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Does Ocarina of Time Look Better with Link to the Past's Graphics?

Posted by James Newton

You decide

Many of us know The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Hyrule like the back of our hands, but did you ever stop to consider what the Great Deku Tree might look like Link to the Past-style?

Zelda Fan Game Central member MaJoRa has spent the past two years recreating Hyrule with sprites and tiles from Link's SNES adventure, wrapping up the exterior areas last week. That's a lot of work.

MaJoRa says he'll keep tweaking the project, so fire him any suggestions you might have. You can check out the full-size overworld map in all its 6702*5922 glory.


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Chris720 said:

I need to see more of this before I can make a decision. Maybe even the whole game in Link to the Past graphics?



ajcismo said:

The answer to the articles question is "no", but it is pretty neat to see someones interpretation using a different graphic medium.



Aviator said:

I had a look at this earlier today and it looks epic. Will be great to see it once it's finished (and hopefully maybe we will see some dungeons).

Also, if anyone wants a high-quality link of the image, here you go.



Adam said:

It would be difficult not to look better than the original Ocarina.



CanisWolfred said:

@hydeks They're just doing it for fun. It's not really a waste so long as they enjoy doing it.

@uel Ocarina of Time always was smaller than A link to the Past after all. Now we get to see just how small it really was.



Undead_terror said:

i saw this before,it would be pretty cool to play oot in sprite form.....but imagin the water temple!



EarthboundBenjy said:

I like how it looks, but they didn't take into account some potential gameplay issues. Like in Zora's River, there doesn't seem to be any way to jump accross the river like you need to in order ot get past the bean guy.

...Yeah, as if this was actually gonna be playable. Heh. It looks great though, really!

EDIT: On second inspection, actually there is! It's just a different method than what's used in the real Ocarina of Time. Interesting...



TimboBaggins said:

tits. If OOT looked like this, I would understand why people think it is the best zelda of all time. Alas, that award will always go the A Link to the Past.



madgear said:

They could have added trees or something for the blank spaces to make it into a square map like with ALTTP. Looks a bit messy and distracts from the work they've done on it.



TingLz said:

Yeah, Ocarina was built for 3D, so this is mostly good for show



ShadJV said:

Seriously. MAKE THIS A GAME. I, for one, would love to play OoT with ALttP graphics. I mean, I've played through both multiple times... but this would feel like practically a new game to me. If this project was turned into a playable game, I would love this.



FriedSquid said:

That's quite impressive! It would really be cool to see some dungeons, too. Two years, huh? Man, that's just crazy. Guess you'd have to have a lot of patience to make something like this!



Gridatttack said:

This is exactly what the ROM Hacking community does. However, I think in this situation is actually a real fan game which greatly reduces legal problems, which seems pretty impressive, thought modified levels from ALttP exist, and this map could be implemented in the game, but since they are ROMs, people might find it hard to play them (legal stuff...)
Just check out of youtube some SMW hacks videos, some of them looks like a new game.



mamp said:

IDK could just be the Link to the Past graphics that just make it look more like Link to the past. It's just cuz I know these locations that I know it's not LTTP.



FantasiaWHT said:

Seems the scale is way off. Link's home village is way too big compared to everything else.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Not sure if it looks better, but I can say it looks awesome!
Would be interesting to play the entire game, 16-bit style.
And to think, it took two years to put that overworld map together, wow.



Gold_Ranger said:

This reminds me of the person that tried to make this as playable for real.
Ultimately it was never finished because of one of two reasons:
1 - he faked his death so he didn't have to finish it
2 - Nintendo served a cease and desist

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