by James Newton

It's certainly... yellow

The North American release of Rhythm Heaven Fever has one of the most deliriously colourful box arts we've ever seen, but Nintendo of Europe has taken a very different approach with its cover, as you can see.

Art for the European version — known as Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise — tones down the golden theme of the Rhythm Paradise cover, preferring to load it up with images of the game's wacky cats and the biggest A button we've ever seen on a Wii Remote.

Europe gets the game in this packaging on 6th July, complete with the original Japanese soundtrack. As our Rhythm Heaven Fever review explains, it'll be worth the wait.

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kjatte said:

Horrid compared to the US version (mostly beacuse of the logo.. It looks really generic and the name sounds wrong) How could they scrap the beautiful logo?? =(



Not-Another-Ad said:

It looks okay,but I do prefer the US version cover.
But at least we get the original Japanese soundtrack



RevolverLink said:

I prefer the North American title and cover, but the box art shouldn't matter, since you lucky ducks are getting the Japanese and English audio.

Plus, the game itself is pretty great too.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I don't know. While i like how it puts more empasis on the action and on the player itself it could use some more colours and characters from the US boxart. And yeah, it also looks more generic and random, i especially miss the acceleration traces of the rocketship and the jumping characters.
But the most important thing of course is the small sentence on the bottom.
And as long as it sells the game it's fine really.



Shugo said:

The cover could be Final Fantasy-style blank white and it would still be a better overall package than the US version. I adore the dubbed soundtrack and all the hard work NoA put into it, personally, but having a Japanese option would've quelled the one, single complaint I heard from anybody I ever talked to about this game.

Enjoy your pekepekepekedesuka, Eurobros!



Aviator said:

I didn't know I was playing Beat the Beat.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I understand that Rhythm Paradise is still in the title, but it's merely a shadow compared to the large Beat the Beat, purchasers who have played the DS version may not recognise this title.



hYdeks said:

I like the North American box art WAY better, happy its the one we got and not the europe one



Iggy-Koopa said:

I like it too, but at the end of the day, IT'S A BOX. What's inside is so much more important, and we get both languages so I couldn't care less.



FonistofCruxis said:

I prefer the American boxart but the European boxart is still good unlike the stupid name the European version was given. Why not just use the American name and replace heaven with paradise and call it Rhythm paradise fever.



Gameday said:

NA Box Art Seems to have a bit more favor , i love this game it really grew on me.



Henmii said:

The American box-art is a lot better! Besides: Beat the beat just doesn't sound right. Just call it like it is called in America!



Iggy-Koopa said:

Nintendo Europe are doing a LOT of things differently at the moment, and have won back my respect. I don't see why anyone would quibble over box art, but if we are going to be 100% honest the UK and EU have just been given the best version of an already great game, original Japanese soundtrack and all. Peeking round on a few more 'unreasonable' forums, there seems to be a degree of 'Butt Hurt' going round. Certainly not here's though, and I must say it's refreshing.



Rekiotsu said:

There is nothing wrong with the box art or the name if you ask me. I even think that the name is better in europe.



StrawHatChopper said:

I just don't get the decision to change it. The DS game used the 'normal' style logo in Europe, so why change it for the Wii game?

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