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Ubisoft Fills In Assassin's Creed III Wii U Details

Posted by James Newton

Eagle vision

Assassin's Creed III is coming to Wii U, and Nintendo Gamer magazine (via NintenGen) has revealed some fresh details about how the game will use Wii U's new controller.

As expected by anyone who's ever played a DS game, the Wii U's second screen will be used as a persistent map and navigation tool, linked to the series' virtual reality Animus. It'll also display pertinent information — character biographies, target data — on the screen without interrupting gameplay, hopefully keeping the TV screen free from clutter.

You'll also be able to use the touch screen to select weapons during combat, changing from dual-wielding weapons to one with a single touch, but we're most interested in being able to use the series' famous Eagle Vision with the controller's built-in accelerometer, taking in its vistas by moving around the controller.

Do you think these first features might tempt 360 and PS3 gamers to pick the Wii U version as their weapon of choice?


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tdub154420 said:

Eh...I think there's a point where the pause menu is more convenient. Things such as character biographies are so lengthy you kind of want them to interrupt gameplay so you aren't vulnerable, same with some item selection.



Mandoble said:

So if you want to check the map, stats, bio, etc you need to look at your controller, and while you look at it you are not looking at the TV. Where is the big advantage between that and displaying map, etc in the TV with a toggle button?



Alienfish said:

It's really hard to say whether WiiU will be able to crack the PS3/360 crowd. I think a lot of people partial to those systems will snuff Nintendo like they usually do and just say something like 'I'll wait for the PS4/Xbox Loop'. Just watch, the two new systems from Sony and MS are going to have touch screens on them and none of the fanboys who support them are going to care that Nintendo made that change for them.

What seems to matter most with how many poeple buy a console is how many people HAVE the console. Right now, pretty much all of my friends almost exclusively use Xbox 360 as their gaming machine, even if their PC's are more powerful, just because all of their friends are using it. It's really an uphill battle right now and the only way WiiU is going to get the support it needs is if every Nintendo fan can get up and show off this new console to everyone they know. I've personally managed to turn my Wii into an acceptable alternative to Xbox and PC just by bringing it with me to my college Game Club and over to friends places and showing off the better games it has to offer (especially Smash Bros.). This time, there isn't a reason (graphics) for people not to get a WiiU so get up and show that new system off when you get it.



Whopper744 said:

Cool! Wish I could play the first ones...hate to start a series without playing the first ones.



SkywardLink98 said:

Can you still access the info via the pause menu? Some info is nice to have while the game is going, but other times I'd rather have it paused to give me time to go over the info.



thanos316 said:

im on this system on day 1 if i see some promise at e3. but i wanna see developers make awesome games, no watered down gimmicks. im sure they have learned from the wii, well lets hope they have. its funny how when the wii first came out devs said that its 2 gamecubes put together, but shouldn't that mean that it should be easy to develop good games and manipulate the hardware to bring out great games. lets see what they do this time around..



aaronsullivan said:

You guys have got to use a little more imagination. If you use the controller for map or reading, there are options. One, you can hold the controller up a little temporarily while you're running from place to place glancing back and forth quickly (hey, like a real map!) and if you have a buddy to play with they can read, check the map,etc, as you play.

Also, reading on the controller is usually more natural and comfortable than reading something on a screen across a room.

There's many, many possibilities. I'm more looking forward to cooperative modes like in Mario Galaxy, but you give the new controller to the "helper". That way the "helper" could be much more involved with a bunch more going on their screen while the main player is focused on the action. I imagine Zelda would be a good match for this, actually. Player 2 could be Navi or Fi or... Tingle. Especially since Zelda Wii U controls are all but confirmed to be Wii Remote and Nunchuck. Could work with Metroid Prime as well, with the "helper" scanning stuff live and targeting and pointing out and making stuff highlight for the main player as they find things. Will be fun to see what Nintendo comes up with.

(Also, I really want a new Metroid prime to use the Wii Motion Plus controllers because it has some of the best motion controlled actions, but they were hampered by inaccuracy of subtle movements on the original Wii Remotes.)



Sir_Deadly said:

Now the inventory selection and map ideas and eagle vision on the tablet i thinks a cool idea, but i think the biographies and stuff (that takes a while to read) could really be used when u pause the game or something as your not vulnerable to attack. Now if u pause and look at the controller for the for the biographies that would make sense but then again u could easily do that on the TV. But they also mention preventing clutter on the tv. Soo we'll just have to see how this plays out for us who r buying the Wii U version.



LittleIrves said:

@aaronsullivan Good idea about the tablet being used by the "helper" in the room... hadn't really thought about that. But yeah, I'm less enthused about what ports will do with the WiiU controller, since they're constrained by what other versions of the game will need to be able to do on the more traditional gamepads. Frankly I don't give a lick about a map or one-touch weapon swapping or whatever. I'm just waiting for the exclusive, built from the ground up for WiiU games that really uses the controller for something more interesting than inventory.

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