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Double Spooky Photo Action Hits Europe on 29th June

Posted by James Newton

Wii and 3DS owners beware

Nintendo's planning a double dose of ghostly goings-on on 29th June, as augmented reality fright fest Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir and Wii spooker Project Zero 2: Wii Edition will both reach Europe.

Nintendo UK slipped the Wii release date at the bottom of a press release about Spirit Camera — out today in North America, fact fans — so anyone after something a little bit supernatural to get them through those short, hot summer nights might want to start incanting now.


Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, an innovative new horror experience is available across Europe on 29th June, only on Nintendo 3DS

13th April 2012 – Indulge in some spine tingling supernatural thrills this Summer as Nintendo and TECMO KOEI GAMES are set to launch Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir across Europe on 29th June. This terrifying Nintendo 3DS game uses the built-in 3D camera and augmented reality to exciting effect. Help free a girl named Maya from an evil curse - horror fans looking for something new must look no further.

In Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, the lines between your reality and the in-game reality have been blurred like never before. In the Story Mode, you will move forward within the game by using Nintendo 3DS Camera as the ‘Camera Obscura’, a mysterious camera that is central to the Project Zero series, to film your actual environment. You must master the mysterious Camera Obscura and use its unique powers to uncover the mystery behind a strange diary and battle against spirits using both AR and the unique Nintendo 3DS Camera.

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is accompanied by a special AR Book known as the Purple Diary. You are the protagonist and are taken on an immersive supernatural journey that will utilise every facet of the Nintendo 3DS’s camera and Augmented Reality capabilities to scare you in brand new ways.

By using the Nintendo 3DS Camera and Augmented Reality functions to unlock the hidden content within each page of the Purple Diary, you can explore the mystery behind the diary and interact with 3D spirits who will either help or hurt you. Some spirits will even appear in the real world next to you and you can only see them by moving around your environment and looking through the Nintendo 3DS to find where they are lurking. Be careful because they might be behind you waiting to attack!

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir offers more than just an innovative story mode, there are a number of extra challenges and spooky mini games to master as well as unlocking the mysteries of the Purple Diary in story mode. The Spirit Check mode allows you to interact with your own face in the Purple Diary, after taking a photo of your face it will appear superimposed in the Purple Diary along with scary ghosts lurking in the environment. Spirit Challenge on the other hand assigns attributes such as Attack Power, Speed and HP to a picture of a face taken with the Nintendo 3DS camera allowing you to fight in a special version of a Story Mode battle. The Cursed Pages mode allows you to play through a collection of games using the Nintendo 3DS camera and the Purple Diary ranging from riddles to puzzles.

To master the Camera Obscura and battle cursed spirits in new and innovative ways then look no further than Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir for Nintendo 3DS launching on the 29th June. Also available this summer, Project Zero 2: Wii Edition is the latest terrifying addition to the Project Zero series coming exclusively to Wii also on June 29th.

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FonistofCruxis said:

I'm surprised that Project zero 2: Wii edition is out in the same month as the Japanese release but then again, it is a remake so they wouldn't have had to translate much. I'd like to get PZ2 for Wii at some point but I think I'll wait for the reviews before deciding on Spirit camera.



Willerz said:

Just when I think it's time to box my Wii away they start releasing gold. Wow, I'm finally gonna be able to play Fatal Frame. Damn you Nintendo for spoiling me.



Luigi_is_better said:

@James do you know if you guys are reviewing Spirit Camera? I'm interested in it, but I would like a review first and this is the site I trust the most.



warioswoods said:

A Wii Fatal Frame is coming westward? Do my eyes deceive me? It'd best come on over to the US as well, else I'll have to start abusing Reggie's Mii as a makeshift voodoo doll.



SKTTR said:

Got my preordered Pandora's Tower Limited Edition today, just in time to set up my next preorder: Project Zero 2!



AVahne said:

Europe getting both Zero games? I hope that that rumored upcoming Nintendo Direct broadcast will also announce some Wii games for North America (and also some old DS ones. Still waiting for my FE12).



Objection said:

I am rather interested in the 3DS title, but its just now coming out today so I'll be reading some reviews this weekend.



bauckster said:

I'm unclear - is Project Zero 2 Wii Edition essentially the same as Fatal Frame 2, or is it a different game entirely? Thanks for clarifying, someone!



James said:

There was a problem with the postal service so our copy has taken a bit longer to get to our reviewer than I would have liked. But yes, we will certainly be reviewing it, hopefully within the next week or so



CaPPa said:

I pray that Fatal Frame 2 gets a North American release too.

I'm hoping to pick up Spirit Camera this weekend even though it has gotten mediocre review scores for being short (they say about about 3 hours)and for being a horror game that you have to play in the light.



FonistofCruxis said:

@bauckster Its a remake. The differences are upgraded graphics and motion controls. There might be more differences but those are the ones I'm aware of.



DrDaisy said:

Fatal Frame IV never made it to America. I hope Project Zero 2: Wii Edition does but I'm not counting on it.

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