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24-hour Game-A-Thon to Raise Money for Games Aid

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

That's a lot of gaming

Playing games for charity is a fun way to do some good, with SingStar dad Julian Hill being an example. Also planning a 24-hour gaming session for charity is FanCensus, a small gaming research company that will play 24 different games for one hour at a time.

The event kicks of at 6pm (UK time) on Friday 20th April, with plenty of Nintendo favourites included on the play-list such as Mario Kart 64, GoldenEye 007 and Mario Party 9. The whole event will be streamed live online, while the event schedule and information on entering a prize draw (UK only) are also available for your reading pleasure.

If you'd like to donate at any point towards this campaign for Game Aid, check out the Just Giving page. We at Nintendo Life wish these intrepid gamers all the best in their Game-A-Thon.

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BenAV said:

I onced played one of the random DS Harvest Moon games (forgot which one) for about 48 hours straight.
Don't ask me why, because I have no idea.
I just started playing and didn't stop until I'd had enough of it.



hYdeks said:

eww, in the picture she's holding a gasp 360 controller...

yay but seriously, sounds like fun and a great way to raise money



Ren said:

I have to say I could easily double that if it was just 007 but having to switch every hour would kind of hurt my stamina if it was me. Cool idea.
I kind of wish it was clearer in print somewhere what organizations it gives to. After digging around the GamesAid website it doesn't say anywhere what actual organizations it gives to, but clearly shows in the video (which is great) No reason why it shouldn't be front and center, even in the above article. I like to know who I'm giving to and in what ways.

After the Kony 2012 nonsense, I'm even less willing to give to a group with little more than a flashy hipster marketing approach to fundraising for further operational costs. (true Games Aid seems pretty good, but transparency is always paramount) We don't need to be supporting more military action against situations we know little about, thank you.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Ren Of course if you consider a donation you should always make sure you're happy to give to the charity in question. In the case of Games Aid, they contribute to a variety of organisations, and as you point out their website, in particular the video on the home page, explains it well -

We always check that any charity fund-raisers that we write about have a valid donations page (Just Giving is widely used) and are contributing to a cause that seems appropriate. People should always research and consider details before deciding whether to donate, and hopefully the various links in the article (and now in this comment) will help with that.



Ren said:

Thanks Thomas,
I tend to sound pretty whiny, but this is a great group and pretty transparent, I only meant that I thought it'd be nice to have these groups listed somewhere clearly on the site and in the events pages not just in the video there. I'm not someone who looks at the video on a site first for the main info I expect things in actual text somewhere. Indeed, they are very legit and I love the ideas they have to creative outreach.
I work making film/video for non-profits so this is just sticky for me, and weirdly I don't actually expect my film to be the end of a persons research even though I'm often tasked with being extremely thorough about info, the web and print people should at least be as thorough as the video. Just thoughts I had.



IntoxicatedDuck said:

@Ren Hi Ren. I'm one of the people participating in the event and just wanted to say as ThomasBW84 mentioned below, GamesAid contribute to a variety of children and young person's organisations & before we even started to organise this charity event, we made sure the cause we were working toward was legit.

We do hope you donate and get involved as we have plenty of prizes up for grabs and the whole event should be good fun. Hope to see you Friday



Ren said:

Definitely I'll tune in and give (though I'm in the US, no matter). Thanks for the cool event! Gives me ideas for the groups I work with in Chicago to lighten up some heavy/ emotional/ humanitarian work. The real task is getting the other 30-40 somethings I know to let their inner-gamer emerge!



MAB said:

Hope you raise plenty of cash IntoxicatedDuck, what a great idea playing games for charity. Just give me my Wii with 200 VC games and I will stay up for a week



Minny said:

I have done the Nintendo 24 hour challenge. Six years ago, my room-mates bet me a case of beer I couldn't play for 24 hours. I had 2 15 minute breaks for food and 2 5 minute breaks for bathroom. I remember playing 4 different games, spending most of my time playing Tiger Woods. This is easy.

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